More than one way to fill a cat

  By Slim

Chapter 1 - trying something new

I pulled into the driveway, exhausted from work, and eager to be sedentary with my girlfriend, Anna, when I saw the three small boxes by the door. I felt a rush of excitement and an uncontrollable smile. I had almost forgotten, after 5 days of anxious anticipation. I frowned, realizing work was intruding too much on my personal life. Before even leaving the car, I sent a text to my secretary asking about moving up my vacation to the next week, mentioning some vague "family problems". I didn't see Anna's car, so I grabbed the boxes quickly and got them inside before anyone saw me. I then opened them and destroyed all the packaging, leaving only 2 gleaming plastic bottles of pills, and a smaller, black box with warnings all over it. The first and largest, both in terms of the bottle and the pills, was a legendary appetite stimulant used by athletes, and even by some hospitals to treat anorhexia. The second was said to block the ability of the body to burn fat for energy. Then I slid open the black box, and marvelled. The syringe inside supposedly contained a virus that changed the DNA of those infected with it just slightly, but in multiple ways. Supposedly only transmissible through blood, it infected adipose(fat) cells and caused them to reproduce at increased rates. It also caused them to release several hormones and chemicals that, in effect, sent pleasure signals to the brain. It made people fat, and it made them enjoy the process. I hid the syringe in the best place I could think of- some place I won't divulge even now, as some still remains hidden there. But the pills? I placed them in the medicine cabinet, after every other bit of evidence for my project.
"Bill?" I heard Anna ask, hours later, hours of anxious waiting later.
"Yes?" I attempted to sound disinterested, answering out of a sense of obligation rather than curiosity. I felt I had to pull out every stop to make this thing seem casual, including not pulling out certain stops.
"What the hell are these things in the medicine cabinet? I go to take an aspirin, and...." her voice trailed off as I made my way behind her, to look over her shoulder as she read the labels. I waited, looking at her ass, and all of the rest of her.
At 135 pounds, she showed every minute she had spent in the gym, having no flab on her whatsoever. This was a little disappointing to me, but her body shape still was rather centered in the belly, with any fat appearing heading straight there to her utmost annoyance. Her reddish blond hair and freckles provided a warm balance against her milky skin. I meant to just give her a chance to finish her sentence, and got distracted. Needed to say something.
"Supposedly they really work." I said simply, instantly knowing it wasn't what she was looking for.
"Who the hell would make pills to make people fat? And who the hell would... why would anyone buy them?" she looked at me, confused.
"I could tell you that I'm about to embark on an exceptionally rigorous exercise routine, and a career as a UFC fighter. Maybe just some bulky guy that nobody wants to *** with. And maybe that could be true. But I bought these because I thought you would look gorgeous with just a little softness on you. I certainly don't want to pressure you in any way into taking these, and understand completely if you don't want to, I just thought it could be a fun thing for us to try."
"You want me to get fat so you can try fat sex?" She was looking pissed off. This was veering towards total disaster, last-time-we-ever-spoke territory. And now I had to lie.
"No, but if you wanted me to put on a few pounds, this would make it really easy." My secret weapon: whenever she was really drunk, she would talk about two things over and over: how she wanted me to be bulkier and less bony, and how she was sick of worrying about her weight. She didn't look angry anymore, but curious.
"Oh yeah? Sounds like a great way to punish you for this bad idea." She grinned maliciously. She suddenly popped the cap off one bottle, and handed me a handful of the tablets inside.
"I think they're just meant to be taken one at a time." I was getting worried. I had definitely wanted to be a lot more careful with these things than this, and had also really intended them to be mostly for her. I looked at her, and found she was already taking the safety seal off of the other bottle.
"Oh." she said simply, looking down at the tablets in her hand.
"How about we both take one of the hunger-stimulating ones, and go out to the buffet?" I hoped I could limit my own gains. I got the impression she just wanted me to put on a few pounds, but if this was a fetish of hers, too, it might go further than ever intended. The last thing I wanted was for our relationship to end because one of us actually got too fat for the other, or, worse, for our own health. She nodded, and I scooped all of them out of her hand, and then gave her one. I popped one myself, as she watched, and then I went to go put the rest back. "Are you ready to head over there now?" I asked, hoping she'd go change or something.
"You know, I think I'll wear something more loose, just in case it really does work." As I saw her leave, I quickly grabbed a couple of the other pills, that stop fat from being used for energy. I could already feel the first pill working on me, making me very hungry out of nowhere, and maybe just a little bit drowsy. I grabbed a second one of those and pocketed them all. I almost felt stoned. Anna was coming down the stairs then, wearing an old pair of sweatpants and a hoodie. She looked cute, and I told her so, and she blushed even more cutely.
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Slim 10 years
Any thoughts on the epilogue, beyond that it needs to be more fleshed out? Anybody have strong feelings as to who should be dominant in this relationship?
FrecherTyp 10 years
wow great ;-) hehe and those interesting pills and set up with the more then one girl was very hmmm let´s say interesting ;-) i would very love to read even more of how this poor lucky guy will deal with his changes ;-) and what chance he has around so many temptations ^^
Bobbyfad 10 years
A next part would be aweosme with this story. Either way, great!