So good

Chapter 1 - steamy windows

The young woman perched on the side of her bathtub. Her round gut helped to precariously balance her on the edge. Recently, her soft domed belly had taken to settling on the top of her thighs. Spreading out as if to be clawing for more space. It still was in the early stages of development, and had not yet struggle to blossom into a full on beer belly. Perky, and without a single stretch mark on her creamy white skin, it softly curved out and hinted at the beginnings of a second roll starting to form from the future crease.

She reached over to shut off the pulsing drone of water humming out of the tap. Steam from the heat of the water spiralled dancing in the air. She couldn't wait to have a bath. Taking the soothing peppermint essential oil off the counter, she unscrewed the lid and treated herself to indulge in adding it to the waiting waters. Stripping off her already see through black joggers, stretched so tight across her dimpled thighs and running shirt that was more of a crop top, showing the expanse of her roly-poly paunch to the world which had began to jiggle when she (shuffled) jogged down the road. Underneath the purple straps on her sports bra, also highlighted the subtle puffiness of her turning pillow like arms, which had started to blow up the rest of her body. She struggled to pull her bra over her head, meanwhile caught on her massive mamery glands which had received the brunt of her recent gain.

Finally tugging it over her head, her pendulous udders although still youthful in appearance, hung drooping low on her chest without the support of her bra. Large, toonie sized areoles surrounded rosebud pink nipples. Superfluous lilac veins, trailed along the path of her droopy tits. Only 19 years old, barely an adult women at all, and already she was heaving around a 60 year's old Italian woman's saggy breasts, with the long nipples to match. More ripe juicy udders really than the perky melons of someone her age usually had.

With one foot into the bristling heat of the water, she flopped the rest of her swaying body into the tub with a splash.
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GrowingLoveH... 8 years
How did I miss this and your wonderful descriptions! Bravo!
CrowsEye 9 years
That description of her breasts was just incredible.