The beach ball

  By Jcitaly

Chapter 1 - the party

Oh why did I want to eat??? I really wanted to look good in that pretty little cut out bathing suit. The navy stripes with the delicate red bow on top of my small breasts would look so sweet! I was a size six but I needed to be smaller to wear that suit! While I was trying it on and looking in the mirror a handsome guy stopped, looked at me and said that if I was his girl I wouldn't be in that suit long. I blushed from the tips of my pink painted toenails to the roots of my pale blond hair. I scooted back into the dressing room and quickly changed, bought the bathing suit and left the store. The pool party was in three days. I was starving, but drove straight home although I wanted to stop for a hamburger. The next two days went by in a haze of celery and water. By Saturday I was numb. I just wanted to get to the party and show off my rocking bod. As I arrived the first thing I noticed, of course, was the smell of the food. The second thing I noticed was that I was the thinnest girl there! The third thing I noticed was that all the guys were totally hot! I dropped my towel and smiled, this was going to be awesome. As I slid into the pool I tried to ignore the smell of barbeque and Mexican food. My stomach was growling like never before and I looked around. Did anyone else hear that? It seemed like everyone was staring at me. I quickly got out of the pool to get a bottle of water. Hopefully that would stop the rumble. suddenly the world got hazy, then turned to black.
When I awoke there was a very handsome guy standing over me.
"Are you ok?" he asked. I nodded.
"I guess I was just a little hungry", I said.
"When was the last time you ate? You look like you're wasting away", he said. I smiled. Compared to the other girls at the pool I definitely was.
"Three days ago", I said proudly.
"Well", he said, pulling me into a sitting position, "We're going to have to get some food into you"
He took off and in a little while he came back with a plate of food, mostly salads and a couple of spears of meat, some hot dogs, pickles, brownies and a nice tall strawberry daiquiri. It all looked so good but there was no way I could eat all that. It was like he could read my mind because he said "I know, we're going to share. By the way, my name is Sam", as he took my hand. "I'm Jenny", I said weakly.
In complete surprise I took the first bite of macaroni salad he offered me. Then he took a bite. Then he gave me another, and another, and another. I took a nice long drink of the daiquiri.
"Oh boy, this is so good! I better be careful though - I really don't want to get fat" I said, smiling coyly at him. Sam looked at me seriously. "You are so far from fat, don't worry about it", then spooned some potato salad into my mouth. His words released me. I felt I had nothing to worry about. I was the thinnest girl there and there was no way I could get fat in one afternoon, or so I thought.
It was almost as if I was under a spell. The more food he put in my mouth the better it tasted. The brownies were dipped in marshmallow cream and oreo cookies and I felt myself tremble as he placed each piece to my lips. When he went to get more food someone else would sit down and ask me to try something else that they were trying. When he came back he would shoo them away like they were a problem and I would smile at him, like he was my angel.
"They wanted me to try something", I said.
"Do you want their food, or mine?", he would ask and smile so I knew he was just joking. His dimples blinded me.
"Yours definitely", I said as I gobbled some spaghetti salad and deep fried cheesecake bites.
I should have been full. I knew I should have, but like I said, it was like there was a spell on me. I couldn't feel my stomach expanding. I didn't notice at all. Finally I stretched a little.
"Maybe we should get in the pool for a little bit", I suggested.
"I don't think so Jenny. You're awful weak from starving yourself. We need to fortify you", said Sam seriously. I didn't fight it. I leaned back, took a long drink and opened my mouth for a cream puff that was coming my way. I felt warm and hot and moist. All of a sudden my body betrayed me and I had an orgasm just sitting there! I'd never felt so satisfied! Whether it was my full tummy, the perfect day, or that hot guy sitting next to me I didn't know. Did he notice? I didn't know. I drifted off to sleep and dreamt of all the food and sex I had been denying myself. When I woke up the sun was going down and reggae music was playing and I was still eating! Chocolate pudding! All at once I realized that I was full and I pushed his arm away from my face.
"What is going on?!?" I exclaimed. Up to now everything seemed like a very hazy dream.
Sam looked at me. "You walked into this party feeling like you were better than every girl here is what happened", said Sam.
"I don't have to take this. You have no right to talk to me like that! Get this off of me, whatever it is and let me up! I'm leaving!" I said angrily. Sam sat back and smiled.
"Get it off yourself", he said.
As I struggled to remove whatever was on top of me I realized that I could feel it. On the other side of my hands. With my hands. I stopped pushing because it hurt. It was the size of a large beach ball. I realized it was covered with material like my bathing suit. Then I realized it was my bathing suit. Then I realized it was me. I screamed!
"What have you done to me!???!!", panic stricken I tried to get up and when I finally did I fell over onto my knees, my whole center of gravity shifted.
"I'm fat! You've ruined me!" I screamed.
Sam just smiled. "No sweetie. I've made you mine. I told you before that if you were mine you'd be out of that suit in no time."
Then as he looked at me he started counting "Three, Two, One" and my perfect bathing suit ripped off of my perfect body. I was naked and all belly and all of a sudden I had another rocking orgasm. This time he was behind me and thrust himself into me and we rocked until I came again. Exhausted and off balance he helped me back into the lounger.
"I don't know about you, but I could use a little something to eat", Sam said. I didn't think I could eat another bite, and then my stomach rumbled. Sam patted my large hard belly.
"I can see this is going to be the best pool party I've ever had", said Sam as he went off in search of more food - for me.
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GrowingLoveH... 7 years
I love how economical you are with words -- how you can pack so much into just a little story. Kind of like how Sam packed her full of food! Excellent tale!