The housewife part 2

chapter four

Anna's eyes opened.

Her husband was fast asleep in the bed next to her, the room was dark, it was about three in the morning. The house was quiet as everyone was asleep in their beds.

Anna sat up in her bed. staring forwards with blank droopy eyes. She turned her body round and placed booth feet on the floor, standing in the middle of the room, she swayed slightly in her dream like state.

She was sleep walking.

Suddenly the swaying stopped and she turned and walked out the room and down the stairs.
Earlier that night she had taken off her clothes as the large cake had made her bloated, making her clothing restricted.

She was in the kitchen now, standing naked and still in her zombie like state. Her stomach was still distended slightly from the massive feeding she had gorged on earlier that evening.

She walked towards the fridge and opened the door. What stood before her was enough food to feed four families.
Why not after all, her husband was in a well paying job and Anna had people to do the shopping for her occasionally.

Her hands reached out, first taking the tub of margarine, she opened the lid and it dropped to the floor. Peeling back the protective layer, she dipped her hands into the cold slippery food, lifting out chunks and placing it into her mouth. The tub dropped to the floor.
Anna stood there, the grease of the margarine surrounding the outside of her mouth. Again her hand reached out, this time grabbing the jam, and again scraping out chunks into her mouth.

She continued through the rest of the food and drink in the fridge. Ham, eggs, milk, butter, lard, beef, sausage, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, orange juice, gravy, lettuce, vegetables, chocolate, icing, one after the other, Anna made her way through every item in the fridge in her dream like state. Munching, chewing, gorging.

Her belly expanding outwards, becoming tight with the onslaught of food entering her body. Parts of food and sauces covered the outside of her mouth, mixing together and sliding down her face, onto her chest, over her swollen belly, past her crotch and down her legs. Alway the way down her naked body. She was surrounded in empty packets and jars.

Her belly was ballooning. She was bloated and engorged. Still she absent mindedly gorged herself. Until finally her hands reached out and nothing was there. She had eaten every item of food or drink in the fridge. She stood for a minute, covered from head to toe in food. Her belly was swollen heavily and engorged with the massive load of food. Her belly looked several months pregnant. Food was sloshing back and forth. She rubbed her belly, burped and then waddled off to bed.
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Miluciff 10 years
happy to receive suggestions
Tebeos01 10 years
Please, don't let this story die. It's simply great.
FrecherTyp 10 years
oh hehe this greediness and that she canĀ“t stop herself is very arousing and sweet hehe