The deal

Chapter 1 - the meyers

Bill and Shawna Meyers have been happily married for 21 years and have two beautiful daughters, Michelle and Lisa, who they love more than anything.

Bill is a very successful businessman and at 45 years of age has been able to provide everything his family has ever needed or wanted. As a result of this, money has never been an issue for the family and this has allowed Shawna, 43, to be able to stay at home to raise the two girls. Michelle is now 20 and attending university in her hometown. Lisa has just finished high school and is anxiously waiting to head away for university in the fall on a full-ride volleyball scholarship.

Sounds like a wonderful, happy family, but all is not what it seems... If you were to see pictures of the Meyers, you would never guess that Michelle and Lisa were Bill and Shawna's kids; they look nothing alike.

Bill weighs 300lbs and sports a very large ball belly on an otherwise slender frame. Shawna weighs in at 420lbs with her most prominent feature being her large apron belly that hangs down close to her knees when she stands up straight. Michelle and Lisa are complete opposites of their parents. Michelle is 5'4" tall and weighs 95lbs. She has a very petite figure with almost concave breasts, flat stomach, and practically non-existent butt/hips. About a year ago, Michelle cut her hair short for charity and was often mistaken for being a guy. Lisa looks a bit more womanly with what she considers are "all the right curves in all the right places". She is 5'11" tall and weighs 115lbs with small perky breasts and a nice sized butt that she likes to flaunt in her tight volleyball shorts. Next to Michelle, one might think Lisa looks huge, but next to their parents, both girls look emaciated.

It was never always like this for Bill and Shawna. When they met at college while both were out for a morning run, Bill had a very athletic and toned body, complete with six-pack abs, weighing in at 165lbs. Shawna, who had played multiple sports all through school and was on the swim team in her first year of college, wasn't the skinniest on the team, but by far was she the biggest. This all changed for the loving couple after they started dating. Bill was Shawna's first love, and she jumped into the new relationship with both feet. As there was something more important in her life now, Michelle soon quit the swim team to spend more time with Bill. Not being as active as either of them had been, their bodies slowly began to adapt to the change of pace in their lives, especially Shawna's. After Bill finished college and landed his dream job, the two were married and soon after that Shawna became pregnant with Michelle. Although Shawna has tried to stay active while raising her two girls, most of her day is filled with snacking and watching her favorite daytime TV shows, and preparing dinner for the family. Neither Bill nor Shawna has ever had any regrets with how their lives have turned out, both being as in love with the other, if not more so, as the day they met.
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