Pledging to grow together

  By Slim

Chapter 1 - initiation

Hailey couldn't believe where she was standing. Looking around her, she was just where she had been dreaming of being for the last two years. She had wanted to be at Harvard, and a member of Mu Mu Mu since she had first thought of college, practically. It was said to be the most exclusive sorority, with the most secret rituals in the entire country, if not the world. The members were all incredibly beautiful and talented, and somehow, they had picked her. She was mentally reflecting on her every flaw, every forgotten homework assignment, every boyfriend she had dated that might not be up to their standards, but most of all, her weight.
At 5'6 and 135 pounds, she knew she wasn't fat, but she was rather painfully aware that she wasn't up to their standards, wearing her nicest dress, which of course was very form-fitting, around all of her soon-to-be sisters, even alumni, all wearing masks, but some even with gray hair that were very slim. She didn't get to wear a mask, and felt open, exposed, and chubby, wishing she had thought to work out more when trying to get accepted to the sorority. She may still have a challenge. She had to make a good impression, but she was so nervous.
"Don't look so worried. If you made it this far, you're probably a shoe-in." a sister a few inches shorter than Hailey and at least 20 pounds lighter, with a very creepy Kabuki-style demon mask said to her back. Turning, the mask initially shocked her. "Sorry about that. It's the only mask I have." she laughed in a way that seemed very innocent, and Hailey relaxed. "Care for a drink?"
"I'm not 21-" Hailey began.
"You're about to be a Mu Mu Mu. We don't let things like age tell us what we can and can't do." Hailey wondered how old this woman was. "What's your name?"
"Hailey. Yours?"
"You can't tell, but I'm smiling under this mask. I can't tell you that until we're full sisters. You aren't even a pledge yet." she laughed again, a delightful laugh expressing genuine pleasure, it seemed. Hailey was mystified by this figure, certainly intimidated, but she liked her.
"Mu Mu Mus don't apologize, either. We're always right." Hailey opened her mouth to apologize again, but stopped, and thought quickly.
"So what are we drinking?" she asked, trying not to say it too loudly.
"That was good. And you can be bold here. Say what you want. Always. We even have at least one chef on hand at all times, and they're amazing. They can make anything. And so can our bartender." Shit, Hailey thought, I don't know drinks. Um...
"Rum and coke." It was basic. She didn't have any idea if it was something respectable women drank.
"I haven't had one of those in a while." Fuuuuck. "I think I'll have one as well." the Kabuki woman spun around and disappeared. She returned struggling to hold 3 cups, two in one hand. Hailey quickly rescued her, grabbing the two. One seemed to be a beer. She had never drank beer, but the smell repulsed her.
"Who is this other drink for?" Hailey asked, looking around.
"You. I might not be able to easily sneak you any more, and... well, it's all free." Hailey knew she had to drink it. The pressure was on. For best results, she should pound it. So she did. She started with the rum and coke, and downed that easily enough, but immediately felt her face flushing. Worse, she knew her belly was poking out even more now. "Very impressive." the Kabuki woman said, but her tone was flat. Not impressed enough. She slammed the beer as well, involuntarily putting a hand down to her waist as though to try to hold it in. "Wow!" That sounded genuinely impressed, Hailey thought. She also thought she felt a little drunk. She really didn't have the tolerance to be showing off, she realized. A bell sounded, and she looked quizzically at the Kabuki woman.
"It's time we pick our pledges." As if on cue, a woman with an incredibly powerful and clear voice spoke louder than Hailey thought she could scream, silencing the party.
"Any who wish to pledge to the sorority tonight, meet in the center of the room." And all with masks vacated, and left Hailey looking at about 50 young women her age, all with nervous expressions she knew she shared as well, walking towards one another. The floor was an intricate tile mosaic of the sun with rays flowing out from it, and the girls met on the sun, and seemingly instinctively, at least for the most part, arranged themselves in a circle, facing out. Hailey wished she had thought to dispose of the cups, and worse, felt she may belch at any moment, and was fighting to contain it.
"The sisters of Mu Mu Mu pull their own weight, but we are sisters. We work together, always. If you wish to be part of our sorority, you must learn to do the same. Look at one another, and try to see a sister in each one. Hugs are accepted." Hailey turned and awkwardly exchanged a few hugs and greetings.
"Now!" the voice rose sharply. "If chosen by a sister, you will be initiated. If you ever speak of the initiation rites, you will never get a date on campus again. Your husbands will be stolen by sisters and left financially and emotionally ruined. If you do not accept this, leave now." Nobody moved. "Excellent. Now, sisters, pick your piggy." Did she hear that right, Hailey wondered? Piggy? "That's right. As a group, you weigh... well, let's just round up to 6,000 pounds. Feel heavy, ladies? Well, get ready. We are not the kind of women who just get fat and unattractive. That isn't who we are. We will always be influential and attractive. As sisters. As pledges, you will raise your combined weight to 12,000 pounds over the course of the year, and by the end of the summer, you will be back down to 6,000 pounds. Or else you will not be sisters. You will learn self-control from this, but also to depend on your sisters. You will need their help. Remember, if any of you drop out, the rest will have to shoulder your burden. The numbers will not change just because your mind did." Hailey was almost hypnotized by the words, practically the last thing she expected to hear. All her plans for the year had just changed, and she realized she might not date this year anyway. Just as she considered backing out, the Kabuki woman was at her side, poking her in the belly.
"You're mine. Let's go to the real party." Hailey just gulped and nodded, and began to follow as the Kabuki woman turned and led her out through a huge set of double doors to a room much more brightly lit, with a table piled with food of all kinds. Hailey moved to sit down at the table, knowing she was about to be told to eat, when she felt a hand on her shoulder, stopping her. "You need to be in uniform to sit at the table, piggy." She noticed another table by the doors to the room piled with pink fleecy garments, just as she was being handed one. Hailey looked around for a place to change.
"No. Trust me, the quicker you lose your sense of dignity in this process, the easier it will be, and the more dignity you'll have to regain later. I know you have your doubts now, but you'll be a whole new woman, so much stronger than you ever knew you were. I said earlier we didn't let things like age keep us from what we want? That's also who we want. And it counts double for weight. But things like modesty and dignity will hold you and your new sisters back. So put it on." Hailey groaned, and unfolded what she had been handed. She groaned again much louder. It was a pink onesie, with a hood that had pigs ears on it and a big white circle on the belly. She began to put it on over her dress, and suddenly felt a slap.
"What are you doing here, Hailey? I just told you to get rid of that modesty and dignity for the time being, and that groaning? Ends now. If you're going to utter any sound other than respectable words, it will be an oink." Hailey just stared, shocked. "This is kinder than what the sisters will do if you do not abide by our rules. That thing about stealing your husband and ruining him? We have a system for it. It isn't just an idle threat. Our success rate is 100% because we will throw women at him until it works. So for ***'s sake, get out of that tight dress and put this on. Trust me, you'll be more comfortable. The longer you wait, the more people will see." And to her horror, she suddenly saw this was true. Other girls were filing into the room, and she was quickly hearing a great deal of the same conversation all around her. She decided to be a trendsetter and make the Kabuki woman proud. Still, she was nervous, and felt herself shaking a little as she took off her dress, blaming the slap. As her dress fell to her feet, she quickly worked the zipper on the back of the onesie and stepped inside, suddenly very thankful for it. Bending over to get inside, she was more conscious she had ever been of the slight roll in her abdomen. She tried to put it out of mind, telling herself that if all of these women could gain and then lose weight like that, she could as well. She was one of the first dressed in uniform and to the table, though the sleeves of her uniform were way too long.
"Come on, sisters! The sooner we get to 12,000 the sooner we can work on getting back to 6,000!" she found herself shouting, trying to encourage her sisters and make her pledge proud even before stuffing her face. She felt a gentle hand on her shoulder.
"Maybe save the battle cries for the fourth course." the Kabuki woman took a seat next to her. "Now, lean back, relax, and stretch your arms behind your chair. Close your eyes. We're going to say a few words." Hailey did as told, and took a few deep breaths. "Great. Now, open your eyes and mouth." Hailey opened her eyes, but not her mouth, and tried to move her arms back. She found her sleeves were tied behind her back to something. She squirmed a bit, and found she was truly stuck. "Remember the attitude thing? Now, stop squirming and open up." Hailey did as told, and such began months of forgoing all decisions over her own diet.
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