Chapter 1 - (a snippet of my life)

I leaned back and patted my swollen belly, releasing a great burp. "mmm, oof" My normally flat stomach was poking out from under my shirt and hiding the waist-band of my jeans. I slid my fingers under my stomach and undid the button and zipper, sighing with relief as my tummy spilled freely into the open space. My vision began to blur and the Rolling Stone's "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" playing in the background spun my head, my overstuffed belly throbbing with the pain of being stretched too tight.

My heart dropped and fear-induced hiccups made my gut tremble as my boyfriend walked in, pulling his giant luggage behind him. "hic, Oh! You're back so soon darling, I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow…" My eyes lowered to the coffee table in front of me, which was overflowing with empty pints of ice cream, a pot once filled with two packages of macaroni and cheese, a vacant box of cereal and two empty cartons of milk, a box of chocolates with only the gross ones left, and two forty-ounce bottles of beer resting finished on their sides on the ground next to the couch. I looked up at my boyfriend just in time to see his eyes widen and jaw drop. "Wow, you really went to town eh?" He laughed nervously, closing the front door behind him as he walked into the living room. I continued to hiccup and felt my flushed face grow warmer as he moved closer to the couch.

All of a sudden, I felt coolness move its way across my straining belly. I moaned and let my head roll back. I couldn't help but smile. Never in my life before had I felt so full, never in my life before had I felt such ecstasy. He whispered into my ear, "I love you like this." and I opened my eyes to see his soft hands gliding over my tender skin, his lips leaning in to kiss my exposed navel. A chill went from my toes, up my spine, and to the tip of my head and I knew there was one more thing I needed from the night. I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled his lips into mine. He continued to rub my belly as we kissed, it was amazing, but left me feeling hungry for more. I pushed him off of me and maneuvered myself, carefully cradling my extended tummy, on top of him.

As our kisses grew more passionate, I undid the buttons of his shirt, one by one. With the last button freed, I put my arms around him through his shirt, pulling him close and feeling his abs against my stuffed tummy. Our hearts pounded against our own chests and each other’s. Our breathing aligned. We felt our bodies move together, faster, harder, hotter, I've never been so close for so long. Finally, I reached the most satisfying climax of my life and felt my stomach roar. A belch that shook the bed released the painful pressure in my tummy and made my boyfriend come away with me. I was filled even more, bursting with food and love and satisfaction.
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