More please

Chapter 1 - more please

I promised my lover I would come over after my workout and take her out to dinner. She is such a voluptuous woman, with brown hair that frames her beautiful face, and very abundant curves. She is big all over, but her belly in particular is magnificent, round and soft and often hungry.

I shower and dress and walk over to her place, expecting her to be ready to go, since we planned to hit her favorite restaurant. I let myself in, expecting to see her in heels and a short summer dress. I hear music and walk into her living room.

There she is, but not dressed up at all. Instead, she sits there on her couch wearing a tee shirt that barely covers her bosom and belly, and black panties. That's all. And she is holding a giant bag of Cheetos, her favorite salty snack. She smiles and says "hello lover" as she pops a Cheeto into her mouth and chews it slowly in her sexy way.

At first I'm angry and ask whether she remembers that we had planned to go out. She says yes, then sticks her lower lip out in a pout and says "sorry baby, I was so hungry, I couldn't wait."

My anger melts away as I took in the gorgeous woman before me, legs curled under her full thighs, tee shirt straining to cover her belly. She is such a sexy big girl! She eats another Cheeto and gazes at me. She is being so bad, knowing that her "hungry baby" routine always set me off big time.

I look at her sitting there in that soft tee shirt, and I cannot resist. I sit down beside her, give her a deep kiss, and then take the bag of Cheetos from her. She protests, but then realizes that her snack is not over.

I begin feeding her Cheeto after Cheeto until inevitably the bag is empty. And I rub her belly and reach for the giant margharita that she has sitting nearby. She drinks deeply from the glass, as though it is merely lemonage. And I rub her belly lower and give her a kiss on her salty lips.

By now, we are moving inevitably toward the sort of erotic play we both crave so much. I take some soft scarves and tie her wrists to the arms of the sofa, then go get her something sweet to finish her snack - a huge container of her favorite ice cream. And I start to feed it to her, spoonful after spoonful, rubbing her belly, kissing her after each bite, spreading her legs so her full belly can rest between her soft thighs.

And she enjoys every sweet bite and my hands run all over her, but especially on her stuffed tummy, gently massaging it, working down to the warm underside, innocently running over her pussy that now is so wet in her panties. And she squirms with pleasure, her arms pinned to each side, and my lips and fingers are all over her as I push her tee shirt up under her huge breasts.

I feed her sweets until she feels the tightness of her belly pushing down on her pussy. And my fingers return again and again to her clit, pushing, swirling, rubbing up and down and around. I pull off her soaking panties, and then slide my finger into her, even as her mouth still savors the sweetness of her treats.

And my fingers run in and out faster and faster as she licks the last drops off the spoon and moves her hips up to meet my busy hand. And I put the empty container aside and kiss her harder and harder as my fingers work. And she is feeling waves of pleasure racing through her body, as she relaxes all of her muscles and feels the fullness of her belly rest on my probing hand.

And my finger slides in and finds that perfect spot, right there on the upper wall, right under the weight of her belly, and the pressure works from both sides and pulls her to higher and higher levels of ecstasy, while my wet thumb finds her clit, so hard and pulsing, and rubs it softly, then more and more urgently.

And I kiss her soft, sweet lips one more time as she lies helpless, wrists still pinned back, her body open wide and writhing with pleasure, as my fingers bring her to the brink. And then I lean over and gently bite her neck, right under her ear, and that spark ignites her orgasms, and unrelenting waves of trembling pleasure wash over her, and she bucks and screams and it goes on and on until she is spent.

And I stop rubbing her pussy and give her a soft kiss, and she turns and looks into my eyes and says "more please."
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