Roast suckling pig

chapter 1

She was going to burst.

Stretch marks like bruised ribbons roped around the underdome of her belly and gushing muffin top. The whole spare tire of her stomach was an inner tube filled to the seams, about to tear apart.

She felt like any sudden motion no matter how small, would trigger her skin to start ripping. She was in no condition to try.

With arms and legs bound with thick, black twine underneath the pedestal she was mounted on, movement was impossible anyways. Her corpulent form was stuck belly up, pussy open. Even if she could reach it, in which the last time had been only a year ago, she wouldn't be able to relieve the tight, urgent need throbbing through her. Orgasm would never come. Her pulsating clit was smothered by thick, cellulite bespattered thighs which were starting to resemble cottage cheese, and a convex overhanging, drenched in bovine fat.

The bottom half of her belly started just above her knees, traveling slowly southward with each month that passed. If you were to be god and have the fortune of looking from an omniscient point of view, you would notice how the purple - redblue lines of her stretch marks sketched inky patterns like rivers across the wetlands of her fat underbelly area to the vast grand canyon of her bely button. It was more like a crevasse.

You could put an entire fist in, only to have it swallowed up in her flesh. Food had been known to get lost in it, for her to fish it out later as a snack. Imagine that. Your own snack compartment.

Ankles bound by stiff twine, rubbed against the softness of her skin. What little distinction could be made between the foreleg and thigh had been erased whilst she was still able to waddle along.

Her fluffy upper arms, met with the beefy shoulders of a Dallas Cowboy's linebacker. Her bosom had started to take on the oblong shape of udders and rested each individual teat along the lush ridge of her tummy. So full and creamy, her tits were interlaced with periwinkle veins like spiderwebs. Each areola was the circumference of a petite side plate, in a dark blush with nipples hard like rose buds begging to be sucked.

Milk had delicately started to bead from her tits and gradually began to spread to the floor.
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Hubbert2995 3 years
Continue the story
Hubbert2995 4 years
More chapters please
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
I love what's here!

But I would love to see more!

Nicely done.
Clubkong 8 years
Can't wait for the rest !
QuebecFA 8 years
I love this story! It is so erotic! I hope you'll post Chapter II soon! ;-)
CrowsEye 8 years
You describe things so elegantly.

It makes me super excited.