The housewife

chapter one

"muuuuumm" Came a long moan from the upstairs corridor.
"yes hunny" Replied Anna.

In the kitchen stood a petite lady, standing 5ft 4, slim build, long legs, firm body. This was Anna, she was the perfect housewife, tidy, well kept and beautiful.
After her husband Sebastian had taken over as CEO of a large marketing corporation, Anna felt that she no longer needed to work, instead, she preferred to stay home and look after their 5 year old daughter, Lucy.

She had been cooking breakfast for the past half hour. Seb had left for work earlier that morning and Anna was left getting Lucy ready so she would be ready for her driver who was picking her up shortly to take her to school.

"Muuuuuummmmm, I'm not hungry" Moaned Lucy again, this time from her bedroom.
"Nonsense" shouted Anna "Your Father has left you bacon and eggs from this morning, if you don't eat them they will go to waste."

There was a car honk from outside the door.
"Oh well it's too late now Lucy, your driver is here, get downstairs its time to go to school"

As soon as Anna had said the last word, a small blonde girl had ran down the stairs and bolted out the front door.

"bye mum" exclaimed Lucy.

"Oh, er, bye hunny" she shouted back with a smile.

Anna watched as Lucy climbed into the smart black Bentley that had been hired by her father to take her to school every morning. Anna turned and closed the door, as she had done this a small pane of glass had come loose from the window frame above and fell sharply on Anna's head causing her to fall to the ground and lose conciousness.

Anna woke several minutes later with a pounding headache.

"Ugh, what the heck happened"

As she looked at the floor she noticed the small pane of glass had broken into 3 small pieces.

"oh dear, this isn't good"

She carefully picked each of the pieces of glass up using a scarf from the coat hanger and took it into the kitchen placing the pieces into the bin.
The kitchen tops still had plates of bacon and eggs left over from what was supposed to be her husband and daughters breakfast.

"Well I spose this will have to be cleared away"

She walked towards the kitchen sink, past the plates of food. As she walked she absent mindedly pick up a slice of bacon and placed it into her mouth.

She stopped dead in her tracks.

The taste was like nothing she had ever imagined. The strong taste of the bacon grasped every section of her body, every inch of her tingled.
What she was tasting now, was surely a sensation reserved for the gods, never had she experienced such euphoria from a single piece of food.

She suddenly snapped out of the trance that was holding her, slightly confused of why it was suddenly so great. She reached for another slice and another and another, until all the bacon was gone, each slice offering her the same amazing taste as before.
Before she knew it the entire plate had been eaten, all eighteen slices. It hadn't really registered in her mind what she had just done, all that she was aware of was that the was a slight pressure of fullness in her flat stomach.
She picked up the plate and took it over to the sink, licking up the grease with her fingers. Placing it in the sink, she turned and went to deal with the eggs.
She lifted up one of the seven fried eggs that had been prepared earlier and placed it into her mouth. This time the taste was different. However, just as strong and just as euphoric.

Egg after egg entered her mouth quickly. The taste was so magnificent, however now her belly was full and taut. She could feel a slight bulge were her top had stretched to accommodate the new food.

Again her brain had not really registered with her what she had just done. All she knew was that it had been amazing and she wanted more.
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FrecherTyp 10 years
hehe that was a cute short story ;-)