Tom and nicola's dates - first date

Chapter 1 - first date

This is a classic love story between two people I know they are Tom and Nicola. The tale begins in the summer of last year.
Having worked together for almost two years Tom and Nicola had barely noticed one another other than the casual hello upon passing each other in the corridor. However due to a change in Tom's working pattern he began to see Nicola more often so instead of just saying hello they started striking up conversations eventually this progressed until Tom asked if Nicola would like to go on a date with him. Nicola agreed and they agreed on a time and place to meet.
Later that week date night had arrived and Tom was excited as this had been the first date he'd had on in a while and although he could not put his finger or it nor could explain it found he quite liked Nicola. Nicola arrived wearing this skin tight white top that barely contained her massive white breasts and large belly that Tom had failed to notice before this evening as Nicola's work uniform did not give much away. As Nicola walked towards tom he couldn't help notice her belly which made her look about 7 months pregnant and a very short mini skirt that revealed her chunky pale white thighs. Whilst Tom found this initially off putting as he wasn't a fan off bigger girls the date continued. Before dinner Tom and Nicola walked around a well known southern shopping centre looking for somewhere to eat, as they walked they talked about their families work and all the usual stuff people talk about on first dates. It was only as they walked around this well known southern shopping centre, Tom noticed that every now and again Nicola interrupted her own story to pass comments on the way women looked especially singling out the fat women. As this continued for a while and during dinner Tom spoke out and said why are you saying these things? Nicola said its ok I used to be fat, but I've lost loads of weight and now I'm a size 12. Tom looked at Nicola and the skin tight white top that had at the start of the evening struggled to contain her breasts was now struggling to keep her belly covered after eating quite a sizeable meal. Tom noticed quite unusually that this image was arousing him and noticeably so, but he put this down to her massive heaving breasts. Tom a fan of large breasts thought to himself I'm only aroused because each time she leans forwards or moves her breasts look like there millimetres away from escaping. The ate and drank some more and now it was clear the top had lost the battle, so Tom being curious asked how much weight Nicola had lost. She said I don't know all I do know is that this top is a size 12 and fits so that's good enough for me, she said trying to force her top back down over her stuffed belly, a feat she just about achieved with a middle finger to all know laws of physics. Whilst telling this weight loss story Nicola had failed to noticed the less than convinced look on Tom's face. But having enjoyed her company all evening Tom said nothing and just smiled politely.
The time came to leave the restaurant, Nicola got up first as she said she needed the loo. Nicola managed to squeeze herself out from under that with a couple of grunts and groans and once again stretched her top over her belly, this time within touching distance of Tom's face. It was then did Tom realise that he may face the same awkward struggle out from behind the table as the table cloth had been hiding his erection that kept growing and growing the more jiggling and top fighting Nicola did. Managing to regain control Tom found himself in a position to leave the restaurant and met Nicola outside. Once they were out of sight from prying eyes Tom could no longer control his arousal he grabbed Nicola and pushed her up against the wall for a long embraced and some very heavy groping. Tom found himself not only grabbing Nicola's breasts but he found himself taking more and more of an interest to her large white stomach that in partnership with her breasts (and the groping) had won the war against the tiny top. Tom found that the more he played with Nicola's body the wetter and wetter she was getting and as Nicola began to moan and shake she said this is only a first date I'm not that easy and asked Tom to take her home. Tom begrudgingly agreed. On the drive home Nicola turned to Tom and said, I had the most wonderful evening the food was delicious and you certainly know how to use your hands. They arrived at Nicola's house and before they got out the car Nicola leant over knocking the gear stick with her belly which was clearing basking in its freedom and moral victory as Nicola had given up trying to hide it. She kissed Tom and said we'll defiantly have to do this again and next time if you touch me like that I'll let you go all the way as she rubbed Tom's cock through his jeans and with a cheeky wink that was the end of their first date.
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Iheartfatchicks 12 years
thanks for your comments. - Juicy can you message me to further explain your comments as i dont understand the last bit. Thanks
Juicy 12 years
Fun, but you need an editor--you need more punctuation, paragraphing, structure stuff like that. It verges on stream of consciousness now...
Wisconfa 12 years
Great beginning! Keep the story going
FrecherTyp 12 years
Oh and a very sexy and nice story :-) i liked her teasing ....