Points of view

chapter 1

I exhaled slightly as I sat back in my chair. The mostly empty dishes on the table bore witness to how much I had eaten at dinner. My sides stretched and ached, the buttons on my shirt were noticeably straining.

I reached down to slide my belt further south so my swollen stomach had a bit more space to occupy. I also started rubbing my upper stomach, trying to soothe it after cramming it much too full. It wasn't long ago that I would try to hide the effects of my overeating, but I was beyond caring now.

I think Val really liked that.

She bustled around the kitchen for a bit, cleaning up the remains. She wore a nice frilly apron and . . . nothing else. As she turned away from me to grab a leftover container from the shelf, my eyes surveyed her lovely form and a familiar stirring began below.

When we first started dating she had poked my flat midsection and told me that she'd have me fattened up in no time. She laughed when she said that so I thought it was just a joke and didn't think much of it. At least, I didn't think much of it until my pants were pinching after a month of dating and I was buying new pants a month after that.

I had never had an issue staying in shape before so it's quite embarrassing that I packed on the pounds so quickly after I started dating Val. In only three months I went from being in shape and athletic to sporting a pot belly and looking like I completely let myself go.

Not wanting this to get out of hand, I informed Val that I'd be dropping some weight. She told me that wasn't going to happen, revealed how much she got off on fattening up a guy, and then fed me so much fettuccine alfredo that evening that I popped a button off my slacks.

Now that her preference was out there in the open, she didn't bother hiding her efforts to feed me. She even convinced me to take part in the occasional role-playing, which is how I ended up tied to a kitchen chair one evening.

I sat there wearing only my boxers, my hands tied behind me and a rope wrapped around me just below my chest. I noticed with some dismay that my formerly muscular pecs were now hanging over the rope. Val noticed as well, tweaking one and commenting how soft I was getting.

She got out a hose, funnel, and a gallon jug of something that looked like a milkshake. I went along with it as she put the hose in my mouth and starting pouring the shake. An hour later I was untied and groaning softly as I massaged my swollen, sloshing stomach. The discomfort was certainly lessened by the sight of Val's head bobbing up and down in my lap, although I did worry a bit about how much my distended belly hid the top of her head.

A month later there was no denying it - I had a gut. There was no sucking in anymore, it stuck out several inches in front and was quickly eclipsing my view of my toes when I looked down. Val certainly wasn't letting up any in the kitchen, which brings me back to my present date predicament.

I stifled a belch as she placed a huge piece of blueberry cobbler with ice cream in front of me, bending at the waist to give me a clear view at her unconstrained breasts.

"How about a little dessert?" she purred.

"I'm pretty stuffed," I confessed.

"Just have a taste," she insisted.

"I suppose I could manage a bite," I allowed.

Roughly three bites later I was unbuckling my belt and unbuttoning my pants. Ten minutes after that I was staring through glassy eyes at an empty plate and wondering why I couldn't take a full breath.

"I told you we were going to see my mom and sister for Thanksgiving, right?" she said as she cleared my plate.

She had, but I couldn't manage the energy to nod.

"My mom likes to cook so I'm going to need you to bring a good appetite, alright? I'd be so embarrassed if my boyfriend gave up after just a couple servings."

She pulled the table away from me and walked around in front of my chair. Her apron slid to the ground. She put one hand on the back of my chair, leaned over to slider her hand under my gut to grab hold of me, and started pumping up and down.

"I'll make it worth your while," she whispered in my ear.

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Ododo 7 years
a wonderful story... thank yousmiley
Snr6424 7 years
Thanks guys! Always honored to hear from two of my favorite authors.
Td0057 7 years
Always look forward to another one of your stories. Another triumph! I like the different peoples perspectives, and the descriptions of the expanding bellies are great. Thanks for this!
Hurgon 7 years
A triumphant return! Particularly enjoyed the finale, and the image of the speedeometer increasing with her lust. Great touch!