Thanksgiving turkey

chapter 1

Summer nights were a distant memory for the chubby girl who was making her way, panting, to the doorstep of her aunt's house. She was 5'5" and weighed a solid 195 pounds. Her once-flat tummy had grown into a large potbelly, and her thick thighs were twice as big as they had been the summer before.
"Oh my, how are you Brittany?" her Aunt Carol asked, the smells of thanksgiving wafting from behind the open door. Brittany smiled and stepped into a hug, her aunt's arms going only halfway around. She hadn't seen any of her relatives since moving out last year, and she was excited and embarrassed at the same time. In an attempt to dress up, Brittany had worn a pinstriped white blouse and a tan skirt with a zipper up the back of it. In reality, she looked like a fat little business woman, but she thought she looked very nice.
"Oh, honey, you've grown quite a bit," her Uncle Jerry said, patting her soft potbelly. There were gaps in the blouse where her deep bellybutton sat, but Brittany could not easily see over the top of her large belly and didn't realize this.
She greeted all of her relatives, and they all wore the same surprised expression when they saw her. Her grandmother, a little old Italian lady who always said what was on her mind, grabbed a handful of Brittany's belly and laughed before leaning close and whispering, "You're fatter than a pig, better watch yourself around the sweets this holiday." Brittany turned scarlet as her grandmother slapped her ass while she walked away. The same mundane conversations had been at every family gathering: how is your friend, how are you, how's your car; until now. Everyone was talking about how much weight Brittany had gained, while pretending they were talking about something different. Brittany just sat in an easy-chair and ate a plateful from the appetizer table, pretending she didn't hear them. As one plateful turned to four and the gaps on her blouse grew wider, Brittany's cousin arrived with his best friend/roommate in tow. His name was Josh and he was blonde and cute and funny and masculine. Brittany stared at him lustfully, and when his eyes landed on her, he knew he was going to have a great thanksgiving. He came and sat by her, offering her a plateful of cheese and crackers. Her blouse felt tight around her belly and the zipper on her skirt had started to dig into her, but she ate them all as they talked. Brittany felt comfortable with him as he was smooth and easy to talk to, and they sat together at dinner. She packed away mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, turkey, sweet potatoes covered in marshmallows, baked potatoes slathered in butter and sour cream, cheesy broccoli casserole, biscuits, bread, and greenbeans, then took seconds and thirds of everything. She was heading up to the table for fourths on sweet potatoes when her grandmother cornered her and slapped her tight, distended belly.
"More stuffed than the turkey!" she cackled, "better save room for desert, fatty."
Brittany turned red, as Josh was right behind her and had definitely heard. He just smirked and piled extra potatoes onto her plate.
"She's right, there's a table full of deserts that all look delicious, make sure you save some room in that tubby little gut of yours," he said, putting a biscuit on her plate, along with a thick pat of butter. She turned an even darker red as she followed him back to the table. Someone had moved her chair in a little, and her belly bumped the table as she sat down. Brittany ate and ate and Josh watched her, a smirk playing about his lips.
Brittany felt hot and her clothes were too tight and she was getting flustered, so she went outside to cool down a bit. Josh came out five minutes later, an entire pumpkin pie in hand.
"You doing okay?" he asked her as she leaned against the side of the house. She nodded, folding her pudgy arms above her large belly.
"Want some pie?" he asked. She shook her head, even though she did. Josh set the pie down on the porch swing, and poked her belly, then walked around her, like he was sizing her up. She felt a tingle in her spine at the idea.
"Well, you did well today, I think," he said finally, standing in front of her.
"What?" she asked, her voice cracked with confusion. He grabbed her hair by the base of her neck and pulled her towards him.
"You're stuffed like a turkey. Your muffintop is obvious and you're about three bites away from popping a button. Based on what you've told me about yourself today, it's obvious that you love being a lazy, overfed pig and you just don't want to admit it. Eat this pie," he ordered, holding it out.
She took a small bite and his fingers traveled down the side of her belly, caressing her lovehandles.
"Attagirl, eat up. I have plans for you but i don't think you're quite round enough just yet. I'm going to make you feel things youve never felt. I'm going to make sure you're completely helpless in front of me, and im going to make sure no one else will even want you. You'll be mine to play with as I please, and you'll be begging me to take you home and make you even fatter, because you'll know that means i'll f**k you even better."
Brittany's shirt finally gave way and a button flew off, her belly taut and stuffed full.
"Finish that pie and let me see how bloated that fat gut of yours is," Josh ordered, his arms folded as he looked down at her. Brittany moaned as she finished the entire pie, stuffed to the brim.
"I'm going to pop," she groaned, holding her stomach.
"Waddle back in there and tell them that you're going home because you ate like a fat pig and you don't feel well."
"i.. what ? do i have to?" she asked, already knowing the answer.
"Yes, my round little pet, you do," he said, "and you're going to obey me, arent you?"
Brittany informed her aunt that she was leaving, and blushed when she said that she had eaten like a fat pig. Her grandma laughed and gave her a box of leftovers, shaking her head. Brittany squeezed out the door and into the car, the steering wheel pushed into her bloated belly. Josh sat in the passenger seat and laughed at her discomfort.
"Let's go to my house so that my roommate can see what a lardball his fat cousin really is," he said. As she drove, he fed her cookies from the box of food, telling her how enormous she was going to be.
"Your swollen gut will be so round, you won't be able to leave the apartment without getting stuck in the doorway. Come christmas, you'll be fatter than Santa Clause. You're not going anywhere."
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