To be a goddess

Chapter 1 - first time

Growing. That was all that she thought about. Before work, after school, in between the daily activities of her life. She would decide which snacks to buy on her way home, then stop at the store and buy way more than she should to go home and pig out completely.

She would become wet at the thought of how round and full, her stomach would stretch to. A full, cream sphere, with delicate milk white udders hanging softly above. Large, rose bud nipples, harden to the touch as she gently would stroke her tummy. Amazed at its fullness, the soft coating of chubby fat that coated above the taught, stretched skin. Her belly did not have any stretch marks yet and she craved for the day when they would appear. Badges of achievement for her gluttony. Then there would be no way that she could hide her secret. White, graceful lines lavished upon her hips and thighs. Cellulite prominantly exposed on the crease of where her ass meets her meaty, tender legs. Exquisite markings adorning the rich curve of her buttocks, a result of many late nights filling herself entirely of ice-cream.

Just thinking about this, her panties were without warning, adaquately soaked. She packed up her things and made her way to her car. Once she reached the super market, she made sure to grab salted caramel ice-cream, chips, chocolate milk, Nutella, crackers and other goodies. Finally home she rushed to her room and locked the door with her prizes.

Unhooking the back of her silky lace bra, her generous DD bosom spilled out of its constricting prison. Pendulous, but firm taking her breasts lightly into her hands she tenderly twisted both her nipples making them harden. Sighing in pleasure, next she pulled off her high waisted jeans with a bit of trouble. They had become so painted on from her constant snacking through out the day, she had to try to suck in to the extent of her (non) ability. With a tremendous effort she finally pealed off the troublesome pants and lay in her lace thong.

Gingerly, she began to swirl around the top of her clit with two fingers to make herself drip even more. With the other hand she fumbled with a spoon and dug into the ice-cream beside her. Taking two fingers she stuck them into the delicious treat and then licked them off with her tongue only to plunge both into her waiting pussy. In and out she fingered herself while stopping only to rub her filling belly or tweak her sensitive nipples. Gently at first, faster, faster she finished the ice-cream and stroked at herself right to the edge of an orgasm.

Her potbelly, jiggling with the movement. You could've stuck your finger 3/4's of the way into her waiting belly button, it was so deep. Finally, her juices leaking everywhere she decided to go all the way.. she couldnt handle the tightness anymore. She gave in and let herself go. A beautiful, warmness filled her with pleasure as she writhed shaking her hips on the bed. It was so blissful.

She was so full she thought. She was a complete and utter pig, content with filling her hog belly only to new and larger proportions. She wanted her thighs to meet from her knees jiggling, dimpled and rubbing together when she walked. With less a walk and no choice but to waddle along. She wanted to have massive hanging udders, with no support but to fully rest, sagging on top of her obese gut. Her crowning glory would be the gigantic languishing, drooping paunch with two seperate spare tires joining with her hips. Wide and jutting out, her hips would fully to support her massive gut as ample and broad birthing hips. Giving her a supple womanly figure with a perky yet bulbous spherical ass. Both cheeks would be completely enveloped with deep cellulite and stretch marks. Like two plump melons proudly basking in their glory. It was like a stampede when she moved. Second chin swaying in time with her curves. She would be a beautiful, obese, sagging terrifying goddess.
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QuebecFA 8 years
This is a beautiful story! You definitely have a way with words and hope you'll write more stories in the future! :-)
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
Oh my... That is just so erotic! Nicely done with a description which packs a lot into just a few words!
CrowsEye 9 years
You are GOOD at this.
Chubbybellytoy 9 years
yum. i love the belly descriptions. so hot.