Just like all the rest

chapter 1

"You'll be just like all the rest," Lindsay smirked, shaking her head at my confidence.

"Oh please," I scoffed, thinking of the many simpletons who had emerged swollen and fattened. "I'm nothing like those guys. They'd do anything, you've never had anyone who would actually resist."

"How you underestimate us," she said. "I'm going to enjoy watching you eat your words, and so much more."

I just chuckled as I shook my head and signed my name. It was ridiculous that they thought they could actually make me do something I didn't want to do.


I looked at how the buttons on my shirt were stretched ever so slightly across my abdomen. I tugged at my shirt again but it remained snug. Grunting in anger, I took it off to grab a looser shirt. I couldn't have them seeing that a small belly had sprouted on my lean frame, seemingly overnight.

Not once had I given in and gorged myself, no matter how much they had tempted me. Somehow, though, it seems they had found a crack in my armor. I vowed to redouble my efforts, maybe it was time to visit the gym twice per day.


I closed the bedroom door behind me and unleashed a huge belch. Groaning, I staggered to my bed and flopped onto my back, which brought forth another wall-shaking belch. I had tried to hide from them how much I had overeaten, not willing to give them the satisfaction. Sure, it was a one-time failure, but I was loathe to reveal to them that they had gotten one over on me.

I fumbled with my belt to let it out, then opened up my pants to gain some relief. Never before had I eaten so much, I felt as though I would surely burst. My stomach whined and gurgled as I rubbed it, burping constantly as I slowly dozed off.


"Mmm, you're doing such a good job, Evan," cooed Brittney, the long-legged gorgeous brunette who had slowly and stubbornly worn down my defenses.

A long, low burp rumbled up as she pressed against the top of my swollen abdomen.

"N-no *hi-hic* more," I managed to gasp around a sharp double hiccup.

"You're almost done," Julie smiled as she held out another spoonful of Bananas Foster.

I swallowed it and belched again almost immediately. My sides ached. My face was warm and flushed. Another bite and I couldn't stop myself from groaning out loud, much to their delight. Another bite, and then it was gone, and I could do nothing but lean back and let Brittney continue her ministrations. My poor overstuffed stomach bulged out obscenely, a testament to their victory.

This was not going well.


I groaned and loosened the drawstring on my sweatpants. Yes, sweatpants were all that fit anymore.

"Haha, who's my bloated little fatty," Julie teased.

They had grown much bolder as my resistance waned. In a way that made it more insulting, they teased me about how much I was eating even as I was shoveling down my second bowl of heavy pasta with meat sauce. They mocked my expanding waistline as I filled myself to bursting, laughed about how I was outgrowing all my clothes even as they served me tiramisu for dessert.

"What's the matter, a little too full to get up?" Lindsay chuckled as I took a post-meal breather.

I stifled a belch as I lightly rubbed my swollen midsection, doing my best to ignore her barb. Truth was that I was too full to get up right at the moment, the large heavy meal sitting in my gut like a lead weight.

"Man, by the end of this we're going to have to find Evan some maternity pants," Brittney remarked.

"I think we should make him wear spandex," Julie laughed. "I want a good look at that big, jiggly ass he's getting."

They all laughed at that as I flushed, painfully aware that I had in fact packed on a good many inches all over.

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Lizzyny 4 years
Wonderful story, snr6424. Bringing out the feedee and feeder in all of us.
Badhansel 7 years
Really enjoyed this one. Another fine piece!
Snr6424 7 years
Thanks everyone.

And thanks fatlilboy for pointing out the error. I'm not sure why chapter 4 posted twice, I'll fix that.

Hurgon - glad you liked the uncertainty regarding the mechanism or context of the fattening. I did that on purpose but wasn't
Hurgon 7 years
Splendid. Can't beat the downfall of arrogance. Really enjoyed the sense of vagueness you left around the girls mysterious fattening group too. Nice to let the mind wander over that. smiley
Fatlilboy 7 years
Love it - eliminate page 5. It's a repeat of 4.
FrecherTyp 7 years
soo perfect with all the teasing and at least some :-) resistance from the guy and the lovely meeting in the end thehe

Beautybelly 7 years
i love it!!!