chapter 1

I saunter into the bar and fade into the wallpaper. Quietly, I disappear into the background the way a great white shark fades into the dark waters below, to watch the seals frolic above. You can't come on too strong, you'll frighten your quarry. But it's not just the surprise attack. You have to choose the right seal, the perfect seal, the seal stupid enough to wander off alone, or a little too scared, or a little too clumsy.

Watching him, sitting at the bar, I know he's perfect. Not too tall, but not short either, lazy enough to sit when others were standing, wide feet, munching on peanuts while he drinks. He is, was, athletic, thickish, but relatively trim with muscles. But once his natural body chemistry met me, all that was going to be a thing of the past. No rings of any kind, free and clear.

I sit down next to him. "June", I say, offering a hand.

"Ethan", he answered, pushing glasses further onto his nose. Getting better by the minute. I almost feel sorry for him.

He introduces me to his friends. He likes Game of Thrones and computers and all kinds of geeky stuff, and seems gawky when he throws in a "you're really beautiful" when we make a date. This is so ridiculously easy. I know how to pick em.

He meets me for lunch at a bar down the street from my house. I watch him demolish a cheeseburger and fries and he orders at dessert at my request. Better and better.

"There's something I want to show you. Somebody gave me a free computer, but I don't know anything about it, if I should take it or if it's just trash. It's in my car, would you mind just taking a quick look at it before you leave?" I ask.

"Oh sure, yeah", he answers, feeling like a hero.

He follows me out. I open the door to my car. "It's in the back."

He stretches back to look at it. "Where, I don't see..."

I lean down on top of him, slipping a handcuff around his wrist and chain him to the opposite door.

"What?! Are you trying to be funny?" he asks. He trusts me too much to be scared at first.

But when I follow with a damp rag over his mouth, he gets it.

"What the *** are you doing?!" he shouts. But he can't away and I press the cloth tight over his mouth and nose. It's not going to take long.

"Just take deep breaths, sweetie, don't fight it", I advise, "you're only going to hurt yourself. Just take deep breaths, close your eyes, and go to sleep. I would never hurt you."

His eyelids flutter, and he thrashes a few more times before he passes out.

I've got about 20 minutes. I rush home and park my car.

Hmm. Maybe I didn't think this through enough, he's heavier than I thought. I finally have to just shove him out of the car, where he falls on the ground. I put my hands behind his shoulders and drag him to the front door.

We're in. Through the rooms to a small, locked door. I pull out my keychain and unlock the door.

Inside, the room smells unused. On the floor is a soft mattress covered with piles of extra soft, comfortable blankets and silk sheets. Any kidnap victim could only wish for a place like this.

I chain his wrists to the wall and leave him there, going out to the kitchen to cook.

Not long after, the screaming starts.

"Hi Ethan", I say coming in.

He's shaking with fear and pure rage.

"Who the *** are you? Why did you do this to me? I want you to let me go RIGHT NOW!!" he screams.

"My name is June, I'm doing this because I want the perfect man, and I can't let you go right now because you'd run away. But there will come a time you'll have the run of the place", I confirm.

"You're crazy. You're a crazy bitch!" he screams.

"Probably", I confirm, "but you'll be happy I promise. Think about it, Ethan, you normally couldn't get a woman like me, we both know it. We both know how attracted you are to me. But I like you. You just need a few tweaks. And I promise to love you and take care of you. Any relationship you had out there would end...she'd ultimately break up with you, or divorce you, and take your money, etc, etc, trust me, this is so much easier and better for both of us."

"You're insane."

"You may come to like it", I tell him.

"And if I don't?"

"Then you can go", I confirm.

"You swear I can go?"


"Whe n?"

"After you've given this a chance."

"You let me go right now!!" he screams.

"Oh relax. You don't know what's happened to you yet", I tell him.

"What are you going to do to me, kill me?"

"Wow, you don't listen", I say, "I just said we were both going to have some fun. Now I've made you some lunch."

"We already ate lunch", he says.

"You're about to have another", I confirm.

"I won't eat anything from you, it's poisoned!" he yells.

"Oh for God sake, it's not poisoned." I eat one off the fries of his plate.

"And if I won't?" he asks.

"If I hedged my bets right, you will..." I say.

I set the plate down next to him, another cheeseburger, smothered with several kinds of cheese and mayo. With it is an entire huge plate of fries, and a milkshake that has several scoops of weightgain powder mixed in.

"Eat up,love", I tell him.

I leave. I know he won't do it with me there.

"I won't touch it", he swears.

I leave him alone, but he starts shouting again. He shouts for about 15 minutes straight, then silence. I go back 3 hours later to find him fast asleep, and his plate completely clean. A smile spreads across my face.

I give him a few days to get used to his surroundings with nothing but big meals. But a week in, it's definitely time for training.

Before bed, I bring a piece of chocolate cake and wave it under his nose.

"You're trying to get me fat or something?" he asks.

"Succeeding, I would say", I tease, pinching an inch around his middle. "You're my piggy. My personal piglet. You will do anything I say, eat anything and everything I tell you, and make me happy sexually. That's it. You're a born sub, I knew the moment I talked to you, you're just letting yourself free to be who you really are, Ethan, I'm not trying to make you someone else."

"Think about it." I open the button on his jeans.

"Stop it", he hisses, but his body is a traitor to his mouth. He's getting hard, moving, and moaning.

"See how much you like it? That's my baby, get hard..." I wave the cake under his nose again.

"We're going to practice this. You smell your favorite foods, you get hard, okay? While I can't promise immediately gratification, you are being tortured a bit, I promise you will always get the food and the orgasm in the end, okay?"

"I hate you", he booms.

"I know. Part of you always will. But you'll mostly love me as much as I love you, piggy." I wave it under his nose again.

Then take his cock in my hands and manipulate him.

He moans harder. "My goodness, look at you! You're good at this already! I knew I chose well. You become aroused at the thought of food with little trouble at all", I say.

"That's it, baby, bite, bite." I shove the cake under mouth and he takes a huge bite.

"Good boy", I mutter and he's soaked.

"Am I?" Am I good?" he asks.

"You're very good, so obedient. Good piggy. Look at how messy you are..."

I offer him another bite and keep manipulating him. "You're going to get so fat, sweetheart."

He cums hard as I stuff the last of the cake in his mouth. "Good boy." I clean him up.

Soon he's come around. His dick is making the decisions and he likes this a little too much.

"What a sweet little tub you are", I jab, measuring around his middle. As weeks turn into months, blubber gathers around his gut, he gets a pump bottom, thick thighs, and a growing belly.

I get calipers, put him the scale, measure him...

"Good piggy, but not nearly marbled enough", I say, patting his small belly. "Soon you'll be huge."
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