The 6 month deal

chapter 1

"So what do you say, slim? Think you can do it for six months?" she grinned, jabbing my flat, firm stomach.

I narrowed my eyes at her, trying to evaluate the challenge. On the one hand, it could possibly lead to the fulfillment of my wildest sexual fantasy. On the other hand . . . the way she was grinning at me made me think that maybe this wasn't a smart move.

Vanessa and I had been married about four months. During the early days of our dating, it came out that we were both feeders. For those of you unfamiliar with the term/concept, we enjoyed feeding and fattening up those of the opposite sex. We did a lot of talking about it, specifically whether either of us could ever see ourselves being fed by the other. We were both quite attached to our currently slim, fit bodies and had no interest in being fattened.

Despite this seeming conflict, our relationship progressed as such sexual kinks were only a part of who we were. We did have much in common, and more importantly we fell deeper and deeper in love as time went on.

And to be perfectly honest, I think we both thought in the back of our minds that maybe the other at some point would let themselves go a bit, maybe give in to that marriage weight gain.

On our wedding day, though, I couldn't care less if she was a size 2 or 12. I loved her completely, even if she never gained a pound, and I was pretty sure she felt the same.

Now, four months later, Vanessa had issued a very intriguing challenge. We hadn't really broached the whole feeding thing much aside from some light-hearted banter here and there. This . . . this was serious.

"C'mon Darren, don't tell me you're scared," she kept at it, her eyes glinting with mischief. "You always said you have that really high metabolism, plus you work out all the time . . . what's the worst that can happen?"

I forced a chuckle. What's the worst, indeed? I have to admit I felt a visceral thrill at the thought of making her eat her words in a very literal sense. I imagined her cockiness fading as she realized that I had won. I imagined her flat, hard abs disappearing under a soft, swelling pot belly.

I swallowed as my mouth had gone dry and put out my hand.

"Deal," I said as she shook it.

"Wonderful," Vanessa smirked. "Now let's sign this and get you weighed."

I looked again at the document she had given me outlining the terms of the challenge.

1. For six months (July 1st through December 31st) Vanessa could feed me whatever she wanted as often as she wanted.
2. If, during these six months, I gained fewer than 10 pounds, I could then feed Vanessa in the same fashion for 2 years.
3. If, during these six months, I gained more than 10 pounds but fewer than 20 pounds, I could then feed Vanessa in the same fashion for 1 year.
4. If, during these six months, I gained more than 20 pounds but fewer than 30 pounds, I could then feed Vanessa in the same fashion for 6 months.
5. If, during these six months, I gained more than 30 pounds, I would have to gain 2 additional pounds per each pound I had gained over 30 pounds. This would have to be accomplished within six months of the final weigh-in (can be completed earlier, officially ends once I hit final weight).
6. Vanessa chooses when I am weighed and gets to weigh me 3 times during the six months without me seeing the weight. If at any time I weigh myself without permission I will be penalized with an additional week of feeding before the final weigh-in.
7. If at any point I cheat by not eating something I've been given, I will be penalized with an additional week of feeding before the final weigh-in.
8. While at home, I will only be allowed to wear what Vanessa picks for me.
9. I will be able to work out as much as I'd like as long as it doesn't interfere with any feedings.
10. We will create a blog to catalogue any progress made and share it with the feederism community online.

I was a little nervous about #10, but Vanessa promised to not reveal too much of our faces or our identities. We had both been active members in the feederism community for quite some time, dating back to several years before we had even met. Occasionally we'd use some of it in our foreplay, watching a feeding video or reading a hot little story together. The fact that we were going "public" with this made me even more determined to win the challenge.

I have to admit, despite my confidence that there was no way I could gain 20 pounds, let alone 30, in the next six months, I definitely had some butterflies in my stomach. Although I felt like I had some idea of what to expect thanks to reading stories and watching videos, I had never experienced anything like this first-hand. And if I knew Vanessa, she already had quite a plan.

My two biggest advantages were my high metabolism and the fact that I was already in great shape. It wouldn't be too hard to keep a consistent workout routine going, and the extra calories should help me put on a good amount of muscle.

Worst case scenario, I figured, was that I put on close to 20 pounds and half of it was fat. It would only take me a month or two to drop any extra pounds and I'd get to feed Vanessa for at least six months. And that opportunity sounded much too great to pass up.
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MrSlob1919 1 year
I love the concept and how she is so dominant
Little Sparr0w 2 years
Still one of the hottest stories on here. Love the teasing, and "forced" aspect of it, but in the context of a loving relationship.
Wdk680 2 years
Definitely a great story conceptually and nicely written. I add my vote to request a sequel. Maybe skip ahead 5 years and Darren has really 'blossomed' while his wife is seeing her weight creep up over 200 lb. Then the real fun starts after she relents an
11fu22fu 5 years
Keep coming back to this story. Never really cared for male weight gain stories until reading yours. Great job.
Aquarius64 6 years
Well written, very enjoyable story... read it twice now!
Akwolfgrl13 6 years
This is my favorite story
Akwolfgrl13 7 years
2nd time ive read this and i still love it
Snr6424 7 years
Hi Farleysmom, sorry you didn't enjoy the story. I certainly don't mean to offend anyone. For what it's worth, the women in my BHM stories aren't my "ideal" or anything. I just write a variety of stories and sometimes both characters are heavy and sometim
Farleysmom 7 years
*Not a Barbie doll!
Farleysmom 7 years
Size 14 is rail thin. I didn't bother to read all of this. I HATE the way the women in Snr6424's BHM wg stories look like the twits on the cover of "Shape" who are torturing themselves. It's sexist! My feedees appreciate the fact that I am a real woman, n
FrecherTyp 8 years
oh god what a genius story i would sure do that with the right girl even the 10. what would really need some astonishing smart girl to talk me into that video thing ....

but so sex the whole deal and in the perfect range of weight i think
Elementcrash77 8 years
Best story I've read in a really long time. More in the future please!
Jazzman 9 years
Please do a sequel .Some angle for her equalling his weight. Either through sympathy for him.Where she accepts the identical deal.Or she decides to just let him feed her out of pure love. Or accidentally from eating meals with him and like many discovers she likes the weight and yearns for more. Anything. smiley
FrecherTyp 9 years
such a lovely ending

and as i expectet the lucky didnĀ“t manage to slim down again for long ;-) thehe
Burt Macklin... 9 years
Congratulations. That was easily one of the best WG stories I have ever read. Can't wait to read more of your work.
WayTooThin 9 years
Post a follow up where the story continues
Sokotron 9 years
Best tale ever! Please more!! Thanks!!
Fatrnfatr 9 years
Wonderful premise, vividly imagined, and exquisitely sexy. Bravo!
Snr6424 9 years
Alright, just posted the last part. Thanks for reading everyone, hope you enjoyed it.
Littleextra 9 years
Brilliant, as always. Bravo! smiley
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