Plumping up

chapter 1

She started out thin, athletic, muscles showing off to everyone. As time passed, she filled out to normal, her breasts curving with her hips and ass, giving her an enviable figure. When he met her, he was determined. She seemed too perfect. He would fix that. He began slowly, extra portions and random snacks. Her 19th birthday he got her so drunk she couldn't stand up, and handfed her an entire cheesecake, covered in chocolate sauce. She woke up bloated, but hungry. He upped her portions and watched the next few months as she ate more and more, growing a small paunch and lovehandles. Her clothes didn't fit the way they used to. He upped her portions again. She grew round and plump, her belly sticking out from beneath her shirts and her lovehandles impossible to go unnoticed. He stroked her belly while she slept, feeling the perfectly round orb of chubbiness beneath his fingers. On her 20th birthday, he once again got her drunk, and fed her two cheesecakes, dripping with rich caramel. Her belly grew bigger, swelling up like a beachball, still so round and juicy. He pinched her sides, the fat jiggling between his fingers. He imagined her as a prize pig, himself a farmer, preparing her for a fair. She was almost done, almost perfect. But not quite. He upped her portions again, watching her balloon up rapidly as inches and pounds of blubber added themselves mercilessly to her porky body. She waddled about their house, her huge gut swaying in front of her. She got stuck in the doorways, her belly too bloated to get through. When she was on her hands and knees, her belly touched the ground. He looked at what he had made, and laughed. She would never be anything but an overstuffed hog, and she was too fat to be perfect anymore. She had been too greedy, gained too much. He put her with the other girls, laying on couches and beds in his basement, 4 or 5 of them, young and all astonishingly fat. She didn't care anymore. As long as she was fed, she was happy. That's how things worked.
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Chrysophase2003 9 years
This is a fun one. I like it a lot. Maybe take it slower near the end, but otherwise great.