The weight gain machine

Chapter 1 - part 1

I was a recently retired bodybuilder. I had always been obsessed with the idea of getting bigger and being huge. I always loved the bulking up part of my job, but I hated the pre-season cutting. I was never happier than when I weighed over 300lbs. The feeling of sheer bulk was intoxicating.

Now that I had retired, I have no intention of losing my size, as many bodybuilders do. Quite the reverse. I just wanted to bulk up more and more and more. With no contests to enter, I no longer had to confirm the the judges' expectations: I was free to just GROW!

* * * * * *

Monday morning and the postman slipped an intriguing envelope through my door. The logo in the corner indicated that it was from a bioscience research company that I had been working with to produce better bodybuilding supplements. My contact there, a slim, middle aged woman called Jane, knew about my intentions to just gain weight and not to care about muscular definition any longer.
I tore open the envelope and read. It was indeed from Jane, inviting me to meet her to discuss an "exciting new piece of biotechnology" that I was "uniquely suited to test". Hmm. How could I pass this up? The company's supplements had been highly effective in helping me in my bodybuilding career. They had some genius bioengineers working there.

* * * * * * *

I arrived at the research facility full of intrigue. Jane met me and immediately led me down into a basement room. This new technology, whatever it was, was highly confidential. There was a large rectangular padded platform in the corner of the room. The room was lined with large mirrors, apart from a flat screen set into the wall opposite the platform. Next to the platform was a huge steel cylinder with a long plastic tube extending from its base.

Jane led me over to the platform and had me sit down on it. Brightly lit digits appeared on the screen, indicating my weight. It was a weighing platform!

"This machine", she said, indicating the steel cylinder, "will feed a new type of supplement into the body intravenously while you sleep. The fluid will be absorbed into the muscles and will be synthesised into actual muscle tissue. You should be able to gain a considerable amount of muscle mass very quickly".

"How quickly?", I asked.

"We're not really sure. Maybe as much as 10lbs a night".

"Wow!" I was amazed. It would take weeks in the gym to achieve that.

"Do you want to give it a try?", she asked.

"Of course!". I knew it might not be wise, but I was carried away with excitement at how I would look after only a few days on this thing. I had never managed to get myself over 310lbs in the off-season before cutting had to begin. Huge though that is, I was never satisfied. This machine, if it worked, would help me get up to maybe 350lbs. Maybe more!

I leapt enthusiastically onto the platform and Jane expertly inserted a large cannula into my arm. The readout measured 302lbs. I was a big man, but the platform seemed unnecessarily large, as though it was normally used for livestock.

Jane set a couple of dials on the machine and pressed a button and the serum began to flow. I watched the green fluid track up the tube and into my vein. I began to feel drowsy and soon slipped into a deep sleep.

I awoke some time later. I was unable to tell how long I had been asleep, but when I looked at the readout, it showed 315lbs. Amazing! I had gained 13lbs in what can only have been a few hours. I jumped off the platform and swaggered towards one of the large mirrors. On a body as big as mine, 13lbs wasn't a great deal, but I could see my arms and shoulders were noticeably larger and my thighs seemed to rub together more when I walked. This was incredible. I flexed a bicep. I was definitely fuller and rounder than ever before.

Later that day, at home, I was so excited. I kept measuring myself and checking myself out in the mirror. 315lbs! I had never been so big.

Jane invited me back to the institute for another dose of the serum. I was there like a shot. She inserted the cannula exactly as before and set the dials. The machine began to pump the wonderful elixir into my veins. Jane left the room before I passed out. In my excited stupor, I took the opportunity to crank up the dial a few notches. Lets see if I can get myself up over 350, I thought. She's in for a shock in the morning... I grinned to myself as I imagined the enormous hulk I was going to become.

The next morning I awoke groggily from the effects of the serum. I couldn't seem to see the scales on the wall. My eyes cleared a little and I stared at the sheet covering my body as I lay on my back. There appeared to be a huge round lump under the sheet. I pulled the sheet aside and stared at... my stomach! It was huge! It stood up on top of me like a great balloon of fat. Round and full and bulging out about two feet. It was obscuring my view of the screen. I struggled to sit up. My massive gut sat heavily on my thighs, reaching out to my knees. The scale read 465lbs! ***! I'm huge! I shifted my newly acquired bulk to the edge of the bed and put my feet on the floor. Using my large powerful thighs, I stood upright. I wobbled on my feet for a moment. I had to lean backwards slightly to counter the weight of my enormous swollen stomach. I waddled heavily towards the mirror. My gut wobbled slightly left and right as I moved. My gait was slower and heavier than before due to my massive weight gain. My t-shirt was stretched tight over my balloon-like pecs, but I couldn't pull it down to cover my belly. I turned my head to the side, to see myself in profile. It was an amazing sight to see how much weight I had gained. My huge puffed-up pecs rested on top of my voluminous midriff. My massively muscled arms propped out to the side by my huge back muscles. My thighs were so thick I had to keep my feet apart, which added to the duck-like waddle I was forced to adopt. It was a shock to see myself like this.

I heard the door handle. Jane was coming back in! One look at my vast expanded bulk and it would be obvious I had fiddled with the machine. There was no time to shift my huge body back to the bed. And how would I hide my spacehopper-sized stomach under the sheet anyway?

She entered the room and stopped in surprise.

"Oh", she said.

"Look at me!" I shouted. "I'm fat! I'm 465lbs! I'm a whale! I can't go around like this! I look like a bouncy castle on legs."

She was taken aback but she didn't seem shocked exactly. Like she had half expected this. "I, er, didn't intend for you to get so big so quickly". She shimmied over to me. She was a sexy woman. Her hips swayed alluringly in her provocatively tight skirt and her low-cut blouse showed a considerable amount of cleavage. She placed a hand on my protruding belly. "You *are* a big boy, aren't you?", she purred. Her cool, scientific demeanour slipped and her dilated pupils have her away. She wanted me. She clearly had a thing about huge men. "How would you like to get... BIGGER?"

Bigger? My mind was a whirl. I had gained so much weight in such a short time it was hard to adjust to my enormous body as it was. Bigger?

"I, um,..."

"Let's go and have breakfast and discuss it", she said.

She led me towards the door. I lumbered heavily behind her. My feet slapped against the floor with every waddling step. God I was fat. She held the door open and I squeezed myself through. As I made my way awkwardly down the corridor, I was trying to think straight. I had never really intended to become so round and fat, but I was LOVING it. Every step brought waves of pleasure through my bloated body. My massive thighs rubbing together, my huge, bouncing pecs the size of water melons, and best of all, my massive inflated belly. I loved the way it extended right out in front of me, as if leading the way. I love the way it made me feel so heavy and huge and round.

In the cafeteria, all eyes were staring at me. Not surprising, really. I was the size of two large men put together. I pulled out a wide bench seat -- I could never fit into an ordinary chair again -- and manoeuvred my hulking physique into it. My massive stomach rested on my thighs and completely filled my lap. There was no way I could get my legs under the table. Jane brought me a huge bowl of eggs and I tucked in greedily. "Eat up", she said, "You have a big body to feed"

It was hard to eat with the bowl and the table so far away. "Here, let me help". She moved around the table and picked up the bowl and began spoon-feeding me. She took every opportunity to feel my belly and chest. Her hand looked so tiny against the rounded bulk of my bosom. Greedily I ate all the eggs, followed by sausages, bacon and a huge stack of pancakes, dripping in syrup. The other people in the cafe stared at this enormous man eating and eating and eating.

"So what do you say?", she asked when I had finished eating. "I could make you the biggest, fattest, most muscle-bound man in the history of the world". The prospect was mesmerising, but I knew that life would be difficult enough at my present size. There were many everyday things I was now much too big and fat to do. I wouldn't be able to fit behind the wheel of a car or into a regular bath. My biceps were so massive I would struggle to even brush my teeth or wash my face.

"Well, I think I'm happy enough at this size", I said. A steely look came into her eye. "Can I go home and think about it?"

"Of course. No problem"

I rose from the table, feeling even fatter than before, with the huge meal inside my stomach, and we made our way back to the growing room.

My trousers were folded up on the floor, but they were no use to me now. "I'll just go and fetch you something to wear", she said and slipped quickly out of the room. The door closed with a click.
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BigRick 10 years
Musclestud4queen - I *wish* my wife was a feeder who wanted nothing more than to fatten me up to an enormous size.
BigRick 10 years
I'll give that some thought
Built4com4t 10 years
interesting fantasy...nicely written. i get his perspective, how about in another couple chapters exploring her motivations for getting him so big: curiousity? revenge? sexual? just my .02
BigRick 10 years
Feedfig 10 years
Omg....I love everything about this. Although I'd prefer a John over Jane. Otherwise, AMAZING WORK!
BigRick 10 years
Oops! Thanks for the comment. I've fixed it now. I hope you enjoy part 2.