An office affair

chapter 1

Bored, so bored. Every day, in and out, nothing to do but sit and look pretty. Yesterday she wore her red blouse and vertical striped skirt. Today it was a light blue sheath. She twirled her hair and patted her almost non-existent belly. Hungry for sweets, but trying to lose a few pounds, she was not ready to reach for a candy bar. She knew she could get full on watermelon though, and that was super sweet. Tonight she would pick one up on her way home from work.

That evening she carved out the watermelon and stored it in a large Ziploc bag. The next day she grabbed it and took it to work. Between coffee and water she snacked. When the bosses met behind closed doors she shoveled more and more into her mouth until she realized she had basically eaten a whole watermelon herself! That had to be eight pounds of pure watermelon stuffed into her little tummy. It was supposed to last the week!

Slowly she looked down and realized that her blue and white horizontal stripe dress was not going to flatter her much rounded little belly. As she got up to throw the bag of watermelon juice away, she thought better of it and tipped it up to her lips and drank. As she did, the door of the closed meeting room opened and her boss, the one she'd been crushing on, stepped out, turned to his office and then turned back to her. She quickly hid the bag behind her back, but that left her stretched stripe dress showing an obvious bulge at her middle.

"Miss Smith, I'm going to need the Watson folder. Could you please bring it in to me," he said, then quickly returned to his meeting. She went to the filing cabinet and squatted to the third drawer, feeling her little belly push against her ribs and upper thighs.

"Oh my gosh, he's going to think I'm a pig," she thought. Standing up she nearly lost her balance and placed her hand on her belly and smiled. It felt good to feel full. What she didn't realize is that he had left the door to the meeting room open a crack and could see her perfectly. He was more than a little turned on. His wife had lost a drastic amount of weight and was always busy running to this exercise class and that fitness convention. She was never around and he really had appreciated her size. He never knew why she had decided to drop down to nearly nothing. Ms. Smith was still a bit smaller than his wife, but apparently there was a promise to get bigger, even if it was just a little.

Ms. Smith carried the folder to the door and leaned in to hand it to him. He thanked her and dismissed her, and she went back to sit at her desk, rubbing her tummy. An hour later it was time for her to leave and he was still in his meeting so she left the office. On her way home she picked up another watermelon. As she walked out she pushed her little belly out. It would be gone as soon as she peed, but until then it was her little food baby. Maybe it would grow again tomorrow.
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Jcitaly 6 years
Well, I finished it. I hope you enjoy it, whoever reads it. No more chapters will be added and I'm exhausted. I hope my characters are consistent and I haven't renamed anyone.
Happy reading!
Jcitaly 7 years
Thank you so much! It's taking me a while to put stuff together, but I can't wait to see what they'll do!
Juicy 7 years
This story is coming along wonderfully. I like the slow build-up, and I like that both the boss and his wife are fattening her, for opposing reasons. That's quite clever and fun. Keep up the good work!!
Piggjen 7 years
Thank you,
It's good to see a good story continue!
Jcitaly 7 years
Oy! I've just added the correct beginning to Chapter 8 - I have no idea how it got left out! Apologies! Comments welcome!
Jcitaly 7 years
Thanks! I know it's a little slow and not as crazy as the beginning but they're doing what they want to do and I'm just writing it. I think the Christmas New Years party is going to be pretty good...
Jazzman 7 years
Nice chapter. Enjoyed it
Jcitaly 7 years
Sorry for the wait - just added Chapter 7
Jazzman 7 years
This is Fabulous. There's Nothing I don't like.
Jazzman 7 years
Keep going. The realism is Very appealing.
Jcitaly 7 years
Thanks Juicy, thought I proofed better than that!
Juicy 7 years
...and then she's called Ms Watson. It's an easy little fix, but worth doing. Still, all in all, a good job--thanks!
Juicy 7 years
Sweet little story--well done. I agree with Jazzman about the size of the watermelon, and in the last paragraph you swap character names. You've been calling her Ms. Smith (a bit unimaginative, to be fair), then her boss asks her to bring the Watson file,
Jcitaly 7 years
Thanks! I'll keep that in mind! smiley
Jazzman 7 years
Keep the melon small for realism and the gain gradual. And with your terrific writing skills this will be a Winner! Love the plot line with the stupid wife. My ex did the same damn thing once. Didn't last either.