Jen's gain

Chapter 1

Jen was sitting by the pool eating a doughnut a tiny potbelly starting to form on her thin body, she lotioned up and fell a sleep in the sun.

Truth be told it was her 5th one, and she intended to finish the rest of the dozen when she got to her room, they were absolutely delicious, to die for.

Her mother was cutting the bushes when her friend Gianni came over to visit, she commented on Jen’s little belly; Jen’s letting her go a bit?

No, she’s still in smalls, Jen’s mother replied.

She is getting a bit of a belly there…..

Nothing to be concerned about, she’s still really thin, besides she’s really pretty; she can afford to gain a little.

Some time into the summer, Jen found her self in need of bigger clothes, as her belly was testing the limits of her old ones, she had already ripped her shorts.

Her rear end was ever expanding, pushing her jeans, she loved it, loved the feeling of her curvaceous body.

Gianni was a little concerned; she’s really gained weight now….what is she now? Medium?

Medium isn’t even big, its just healthy, and still thinner that most girls I know!

You really should talk to her, make sure it wont become a pattern.

Will you shut up about her, Jen’s still fit as a fiddle!

Two moths later Jen was leaving back for school in her new large denim skirt and t-shirt….

You really don’t see what is going on!

What do you mean?

The pattern is obvious; she’s getting quite big now….

She’s wearing size L clothes that are getting tight.

Oh shut up, she’ll slim down once school starts.

I hope so….

A few weeks later Jen had to get back to school, promising she’d slim down a bit, although she knew she wouldn’t and knowing her mother was in such a denial she’d not need to.

Jen packed on quit a bit more when she came home for Christmas, she was barely fitting in the XL clothes any more….

Gianni was really concerned and expressed her feelings to her friend.

I don’t know what your talking about she’s just a little chubby that’s all….

No, she’s gotten quite fat actually.

One’s not fat until they can only wear stretch pants anyway.

Jen ate constantly during Christmas, snacked on cookies and candy between meals, she was stuffed the whole two weeks, she went back to school wearing her pyjamas, although a loose fit.

She was sitting in her room with a box of homemade cookies reading a book after filling her belly with turkey and all, she felt slickly full, but she was out of control.

She heard a ripping sound as her dress burst open, exposing her belly.

She loved it.

Shut up. Just shut up. She’s not FAT, she’s just a bit chubby.

Chubby people don’t get stuck in doorways…..


To her horror she saw Jen stuck in the doorway as her giant rear was wedged in it.

She. Is. Not. Fat. Yet.
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Assass2 12 years
more I say! Her mother has still not admitted that she is fat. It can only end when the mother admits defeat.