Kind words

Chapter 1 - fuck it right

John was a lean boy. Back in 2012 he stood at 5'9" and weighed 165lbs. College had come and was soon gone, when he made a very BIG decision.

John was an FA, a chubby chaser, a lover of large and curvaceous women. There was another side to him as well. He had long known of his fat obsessions and his attraction to a plump member of the opposite sex. One aspect of his fetish that took longer to come to terms with was HIS weight. Being a handsome young man in good shape, it was hard for him to let go of his image, it being his one ticket to affection. It seems that he knew all along that he wanted to be fat, but his rationality stood firmly in his way.

Without a live in partner, John discovered some interesting new freedoms. Whenever he felt the urge to stuff himself, he could now gorge to his tiny belly's content. This influenced some gluttonous behavior. Being away from the influence of friends and family, he decided to take that one big step. "*** it..." he says to himself, "I'll gain some weight, and if I don't like it, I'll lose it." He didn't plan so much on the latter.

The constant filling of his small stomach allowed his capacity to expand, permitting him to pack more and more dense, fatty foods into his gullet. Results were slow, but effort and patience are a recipe for reward.

5 pounds on the scale! Still, he wanted to SEE the change, FEEL the change. Nothing could please him more than the thought of his gut one day being large enough to be hoisted upward and dropped, causing a bouncing of jelly on the front of his body.

PASTA. CHEESE. BUTTER. MCDONALDS. DOUGHNUTS. BEER. SODA. SLEEP. Persistence truly paid off. 2 weeks had ran by since that 5lbs magically made its home on his frame. Another 5lbs on the scale! "175! Holy shit! I'm getting fat!" he exclaimed! Yet, a lack of satisfaction at the sight of himself. "10lbs is not enough...I NEED to be fatter!" And so the process continued.

Not a day without beer had went by! Drive-thru bags littered his car by the end of the week! Coupons for any fatty food you could desire were to be found in his treasure chest of a glove compartment. Times were full.

With no scale in the house, and the only one being on campus in the middle of the weight room, he could not weigh himself for quite some time. This did not bother him, just intensified the satisfaction of his endeavor. "Next time I weigh myself, I will be fat as ***."

Weeks began passing and call from his mother came one day. "When are you coming home for winter break?" she said. "The second week in February mah, why?" "Because I want to set up a doctors appointment with the pediatrician, it's our last year that he is available to us, being your getting to be fulling grown." At first reluctance came about him; he was never quite a fan of the doctor. Then, great excitement! John always feared the views of his peers, as they were usually harsh and for a quick joke. He had no reason to fear the opinion of his doctor, who would only advise him of his weight gain for his health. Plus, being teased about being fat kind of got the best of him, and viewed it as being called fat kindly.

2 weeks from the last weigh in, 4 weeks until the doctor. Time to eat. John wanted to be as fat as possible for his return to the family physician. He wanted the man to gawk at the number on the scale, drop his jaw at the sight of his gut, and maybe even give it a slap. Although he preferred women, a notice of his fattening body turned him on, male or female speaker.

Picking a weight to settle for never really crossed his mind. He would stop when he was satisfied with his appearance, even it meant going over 200.

The day was approaching. Being home all week, John did nothing but sit around and eat...and eat...and eat. His parents new of his love for pizza rolls and Chinese take out, so these greasy meals were a constant.

Here it was. The moment you've all...i mean...he has been waiting for, in secrecy. He walked into the building and began signing in.

Room 3. No particular connection with it, just one he has sat in before as a child. The nurse walks in to administer the eye, height, and weight exam."Take off your shoes and step on the scale please. Last time you were here you weighed 159.5 pounds and now you way........OH!..." She paused to find the words. "...It seems you've gained some weight...your weight is 190lbs, o.k., the doctor will be right in to see you!" While she thought his feeling may have been hurt, John's body began to run hot and passionate at the idea of a woman being shocked at his weight.

Finally, the doctor walks in. "Ahh my boy! How do you do today?" John replies humbly, "I can't complain." The physician then replies, "Well I can! You've gained 30 pounds since we last saw you! Your closing in on the 200lb mark and obesity!" While the doctor grieved, John salivated. "What happened?" What was he to say? He knew what had happened. He knew he was fat. What else could he say? "Uhh, I have no idea." "You still smoking?" said the doctor? "No, sir. Not for 3 months." "Good! That's some halfway descent news!" John had gone maybe just a few days without a cigarette. The lie was his way of defending his weight gain. "Well..." said the doctor, "let's get an idea of where this gain is going, could you take everything off except underwear and socks?" "Sure." Upon looking up from his files, the man literally gasped at the sight of John's immense gut. "Holy shit John, that's a big belly you got growin' on the front of you!" Let me talk to you about your diet. Lie after lie shot forth out of the boys mouth. Who would honestly tell their doctor that they have eaten McDonald's five days a week for the last month and a half?

The man walked up to John, and with a small smack of his gut said, "John...this has got to go. You are FAT, and I'm not saying that to be mean, in fact just the opposite. If you think of the long terms affects of being overweight, you'll find that they are just kind words." In one ear, out the other they say. John was to busy staring at his belly jiggle. "I know..." he responded as he reached for his soft, round middle. With a grab and a shake he reiterated, "I know..."
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Mynamesnotrick 11 years
I know! Soon I won't have to imagine.
Gaiajanice 11 years
Ive always thought that the whole doctor commenting in weight gain erotic
Feedher3000 11 years
Yes, maybe a strong female feeder character. Someone to throw him over "the edge"?
OniGumo 11 years
Good start. I'd suggest you spend a little more time on editing. (Editing is the bane of my existence, but it helps good stories to be great.) As for subject matter, maybe he meets someone who's very into his new look? A girl who likes soft cuddly men?
Mynamesnotrick 11 years
im glad you like. i definately will. any requests for further subject matter?