Buffet bellies (complete)

Chapter 1 - let’s make a bet

"Oh god, I'm so fucking hungry." Alison grabbed at her stomach as it made a low rumbling sound.
"Damn. Me too! I can't wait until we try this place." Bryan lifted up his shirt to reveal a soft six pack, hiding behind a thin layer of chub formed from his first semester at college. The couple was joined by their two friends, Lilah and Eric. Eric was known for his large appetite and equally as large gut.
"I made sure to wear sweatpants." He said, snapping the waist band. Lilah noticed his fat jiggle in that moment, and wondered why she felt a tickle between her legs.
"What's so special about this place?" She asked, intrigued by the idea of indulging in "all you can eat"
"It's a buffet!" Eric said, "I can't believe you've never been to one before!"
Alison turned around and faced them from the front seat,
"You're in for a real treat Lilah!"
The group pulled up at the buffet and stepped out of the car. They each paid for their entrance and found a large booth in the back.
"I like to be away from everybody, this could get messy."
Eric rubbed his hands together and licked his lips.
"See ya!"
He ran off to the buffet line and the others followed closely after him.
Lilac watched her friends pile their plates with pasta, garlic bread, salad and fruit. She copied them, unsure of where else to begin.
Back at the table, everybody else was already digging in. Alison's fruit and salad were far gone and she had fettuccini sauce around her mouth from the pasta. Bryan was double fisting it with a garlic bread in one hand and his fork piled with fruit on each prong in the other. Lilah began to eat her food as well...and watch Eric. He was already done with his plate and heading back to the buffet line. Lilah decided to try to keep up with him, mostly so she could keep her eye on him. She began stuffing her food in her mouth as fast as she could, barely stopping to breath.
"Damn girl! You in some kinda rush?" Bryan smiled at her with a mouthful of food.
"No, just hungry."
"Oh yeah?" Alison and Bryan gave each other a lustful smirk.
"Why don't we play a little game?" Alison scooched closer to Lilah and grabbed her hand, looking into her eyes, and then squeezed it.
"What kind of game?" Eric pushed her aside and returned to his seat next to Lilah, placing his freshly loaded plate in front of him.
"Let's make a bet." Alison smiles at the group.
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