Big brother is watching

chapter 1

It had been two months. Two months since her step-brother Danny had taken the scale out of the bathroom and hid it. Two months of him telling her to eat up and stop worrying about what she looked like. Two months of making sure his new little step-sister was nice and stuffed at all times, her round belly constantly swollen from being overfed. He distracted her with tv and conversation while she snacked, which led her to ignore the way her jeans were cutting into her and forming a large muffintop. He handed her another bag of chocolate chip mini muffins, and watched with satisfaction as she stuffed them into her already-hard belly while staring at the tv as if in a trance.
"Hey, Mia," he whispered next to her ear. She gave him no reaction, so he put his arm around her shoulder. His fingertips brushed her upper arm, which was now inches thicker with fat-like all of her was. He gave her blubbery arm a gentle squeeze, enough to feel the extra fat but not enough to really warrant her full attention. Her eyes were barely staying open, the wrapper from her seventh minimuffin pack in an hour falling slowly out of her hand's grasp.
"hey chubs," he whispered, watching her eyes drift close, "you're growing real nice. I might even leave your mom alone this time. I don't want her to get fat enough that my dad leaves her. I found you, and you are getting sooo cute and plump. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be so fat and lazy that you won't ever want to leave the couch, and thats when i'll leave you here to struggle with the consequences of eating whatever you want, whenever you want. Sound good?"
He was greeted with nothing but a gentle, peaceful snore, and smirked. Here she was, helpless and passed out practically in his arms, her hefty belly poking out into the air as if she had swallowed a painfully large balloon. And he still couldn't bring himself to touch her. He knew she wanted it, wanted him, because she had told him when their parents had first gotten married, while she was drunk at the wedding and confiding in him. He had told her she wasn't his type, and she wasn't-- but that didn't mean that he couldn't have fun with her. And she was definitely rounding out nicely: a soft double chin was turning into a third, her growing breasts were D-cups, and her meaty thighs were hidden by a huge, perfectly round potbelly that sat like a heavy beanbag in her lap. He grinned widely, watching her distended gut rise and fall as she slept.
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UKLionheart 6 months
I have just re-found this!

Perhaps to carry it on, you could show that the mother has misunderstood this particular "fat camp" The "lost causes" are the girls they take away to fatten further?
Necromancer3325 2 years
You should make the doctor get blackmailed by the step brother to make her fatter
Karenjenk 4 years
Wow... 2 years since the last comment. i like this
Karenjenk 4 years
Wow... 2 years since the last comment. i like this
Nicolas Eric 6 years
will it continue
Canderson206 7 years
Please continue! She needs to get so big that she's helpless and under the step brother's control.
Dreambig 7 years
oh god this is so dark and tasty
Beautybelly 7 years
fatten her up! smiley
Fantasyguy 7 years
Oh excellent - wonder what sort of diet Chris will put her on - and if Danny might try and secretly get in touch with his sister... or the camp...
Adoragordas124 7 years
Great story so far
I would love to see her get stuck on a chair or (if she gets really big) a doorway, that would be amazing
Nok 7 years
Agree with eponymous. Also, some details of things mentioned, her drunken admission, him starting her gain, etc, would be cool. Good start. Reminds me of a more relatable version of Wicked Stepfather.
Eponymous 7 years
withdrawn and insecure, so that she starts to rely on him more and more.
Eponymous 7 years
Have her brother make her humiliate herself in lots of small ways, not yet enough that she herself notices, but enough that people start teasing and talking behind her back. Perhaps he should do lots of small things to make his sister more whitdrawn and i
Eponymous 7 years
Very nice!
Some suggestions: introduce us to the mother, show us what he's done to her, how she reacts to her daughter's weight. Show us how the step-sister's handling it all, just how much she's fallen under her brother's spell.
Have her brother make h
Beautybelly 7 years
love it!! smiley