The fat lady retuns

Chapter 1

Monday mornings were always chaos in my flat. I woke up at 6.30 with a banging headache from the regular Sunday night drinking session by 6.57 I pressed snooze on the clock twice and realised I was going to be late for work. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom but my girlfriend Sam was in there already. I banged on the door “I need the toilet.” She replied “Too bad! You had your chance to use it earlier but you decided to stay in bed. Besides I have to get to work as well so you’ll just have to wait your turn.”

I went downstairs following the sweet scent of freshly fried bacon. Oh well I thought, things could be worse I might be late for work but at least I’ll have a decent breakfast before I go in. I looked around the kitchen. I saw an empty frying pan and the butter was still left out. Hmm where’s the bacon I thought. Nothing left on the sides and nothing in the fridge. “Sam, where’s the bacon?.” “There isn’t any left... Sorry hunny.” Now this pissed me off. I ran back upstairs and banged on the bathroom door again. “Get out of there, I need the toilet!” “Hold on” she snarled back.

After what seemed like an eternity the door opened and out came Sam. “I can’t believe you ate all the bacon. I’m starving!”, “well if you didn’t go out on Sunday nights, you would be able to get up on Monday mornings in time for breakfast.” “But there was at least 5 slices of bacon left”, “actually there were 7 and I ate them all.” I knew she was doing this to spite me; it was her way of having revenge on me for stumbling in at 1 in the morning. “No wonder you’re so fat now you bitch. You have no control over what you eat these days.”

I wasn’t lying either. You see, Sam and I had been going out for about 4 years now. When we met she had a nice body. She was never slim but had curves in all the right places but as the years have gone on her weight has soared. At 5ft2 she used to weigh around 140 pounds but she now tips the scales at just over 300. Her once slightly rounded butt has grown a lot wider and sits out like a shelf from the back of her. Her little pot belly has grown into a large sagging ball like shape, her legs were fat and dimpled with the beginning of cellulite and she had large and flabby under arms that looked like they had never seen a muscle in their life. The only thing that didn’t change much was her face and boy was she cute. She had shortish blond hair, nice smooth skin which enhanced her hazel eyes and a cute small button nose.

I on the other hand was a lot taller standing at 6ft 2. I was always naturally a big build but over the years some of the muscles I had turned to fat and I was tipping the scales at 250lbs but I still didn’t look in bad shape.

My day at work was the norm really. I worked in a busy bank in the city. It wasn’t really the job I imagined I would be doing when I was a kid but the money was good and I didn’t really have to do much to earn it. Sam worked in a down town bakery where they made the best cakes and pastries around. It was probably one of the main contributes to her massive weight gain.

When I finished work I made the short walk to the bakery to meet her. By this time I’d forgotten all about this morning but she obviously hadn’t. “Hi Cutie, how was your day” I asked. “Why do you care? All you care about is how much weight I’ve put on and what I look like the whole time and I’m sick of it” she replied. I was always a smooth talker and managed to worm my way out of the argument by a peace offering of taking her to dinner.
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Balloon 13 years
I love this fat lady! Keep going with this story line!
Daj462 13 years
I'd like to see MORE of where you're taking this