Hazard of the job

Chapter 1

Lewis loved his job. He had been working at the shopping centre near his house for just over a year. And what a year it had been.

The job itself was simple - He was part of the team of security guards that patrolled the shopping complex. The hours weren't great, neither was the pay, but it was the perks of the job that he enjoyed the most.

The mall was the usual mixture of clothes shops, electrical stores and eateries. As he walked around on patrol he got to know the different vendors. They were all really friendly, especially the people from the food court.

They wanted to keep security on side and so he could get whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and on the house. It started off with the odd thing, maybe a few snacks per week as he was walking around on duty.

As time progressed, he got to know more and more people. The food was great and he loved eating it. Food had always been a weakness for him and once he started he found it difficult to stop. They kept on offering and he kept on accepting. Eventually he found he had a steady stream of food to eat during his shift.

A slice of pizza here, a box of Chinese there, pick and mix, Mexican, sushi, fried chicken, brownies, fries, cakes, pastries, donuts, chocolates, pasta, sandwiches, milkshakes; and all free of charge. This would be the same every shift. He left work absolutely stuffed.

At first all of this eating didn't really affect him. He was tall and blessed with a high metabolism. Needless to say, this didn't last forever, and all of this indulgence took its toll on his body eventually. While the rest of him remained fairly toned, the weight had all settled on his gut. His six-pack had been replaced by a hefty belly that was growing by the day. He had started the job wearing a medium shirt, now the large one was getting too small for him.

Lewis would often get home from work, sit on the sofa and breathe a sigh of relief as he undid his trousers. They were getting tighter by the day. He would then spend the rest of the evening relaxing with some snacks and a few beers, too bloated to move from his comfortable position.

In the morning he caught sight of his gut in the mirror as he squeezed into his uniform. It jutted out in front of him. He stood admiring it for ages - he liked the way that it looked, and he liked the way that it felt. He liked it even more when he had that full heavy feeling at the end of the day. He couldn't wait to get into work. He really loved his job.

There were two other security guards at the mall that enjoyed their work too. Ryan and Sam

were both younger than Lewis, and had started after he had but they quickly learnt the ropes.

They soon followed his lead and their bellies were growing too. They all liked to eat and so there was an ongoing competition to see who could bag the most freebies. At the end of the shift they would stand in the changing rooms rubbing their bloated bellies, comparing the lists of what they had gotten for free during the day and boasting about what they had managed to fit into their distended stomachs.

They all had a laugh together and really enjoyed their jobs. It didn't really feel like work. For the first time in their lives they didn't dread work. They actually looked forward to their shifts. But for Lewis there was another major perk.
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Littleextra 11 years
Thanks! smiley
FrecherTyp 13 years
hehe that was brilliant i lked the naughty burger girl very much ^^
Ffancy 13 years
Nice! I like the contrast of the loving, nurturing feeder and the slightly kinky forced stuffing.

Although- and please don't take this on the nose - is there a reason you always use the same character names? Is it like alternate universes?