National fast food day binge

chapter 1

November 16, 2016. National Fast Food Day. Who knew? Not me, and I was totally unprepared. And surprised, and intrigued. I'd learned of it on twitter at two in the afternoon. How was I going to celebrate? Did I dare??? I immediately drank a diet soda. Don't judge me, it's all I had at work. And a snack cake. Chocolate with cream, and sprinkles on top. I had plenty of time to think about it. I also had a night meeting so I had time after work to go celebrate.

I drove directly to Subway to try the new Rueben sub. I got the foot long. Now, you have to know me. I'm 5'2" and 120 pounds (ok, 123) and I've constantly dieted all my life and I had no idea this day was coming. I got the foot long. I sat down at a table by myself and proceeded to eat the first half. It was slow going because let's face it - it's a big sub! For lunch I had eaten a rice cake, so I definitely was hungry. As I started the second half I took a break between each bite. And I took deep breaths. And I sipped a regular soda. Oh my gosh, the calories. I was horrified by what I was doing but I had to try it. It was tough, and it was hard to breathe when I was done, but I did it! Afterwards I walked around the mall for a little bit because let's face it, this wasn't a normal amount of food for me. I needed it to settle a bit. I'm so glad I was wearing yoga pants. When I looked down at my stomach there didn't seem to be too much damage. It just felt full.

"Go to Aunt Anne's" a voice inside my head said. Huh? What was that all about? Was my conscience coaching me? I headed there anyway and got a hot pretzel with cheese. Still full, I walked around, picking bites off of it, dunking it in the cheese and popping those delicious little morsels into my mouth. Mmmmmmm, much better than the sub, but still, I could feel myself filling up. I touched my little belly. My sweater hung over it loosely. I went into the ladies room and looked in the mirror. Lifted my shirt. Oh yeah, there was evidence I went overboard. I could safely stop if I wanted to and the damage would be reversed by morning.

I continued my walk. The stores were all starting their pre-Christmas sales and some of the specialty food vendors were hawking their gourmet treats. I tried slices of chocolate covered apples, popcorn, Godiva and Lindt chocolates, slices of red velvet cakes as well as turtle cheesecake and cupcakes. All small slices, but so good, and they added up. My stomach hurt so I grabbed a ginger ale and sipped.

"Pretend you haven't eaten yet", the voice inside my head said. Oh really? I asked myself. What the hell was this? I was full! It was like I had my own personal feeder in my head. I looked at the clock. The meeting I was supposed to attend had started a half hour ago. I was in front of the Italian place. Mall restaurants are kind of tacky, but this place was pretty nice, and quiet. They seated me in the corner when I said I wasn't meeting anyone and that I wanted to be alone. I ordered a glass of wine and a salad to start.

"Eat", the voice said. I am, I am, I replied in my head. I did. I ate the whole salad and told the waiter I was starving (I wasn't- at all) and he brought me the plate of eggplant parmesan with a basket of garlic knots that looked to be bathed in butter and even more butter on the side. At this point I really couldn't eat anymore but the voice kept chiding me. "C'mon, it's only tonight! Just try it, it won't be an everyday thing. C'mon, you want to see if you can do it, you NEED to see if you can. Now eat that parm!" It was like I had a cheerleader in my head. Rah! It was slow going, but eventually I wiped up the last of the red sauce with my third garlic knot. I sat back and finished my fourth glass of wine. Thank God for alcohol, I mused. I placed my hand on my belly and my eyes grew wide as I looked down at it. Holy cow! (Which was a good description for me, except I had only one stomach that was super full, not four)
Just then the server came by. He had a dessert cart. I was screwed. I hadn't had any junk food with this meal! There was a huge slice of a snickers cheesecake, so I pointed to that one and possibly groaned "please".

He left it there with a complimentary cappuccino. Then he came back with whipped cream and proceeded to put a huge dollop on my pie. Real whipped cream. I was paying for this. I ate it. I ate it all. My head swam, I think I may have blacked out at some point, and just went through the motion of eating because I didn't realize I had eaten it until my fork was scraping empty plate. When the server asked if I wanted anything else I shook my head no. He took my credit card and I paid the bill.

Getting out of the booth was tough. I swear my server was watching me from somewhere in the restaurant. I swear everyone was watching me. I also swear that I only ate three garlic knots but I noticed that the bread basket was empty. Did I black out for most of the meal? I headed back to the rest room and looked in the mirror. Jesus-Mary-and Joseph! I looked like I had a balloon up my shirt. My once loose sweater was clinging to me for dear life and there was no way of hiding this. I stretched and as I did the sweater rode up and my yoga pants waist band (that was cutting into me) rode down under my belly. I rubbed it like I was a Buddha or something. I looked like one. One covered in cheese sauce and crumbs. Man, I was a slob tonight. Just then a stall opened up and an older woman stepped out. She looked at me and smiled.

"It doesn't look like you have much longer to go. When are you due?" she asked. I smiled, putting my hand on the top of my belly. "About five more months" I said and smiled at the shock on her face. "Twins?" she said tentatively. "I hope so" I said, "If not I'm eating way too much" She left and I stayed behind.

It hurt. It really hurt and it was so red, but I was in such a trance. I pushed my belly out even farther that it was on its own. I was huge! And it was so heavy. I tried to bounce it. Nope - it was hard as a rock - filled to capacity. I pulled my sweater down the best that I could, and pulled my pants up but there was still a sliver of skin showing. I waddled out to my car and sat down. My belly almost touched the steering wheel, where there had been a huge space before. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god what have I done???" I asked myself. All of a sudden there was a huge gurgling noise from my belly and I burped good and loud. A couple of times, and I felt a lot better. I turned on the car, and as I was getting ready to leave the voice taunted me.

"It's only 9:30, a couple more hours of National Fast Food Day. Let's hit up the King." So we drove, my voice and I, to Burger King, where I ordered a large whopper meal with bacon. I didn't get out of the car. I sat in the parking lot with the radio on, sweating as I stuffed down the whopper, the large fries and the huge soda. The voice saying "Yes, that's it, good girl. You've got this, one more bite, one more drink, c'mon girl, there's no going back."

I felt like I was up against something hard. Something unforgiving. It was my steering wheel. As I took shallow breaths between bites I realized that my life would never be the same again. As I took the last slurp of my drink the elastic on my yoga pants rolled down on itself under my tummy. I tried to reach under the seat to move it back but because of my belly I was unable to lean down that far, if at all. I was full to the gills. Instead I reclined back and placed my hands on the belly in front of me. The one that was now bigger than my boobs. The one that would precede me into any room. As I rubbed it I could hear the voice tell me what a good little pig I was, that all the years that I have denied myself had culminated in this moment and that from now on I would indulge and eat to my heart's content. I found it hard to believe, as I was maxed out here. I couldn't even move the seat back so I could drive home. I tried to drown out the voice as it told me from here on out I would be big, huge in fact, and that I would never be a 6 again. Finally I blasted the music on my radio, trying to stop that voice, and in a moment the base was shaking the car and as I held my belly with both hands the movement, the vibration, it all caused me to have the most amazing orgasm I had ever had. Wave after wave of sensation and weight on top of me caused me to quiver in the most amazing way I had ever known.

This was big. This must be achieved again. This was huge. As I am now.
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Reaper33 7 years
Very good. Needs pictures...