May's christmass feast

Chapter 1

may was particularly thin and was living all by her self, she had never had any troubles in her love life, guys loved her!

But she longed for another king of guys, the kind that would love more of her, a guy that would make her happy and make her feel sexy....

May decide that enough was enough, she couldn't stand her thin body anymore ore any of the guys she was dating....

she started by making a new years wove that she'd have a big beautiful belly by the end of January, she started to make precautions right away, bought bigger clothes, stocked up on sweets and fatty foods.

she started to go to FA clubs, All you can eat FA buffets and met this girl Jess, they hit it of well and started dating.

May realised with her new girlfriend and her growing belly why she'd been so miserably all along!!!

guys weren’t right for her and neither was being thin.

she had gained 35 pounds since new years eve, and only in 4 months, Jess was a great girl, and even more amazing cook, but she had to step up, may was far from being fat enough for Jess and she wasn’t gaining fast enough... something had to change!!!

Jess was really into may but she found her to thin, she liked huge bellies sexy not little pouch like may's.

She made her big dinners and huge lunches but it was still happing so slowly her belly barely reached the middle of her thighs, as tiny as it was now.

She decided on trying to expand her stomachs capacity by water bloating between every meal, and feeding her sugary treats and cake when ever there was time, keeping her stuffed always, she mustn’t ever be hungry if she wanted her to be sexy!

Jess was feeding her all the time now, may hadn’t felt hunger in weeks, only bloated and tired from sex and eating all the time, her belly was truly getting big touching her knees while she sat, her tummy tumbling, empty for the first time, as she was getting ready for being force fed the first time, it was going to be awesome!!

Being force fed, even if it was only for fun, was exhausting and boy was it sexy, she had probably never been so full even in the fattening up weeks, but it was all worth it….

May had outgrown all of her clothes and jess had kept her naked for two week just to admire her gorgeous belly, and even thought her belly was as big as a fat person all by it self the rest of may was still just chubby, she was perfect.

May started to see Jess getting fatter, I guess you cant live with a fatty and keep thin your self, but anyhow, they were as happy as one can be together, feeding each other and sexing it up, ones FA fantasy became another FA reality in a happy ever after relationship between a now chubby chef and a now hugged bellied former athlete
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