Seconds and thirds

Chapter 1

Ranjit popped his head in the door of David’s office on Thursday afternoon.

“David, man, I need a favour,” he said. “This Saturday is the company’s family Christmas party, you know?”

“Uh-huh,” said David, eying his co-worker warily.

“We’re looking for someone to play Santa and hand out the gifts to the kids. Pete from accounting used to do it every year, but he retired and moved to Florida. How do you reckon you’d look in red?”

David looked down at his new little belly.

“I guess I am getting the figure for it,” he said. “Sure, sign me up.”

“Great!” said Ranjit, with a smile. “The party’s at 3 on Saturday. I’ll bring you the suit tomorrow.”

He went out and shut the door behind him. David sat for a moment, frowning down at his belly. He poked it experimentally. He never been very muscular, just average, but he’d never had more than a hint of softness at the waist. This… was definitely a belly.

It was all Mallory’s fault. She was such a good cook. He knew it was old-fashioned, but they hadn’t lived together before the wedding. In the six months since she had moved in, he'd cleaned his plate plenty of times, and taken seconds. Anyway, it was normal to put on a few pounds after marriage, wasn't it? David put thoughts of his pudginess aside and went back to work.

On Thursdays he usually played a game of squash after work, facing off against his old friend Freddy. It was a close match and both men were panting with exertion by the time David scored the match point.

"I gotta run," said Freddy in the changing room after the game. "It's Lola's birthday today and I'm taking her out. Good game, big man. See you next week."

Big man? Where did that come from? David looked at himself in the full-length mirror. His sweaty t-shirt clung tightly to his abdomen. He sucked in, but there was still a roundness there. He'd gone beyond the point of being able to suck his belly in! He couldn't believe how wide he looked, how full. There was no one else in the dressing room. He pulled off his t-shirt and put a tentative hand on his stomach. He felt soft and doughy. He squeezed, poked and jiggled, fascinated by this change in his body.

There was a scale in the corner. He wondered how much weight he'd really gained in the past six months, since the wedding. He'd been around 160 for years now, an average weight for his 5' 10" frame. He went over and stepped on the scale. The dial spun and landed at 184. That was a 24 pound gain! No wonder his t-shirt was tight.

David stripped off his shorts and picked up his pants. Come to think of it, Mallory had bought these for him a couple of months ago, along with a bunch of others, saying his old worn pants needed replacing. He looked at the label to check the size, but there wasn't any. David shrugged and pulled on his clothes. The lowest button on his dress shirt tugged a little alarmingly, he noted. Maybe it was time to think about eating less.

That resolution went out the window as soon as he smelled Mallory's home-made fried chicken. His mouth started to water at once.
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GrowingLoveH... 9 years
@hugefatman -- I agree with Ffancy on this! Sometimes, a site like fantasyfeeder can somewhat warp our perceptions, but this is basically from the feedee's POV, and to gain more than 100 pounds is quite astounding. Plus, check some BMI charts and you will see that she is right about this. Your experience may be quite different, and certainly there are muscular guys who might weigh in heavier. I like weight and measures as much as anyone, but I think sometimes in these stories we get so hung up on numbers that we don't appreciate the wonder of weight gain in a loving relationship.
Ffancy 13 years
@hugefatman - I disagree completely. I hate it when stories do that, too, but I try to write about realistic amountd of gain for the time. 270 pounds on a man who is 5'10" is into seriously obese territory. I don't think my descriptions are unrealistic.
Hugefatman 13 years
Good story but could be much better if legitimately high weight numbers were used. In your story the highest weight you have character get to is 270, but make it sound like he was 470 or 570 instead. 270 is a long way from huge unless you make your character 4 feet tall. If there is one common failing among stories like this it is where authors treat 170 pounds like it was 300 or more.
FrecherTyp 13 years
hmmm...that was such a wonderful ssstory !!! WOW

So nice and sexy descriptions and the sweet and a little evil behavior of her hmmmmmm...... which girl tries that with me ^^? ;-)

great story !!!