The fat lady

Chapter 1

My local cafe makes the best breakfast for miles hands down, and they make a fantastic cup of coffee to wash them down with, too. They have the tastiest sausages, the crispiest bacon and the creamiest scrambled eggs I have ever tasted. Despite this I ended up ordering just a few slices of brown toast with low fat marge and an oj. Although I loved the breakfast, I thought i’d be good and have the healthier option. You see, ive never been fat but ive always carried a few extra pounds but the summer was coming and I was determined to slim down and for once have a beach body. At 6ft 2 and 255 pounds I had a fair bit to lose but I was heading in the right direction.

As I was sat there reading my paper and watching the world go by I noticed some more people coming in to the cafe. It was 2 womed an they were absolutely huge! The first womed was the size of a mountain, she was at least my height but probably double my weight. She had an attractive face with a huge double chin. Below her face she had huge breasts and a belly that hung almost to her knees. She walked past me swinging her arms in what looked like a laborious effort to waddle across the room. Another woman followed closely behind her, again she was massively fat but with different proportions. This lady was alot shorter, she probably looked around 5ft 4 tall her face was very slim and pretty but below that she looked like a ball. She was huge! She had huge breasts, her belly wasn’t as prnounced as the first lady but boy did she make it up in the butt area. She looked like she found it uncomfortable to even walk across the room with what looked like 2 beanbags stuffed at the rear of her jeans. Looking nervously and scanning the room like a scared mouse the second women's eyes met mine, noticing my stare. I turned back to my toast, trying to ignore them, but then found myself compelled to look up again after the two passed me and approached the counter in back.

The lead woman was dressed in a black dress the size of a tent with a dark, flowery, scarf falling about her shoulders and back beneath long brown hair. My astonishment at her sheer size failed to subside as I watched the pair order and pay. As she turned to talk with her friend her profile left me no less astounded, her breasts were enormously round and rested atop a stomach that extended nearly beyond her reach. She turned back to the counter, her arms hanging out at her sides at nearly forty-five degree angles due to the beach ball shape of her body and her gigantic upper arms, which themselves were well over a foot in diameter.

It was then that her friend, nervously noticed my stare a second time and once again it sent my attention back to my breakfast, which I had nearly forgotten about.

I took another bite and noticed the two large forms in the periphery of my vision growing larger as they approached with their food. Feeling embarrassed for having stared, and looking down pretending to fidget with some things in my bag, I was mortified when the two approached even closer with their trays held out at full reach and set them down in the booth I was facing, immediately next to mine. The second woman shot me another rueful glance, but I was relieved when she took the side of the booth facing away from me, the wooden bench creaking sharply under her weight. The first woman then slowly lowered her bulk into her own seat, the bench groaning even more heavily as she slid into the booth, facing me directly.

I battled my curiosity as I ate, trying not to stare. The first woman took a bite of her food, lifting her bagel the considerable distance over her chest to her mouth, elbows resting on her sides. I watched her round face as she chewed, her neck hidden by her chin, and found my gaze glued to her. She swallowed and talked with her friend, and her face beamed with a bright, gentile smile. Forgetting about my food again, still stupefied by how immense she was, I stared absently at her for some time until her eyes quickly met mine and then looked away just as quickly. I felt my face flush but continued to stare until she glanced up again, studying me briefly before looking away again. That second look jolted me; she looked me over the way a parent would keep an eye on a child, keeping herself aware of my actions but otherwise focused on her conversation with her friend (which I was too enthralled to catch a word of).

I looked back at my neglected bagel for a moment but glanced up again when I heard her move. She reached under her breasts to adjust her bra, her arms straining to lift her chest and fix the fabric beneath them. She jiggled everywhere as she heaved her chest twice and slid things into place, and then glanced up to catch me staring a third time, noting me with the same brief but knowing glance as before. My embarrassment was overwhelming this time and I quickly looked down to grab my oj

Before long the couple had finished, quickly outpacing my distracted eating. Each slid out from the booth with some difficulty and rose slowly to their feet, making their way to the trash by the counter. I was quick enough this time to avert my eyes before they turned around to head for the door. I took a bite of food and kept my eyes bashfully on my tray as the two approached, but my heart started racing when the two large forms, impossible to miss out of the corner of my eye, slowed and stopped dead right in front of my booth. I tried to ignore them but had to look up after a few endless seconds to see the larger woman facing me squarely. We stared at one another for a moment.

"You seem to be very interested in the way we look?" the larger woman enquired, almost smiling, a wry but not angry look on her face.

I was so dumbfounded that I probably could not have answered her even without a mouthful of toast. My face burning hot with embarrassment and my heart thumping, I stared vacantly at her for some time before managing to squeak, "I..."

"Well, I might just see you later, then." she said, almost laughing, before winking at her friend and swinging a great arm around to get herself moving toward the door.

Still aghast, I chewed quickly as the two met the door and left, the bell ringing and then falling silent. I look around the empty restaurant and quickly finished my breakfast before nervously gathering my things and sneaking out.
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Balloon 13 years
I have always enjoyed the original and you have improved it! I agree that you should continue the story.
Daj462 13 years
Great, would like to see more