Tom and nicola's dates - store cupboard naughtiness

chapter 1

Shortly after Tom and Nicola's second date they had a third date, which went much the same as the second date. However on this occasion Tom had grown in confidence as to how to hold and take advantage of Nicola's love handles and belly as she did like them being played with and grabbed. This second sexual encounter left them both sweaty and exhausted and Tom liked how this seemed to make Nicola's belly softer and rounder looking.
After this date due to holidays and other work commitments Tom and Nicola went about a month before seeing each other again this time it was only for lunch in the cafe/bar area of Nicola's work place. Nicola ordered a chicken burger and chips, which continued her trend to eat food that was brown, either because it had been battered or breaded or it was chips on this occasion the chicken was in bread crumbs. The only slight variation burgers or bacon or if ketchup was added to give the plate colour. The salad on the burger was carefully picked off and left to one side. Tom who had only got a light snack noticed how massive the portion Nicola was given and then realised they were being served by Jess. Jess was a massive girl every part of her was fat, she had so many chins her head sat like a fat blob on her massive body. She was so big there were only a handful of chairs she could sit in as the bucket chairs everyone else sat on where too thin for her. She could barely walk and spent most of her time sitting or leaning so she didn't have to support her gigantic size. Her size was such that she struggled to fit through the bars serving hatch. It took much fidgeting/fighting and moving of fat to squeeze herself through. On the odd occasion Tom had eaten here Jess often had tears or snags on her clothes were she'd squeezed herself through the gap but had caught her clothes on the way through. To summarise Jess made Nicola look anorexic and Tom a skeleton. Because of her size the portions Jess gave to people were Jess sized portions they were far bigger than they were supposed to be or needed to be. Nicola much to Tom's amazement managed to eat all the food that was in front of her. Tom said I couldn't eat all of that, to which Nicola responded I was brought up never to leave food (which Tom found slightly ironic as if it wasn't for him eating her salad she wouldn't of eaten it, maybe Tom thought her family doesn't count salad as proper food given that each generation after Nicola got bigger her Mum was bigger than she was and her Grandmother bigger still). Tom said I was brought up the same but I couldn't of eaten all of that. Nicola let out a loud burp and rubbed her belly and said well it all went in and pushed herself away from the table to free her belly. Nicola's top was tight across her belly and clearly highlighted its round outline. Tom couldn't help but notice that were Nicola wore her uniform under her belly she had a builders bottom and that was coupled with love handles that were spilling out over the waistband, Tom again found himself aroused in a public eatery. Nicola noticing this told Tom to meet her in the store cupboard, you know the one I mean Nicola added. Tom smiled and said yes I do.
This store cupboard was so well know it might as well of been on the first day induction and included on the new employees building tour. This store cupboard was were all the couples went the official ones and unofficial/secret ones. Tom naively thought he and Nicola were that latter as still embarrassed by her size Tom had instructed Nicola to keep it a secret. Although he later found out everybody knew as she'd walked into the staff room one day and announced it to the world as she had really fallen for Tom and much to Tom's surprise he also learnt she had also announced he was good in bed and was surprisingly well endowed. The store cupboard this was so know well known and used because it possessed some unique traits that would not be found in any other store cupboard. It had a door that could easily be opened from the outside if you knew how and had a separate lock on the inside which effectively acted as an occupied sign as this lock couldn't be undone from the outside. The store cupboard was an old and very small disabled changing room which meant it is was warm and one wall the complete top half was a mirror and underneath this mirror was a re-enforced shelf, the shelf had been re-enforced so cleaning chemicals could be stored on it. Most of the time however the chemicals were left on the floor with a few being put on the shelf more as a token gesture than anything else. The only thing that was actually stored on this shelf was toilet paper and paper towels. They were put on the shelf as they acted as handy pillows for the extra work activities that took place in there. The shelf was wide enough to get one person on, which is what spawned its notoriety.
Nicola hopped up onto the shelf, her boobs and belly giggled and wave of fat rolled up and down as she bounced down onto the shelf. Nicola lifted her top up, this exposed her big white round belly, which had been tightly controlled and restricted by her top after a bit of wobbling her belly came to rest on the top of her thighs. Nicola grabbed Tom and pulled him close to her and they began kissing. Tom started grabbing and playing with Nicola's fat which was firmer and slightly heavier than before having been filled up with a very large amount of food. Tom was sure Nicola's belly looked bigger too, probably all those Jess sized portions Nicola's eaten. Nicola began to moan with pleasure their kissing and fondling was interrupted every now and again as Nicola had to burp and then rub her belly. God I'm so full she said, making sure all her belly was above her waistband and therefore was not being restricted by anything, maybe I shouldn't have eaten all those chips. Tom said you'll be fine plus I still think you look good Nicola blushed and pulled Tom's trousers down exposing his long hard erection. Nicola grabbed it and began tossing him off. As she fidgeted to get a better purchase on Tom, Tom saw that as she wore her uniform so low he could her bum in the mirror as well as her love handles. Tom grabbed her bum as tightly as he could and Nicola buried her head in his shoulder and let out a long moan. Tom by now had taken off Nicola's top leaving her heaving bosom exposed; her bra was struggling to hold her boobs in, but was helped as they were now resting on her swollen full belly that despite the burping was still very full and firm. Nicola with a bit of effort hitched up her skirt and with some effort pulled her skin tight knickers to one side (they were skin tight as seemingly like all her clothes were too small for her), unnoticed by Nicola Tom smirked to himself. Tom entered her and could feel how wet she was even though she'd barely had her fanny played with as Tom had spent his time playing with her boobs, fat and bum. Her thighs were warm and soft, she briefly wrapped them around him and Tom could feel her fat thighs and belly mould round him. The more Tom thrust the more he could see Nicola wobble and jiggle, having the mirror to show her side fat and bum meant Tom found this unbelievably arousing. Nicola kept having to bury her head in Tom's shoulder to muffle the moaning and groaning. As the more Nicola had her fat played with the wetter she got and the more she groaned. Unlike the first two sexual encounters this one was over quicker than one previous occasion as they were both so incredibly turned on. Nicola sat on the shelf in just her bra with her dripping wet fanny still exposed panting as she was very out of breath and was also red in the face. God that was so god she said, rubbing her belly as despite the sex she was still full and uncomfortable. Tom started to rub and play with Nicola's belly to try and make her feel less full. Nicola knocked Tom's hands away and said don't you'll only get me excited again and I'm worn out. Both Tom and Nicola had sweat dripping off their half naked bodies as the store cupboard regardless of the recent activity was very warm. Nicola's belly was damp to the touched having been tightly sandwiched between her and Tom her cleavage glisten from sweat that had rolled down there and pooled. Nicola jumped down from the shelf and again a wave of fat rolled up and down her body her boobs flopped and jiggled. Her skirt appeared wedged under her belly and the tops of her soft pale thighs. Nicola pulled her knickers over her damp vagina revealing a camel toe; they were so tight they revealed every crease and crevice. She then with some considerable effort pulled her skirt down. Nicola once again grabbed her belly and lifted it to make sure it was free of her skirt and its restricting waistband. Nicola's belly came to rest nicely on her waistband giving her that trademark pregnant look she had.
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