The power of an accent

Chapter 1

“The new guy is from a school in England!” Cassandra Harris said to me in a not-so-soft whisper. “He’s supposedly incredibly gorgeous and has an accent! Are you hearing me Chase? An accent!” I rolled my eyes dramatically. Cassandra had been trying to get me to go out with her before I finally broke down and admitted I was gay.

“Cass, you shouldn’t go off of rumors. What if he’s ugly?” I asked, not wanting to downplay this supposed new guy, but wanting her to understand that she couldn’t always just fall head over hills for a boy.

We strolled along laughing and donning our own British accents. “Pip pip, crumpets and the queen,” Cassandra said with a giggle. We doubled over in laughter and Cass accidentally bumped the guy walking in front of us. “Oh, uh sorry,” she said hastily. He turned around and looked down at Cassandra. His eyes found mine and lingered there for a moment. I got chills. “Yeah, we…we’re sorry,” I added.

“It’s all right; you guys are the only people to apologize when bumping me.” The accent…he had the accent. “And your accents are pretty good.” He laughed. Oh god, we had been walking behind him for over three minutes saying anything British. I had said something about Kate Middleton, fish & chips, and tea time. “But I think mine is the most authentic.”

Cass, who I thought wanted to jump his bones, looked mortified. Cass was a short, slightly overweight, blond. She talked a big game, but was socially backwards. She had latched on to me because I had been slightly more awkward than she was. I had grown up some since freshman year and was by far a lot less socially-retarded. Now we were just best friends. “We’ve got to go,” I said, quickly grabbing Cass’s arm and dragging her down the hall to Pre-Cal.

“That was unbearable!” she groaned. “Now he’ll never want to get with all of this.” She ran her hands down over her ample figure. “Who would want to get with all of THAT?” Cecelia Hart asked vindictively. “I don’t think anyone could even handle all of that body Cassandra.” Cass looked like she was going to burst into tears.

“You know what, fuck you Cecelia,” I said. “You look like a used up tampon.” Cecelia had huge boobs. She was slender, pale, and had wavy red hair. She frowned heavily and as soon as Brit Boy walked into the class, she said, “Oh, I know you don’t want to fuck me, Chase, I’m sure you’d prefer a nice stiff di--”

“Cecelia, watch your mouth,” Mrs. Maciel said seriously. “You three really should treat one another with more respect. Now this is a warning, so behave.” I sat down behind Cassandra. “I could find a bunch of guys who’d want all of this,” I said as I playfully groped her boob. She laughed softly and I knew I cheered her up somewhat. “Guys, we have a new student and I’ll let him introduce himself.”

He stood in the front of the room. He was tall and beefy looking. He had neatly trimmed, wavy brown hair and blue eyes. His shoulders were so broad. If I stood directly in front of him, I doubt I could be seen from behind. Speaking of behinds, his ass was gorgeous. His jeans knew how to accentuate his ASSets. Sorry, bad joke.

His stomach was round, not hugely fat, but it made him look powerful. I bet he was a sports guy. I bet he liked weightlifting and wrestling and eating and pretty girls. I sighed. I bet he’d like Cecelia and her lady pillows.

“Well, hello everyone, my name’s Harry.” Everyone laughed. One boy in back of me shouted something about the boy who lived, which was followed by a round of chuckles. “Uh, no…I am from a school in England though, and that’s about it.” Mrs. Maciel clapped, and was the only one, before he took a seat next to me and in front of Cecelia.

It looked like he was going to turn towards me, but Cecelia leaned forward to talk to him. “So, you’re from England, huh?”

“Uh, yeah, I am,” he replied. “That’s what I just said.” Both Cass and I had been intently listening to their conversation. We both laughed, not looking at them, but straight ahead. Cecelia just stopped talking. She sat back in her seat silently. It was incredible. It was the power of the accent.

He glanced over at me and smiled. “My…my name is Chase,” I blurted out. I felt so dumb. My tongue didn’t want to work properly and seemed heavy in my mouth. He reached out his hand and I shook it. “Nice to meet you Chase, I’m Harry.”

“I know…that’s what you said.” He knew I was making fun of Cecelia. He smiled and Mrs. Maciel started talking about math and other things that weren’t as important as watching Harry.
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Carlos 12 years
congrats to more writing smiley
Feedfig 12 years
It's true Igor, Harry Potter and like any other movies that come from the UK are like porn to us. XD Just kidding, but I, personally, happen to thing that its very sexy. So imagining is pretty hot.
Fatfiction 12 years
Thank you feedfig and ikr! XD .... igor, manybr it's because you're from the UK it's not that big of a turn-on? I find almost every accent attractive. I tend to be drawn to guys really different from myself, mostly because they are different. I don't have an "accent" so a guy with one is smokin' smiley
Igor Olman 12 years
Seriously, is the accent that much of a turn-on?
Feedfig 12 years
Yeeeeessssss!!!!!!! New story! And with sexy boy british accent! I love it! More please! >_