Milo & carter

chapter 1

"***! These are my biggest pair of jeans," Milo said to himself as he tried to force his size 34 jeans closed. He stood at 5'9", now weighing 189 pounds. The past two days of gluttony had put him in a difficult situation.

He had been putting on weight since graduation, twenty pounds to be more specific. His new desk job didn't help matters either, but what made his recent weight gain the worst was his boyfriend Carter.

It wasn't as if Carter had said anything; he hadn't even hinted about the excess poundage his boyfriend carried. But that didn't even matter. Milo could sometimes see the way he looked at him, with wide eyes as he ate something fattening he could have gone without. It really hurt Milo, but he realized he'd never have the time to get back in shape.

He knew he had gotten too lazy to even want to try and lose it and it would only be a matter of time before Carter broke his heart. They had been together for three years, since they were both juniors in college. They had immediately hit it off. Of course Milo was shocked the 6'3, gym bunny had any interest in him.

They had met in the gym Carter spent frequent time junior year, a gym in which he was currently a trainer. Milo stayed at the gym throughout college, but work had stopped his workout regimen. Carter got to work out as a profession, and it showed. His large arms, massive thighs and butt, huge pectorals, and washboard abs kept groups of girls and guys flocking towards him.

He didn't even care for them. All he thought of was Milo, and how he had been getting larger. He thought of how he had been the reason for it. He liked his extra weight. He made sure Milo didn't exercise. He made sure Milo had food constantly. He hoped he would really let himself go. But he never could tell him that, he could only hope.

Milo had always been rather plain, if only he thought so. He was way above average in Carter's mind. He loved Milo's curly blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. They seemed to be opposites nowadays. Milo getting more and more out of shape contrasted greatly with the extremely muscled Carter. Carter had black hair and green eyes. Milo always complimented his eyes, and of the constant compliments he received, Carter always seemed to enjoy Milo's the most.

"Milo!" Carter shouted from the living room. "Come on!" They had made plans to meet a few friends at a bar and grill this Monday evening.

"Oh...okay!" Milo yelled back as he sucked in his slightly chubby belly. He pulled the buttons closer and closer, trying his hardest to make them meet. "Please, come on," he whispered to his pants. "At least for tonight..."

"God Milo," he heard Carter say. He began to panic, knowing if he didn't hurry Carter would come into the bedroom looking for him. He would see he had gotten so fat he couldn't button his pants...his biggest pair of pants. How embarrassing!

He felt awful. He gave a final tug. They met and he smiled, until he looked in the mirror. They looked terrible. His round butt looked gigantic and the strain on the button was obvious. It was all he had, so he decided to make the best of it. He grabbed a black shirt of Carter's to hide some of the flab and exited their bedroom.

"Shirt big enough for you?" Carter asked jokingly. Milo blushed and looked away. If he explained why he had needed to use his shirt, he would explode from embarrassment.

"I really like this shirt," he said, defending his fashion choice.

"You told me it was ugly." He had told Carter that it was a hideous shirt. How could he have forgotten?

"Did I? I love this shirt," he lied smoothly.

"If you're sure..." Carter laughed. They made their way to Carter's car and drove off. The bar was only 15 minutes away. Milo's pants dug into his newly gained fat and gave him quite a lot of discomfort. They greeted Jake and Ivan. They were also a couple, both around Milo's height, but very slender.

"Whoa! Milo you look...well fed," said Ivan.

"Well I guess so." Milo went red.

"Seriously, you should start working out again," Ivan stated harshly.

"Let's sit down," chimed in Carter. "I'm pretty hungry." They all found a table and sat in an awkward silence for a minute or two.

"Jake, pass the menu," Carter requested. He looked at it briefly and handed it to Milo. "What do you want?"

"I...I just think I'm going to get a salad or something." Ivan chuckled at Milo's answer.

"Really?" asked Ivan.

"Ivan. Enough," demanded Carter, not wanting anything to upset his chubby hubby.

"Sorry...only joking." He was still grinning. Ivan had always wanted Carter, but his love for "plain" little Milo crushed those dreams.

"Get something good, babe. It's alright."

"Sure," Milo agreed. He had to admit, he was really hungry. He had tried to eat a big lunch, but it didn't curve his growing appetite. Carter smile and placed his hand on Milo's thigh. He felt sick. He was sure Carter could feel the denim tightly pulled around his meaty thigh.

They ordered and Milo realized everyone else had gotten a salad. He blushed even harder. He thought Carter said he was starving? Milo had ordered a cheeseburger and onion rings, he also got a chocolate shake.

The food arrived and they saw Milo's giant burger and huge onion rings. '***,' he thought. He knew he could eat it all, it was just he didn't want to. He slowly lifted an onion ring to his mouth and took a bite. He had recently discovered how great food tasted. He had never wanted to fully let himself go before, but he wouldn't mind. He just didn't want his relationship to end...and he just knew it would if he got too fat. He had not realized it, but he had finished the generous portion of onion rings. He picked up his burger as Ivan and Jake picked at their salads.

Carter was already done with his salad. Milo had never realized how much and how often Carter ate. He felt his belly pushing forward and began on the burger. It was good, really good. He had planned to only eat half when he was on the last bite. He had been sipping the milkshake throughout the entire meal and gulped down the remaining chocolate flavored liquid.

With the last of it entering his bloated belly, the button popped right off of his jeans.
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