The jackpot win

chapter 1

"Fricken Awesome" Lucy squealed!

She was squealing with delight, jumping up and down holding the winning lottery ticket, that was about to transform her life...and body.

Lucy was a 5ft 5 and a tiny 8 stone, her body was long, slender and tight, combine this with her long brown hair and Lucy was an absolute knockout. Guys were literally falling over each other to get with Lucy, and she had shagged her way through several of them to fund her lifestyle.

You see, Lucy loved sex and she loved food, however to get one she had to give up the other. At the moment, Lucy was travelling to the gym everyday to keep her body toned and in shape.

However now that Lucy had just won the whopping jackpot of 78 Million, she would never have to sacrifice again. She could buy herself men and food and not have to worry.

Life was going to get much easier for Lucy and she was definitely planning on enjoying it.

--------------------------------------< br>
Two weeks later.

"Hi, Miss Sullivan, just to let you know that the money is being deposited into your account. Congratulations, you are now a multi-millionaire" Beeped Lucy's answer phone.

"Oh god, yes right there, Oh god!" Lucy hadn't answered the phone because she was currently butt naked on her kitchen floor riding the dick of her latest conquest.
She could feel every inch of him filling her, she was grinding on his pelvic bone as he was propped up against the Washing machine. Her wetness covered his pelvis.
"Holy shit that was needed" Lucy panted as she lifted herself off of his member. She sat next to the heavily breathing guy on her floor.
"OK, you can leave now" She panted.

The guy shrugged his shoulders and lifted himself off the floor and into the bedroom to get himself dressed.

"See you later" he said as he walked out the door, Leaving lucy still panting and wet on the floor.

Lucy sat there grinning from ear to ear. She loved sex, but now that she was a Multi-millionnaire she was able to enjoy something else she loved, Food.

Lucy didn't get up off of the floor, instead she dragged herself over the fridge and lifted our the chocolate log that she had put in there the day before.

She then lay with it by her side on the floor, grazing her way through the cake. She started to lift the cake using her hands and feeding it into her mouth. This went on for an hour or so, until all the cake was finally gone. Part of the way through, she started to rub her clitoris, the tingling between her legs started to intensify, until she was hit with an breathless orgasm.

She lay there on the floor, with a chocolate covered face and a toned, but full belly.

"My god, this is going to be great"
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