While my boyfriends at work

Chapter 1 - plenty of time

I walked into the house exhausted after walking up the hill from the bus stop-- my car has been in the shop for a week. Kicking my shoes off into the hall, I stumbled into the kitchen and grabbed a glass from the cabinet above our snack pantry...my boyfriend loves sweets and chips. Filling it with ice and water from the contraption on the refrigerator door, I felt my tummy rumble and by instinct opened the door letting my eyes adjust to the light of the fridge in the dusk-filled room. Immediately, a pot of chili caught my eye and I grabbed it and threw it onto the stove. I turned back to the fridge and grabbed some sour cream and cheese and glanced at the clock on the microwave...9:17 I had plenty of time.
My boyfriend has no idea that I love the feeling of my belly full...and I love seeing him fill his. I bake irresistible cakes and cookies for him to eat and huge dinners just to watch him stuff his tummy full until he can't anymore, succumbing to my power. I lead him to the couch and rub his tummy-- turning on football and promising to bring out dessert as soon as the meal is cleaned up. He moans, every time "Babe, you're gonna make me fat! I can't eat another bite, let's just go to bed." I laugh sweetly, kissing his cheek-- "I just want you to try this new recipe I thought up today." And predictably, he smiles weakly and gives in, taking over his tummy-rubbing and turning to the football as I turn to the dishes. I always give him no less than thirty minutes but no more than an hour to slip into a light food coma and digest some of his dinner before presenting dessert. Usually it's chocolate, because that's his favorite and I know he won't be able to stop eating it...especially if I tease him just right. But sometimes I bake rich sugar cookies, seasonal pies, homemade ice cream that would make your toes curl, god bless this boy's fast metabolism.
I will come back to him on the couch, his shirt slightly raised, eyes shut, joint half-smoked, and present the treat. He never fails to finish it...I think he knows that I love when he loves my food, but I have yet to show him how much I love it.
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Lovinitbig 10 years
This is great. Please fill us in more on how he has gained
Built4com4t 10 years
very nice...i hope there's more