Model appetite

Chapter 1

I was so tired. I had just gotten done with an underwear shoot and I was starving, like really starving. I did not eat a thing today so I would look my very best, and even then I felt like my gut was sticking out over the underwear.

I didn't feel I deserved the title of "World's Best Buns." I was fucking 182 sloppy pounds. I was 6'3, with jet black hair, and gray eyes.

I felt modeling had really screwed with my head. I never used to think I was fat until recently. I only got into modeling because some guy needed a last minute replacement for a last minute drop out. I was saying that I was fat as I walked into a burger place. Dammit…I was hopeless.

"May I take your order?" asked the chubby cashier, who must have been about 16. How could he have been so okay with being fat? I wished I could just let myself go. I, however, didn't have the nerve or the support. Who could love a fatty?

"Can I get two double cheese burgers, a large fry, and a chocolate milkshake?"

"What size shake would you like? They come in small, medium, large, and ultra."

"Um, let me have a medium…ultra." I was really going to regret the upgrade in size, but I just didn’t care anymore.

My trainer was going to kick my ass. I could hear it now, “Let’s go fatty. One more you fucking pig. Is that all you got?” James was hired to keep me in top physical condition. I mean, it was my job to look good. James taunted me with love, I guess.

But who cared? I know I didn't, not at the time anyway.

He did his best, but I did often make stops like this one, mainly because I did like feeling full every once in a while. I deserved to eat something besides carrots and celery.

"That comes out to $7.38." I handed him my cash and went to find a table when I bumped into this, this, this... kid.

Or that was what I thought, until I looked at him. You know how you can look at somebody closely and actually see their real ages? Like a gorgeous movie star that was in her forties, but looked to be in her thirties, until you looked at her and could see little things that made her real age show?

I could see the dimples in his cheeks, his big brown eyes that reminded me of chocolate and made me want to melt (God, I would think about chocolate), his juicy perfectly shaped lips, his wavy blond hair, and his perfect body. He wasn't a kid. He was a gorgeous guy. Why was he not a model?

"Oh gosh, I'm really sorry. Is your food alright?” he asked. “I should really look where I am going." His voice was even more model-like than mine.

"It's alright, nothing's out of place."

"Good...oh God, aren't you...Gabe...Gabe Mabius!? The supermodel!" I laughed.

"Yeah, what's your name?"

"Uh, I'm Zach...Zach Brandys."

"Are you done eating?" I asked.

"No, I was just getting a refill." He lifted an empty cup, smiling like he just meet some major celebrity. I was not that famous, at least I didn't think I was.

"Would you like to, maybe, sit with me?" I had to ask, he was just too cute, and even if he wasn't into guys, just being able to look at him a little longer would be enough for me.

"Sure, of course, I'd be stupid not to!" He was grinning ear to ear with the invitation, his dimples making him all the more handsome, which made me feel really special.
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Legalizeme 13 years
Can you please write something similar? More stories please. I enjoy reading it. Thank you. smiley
Fatfiction 13 years
Yeah, I think so too. But thanks for the comment ^^
Legalizeme 13 years
A little sappy with the crying. But I must say overall, I LOVE IT!! I like the how you fatten up a hunky young underwear model! I love the part his speedos splits!! It's so graphical. I like how you write! Thank you! smiley
Fatfiction 13 years
I'm glad you like it smiley