Tom and nicola's dates - second date

Chapter 1 - second date

After the excitement of how the last date ended, another date was arranged for the end of that week.

Tom came and picked up Nicola from work and she skipped over to him. Her massive boobs swayed and bounced as she skipped. Her belly bounced and jiggled and tried to escape her shirt, which as Tom had observed was again too small. As she got closer Tom saw that only one button was done up over her heaving breasts and the buttons over her belly were stretched and there was an inch diamond shaped gap between each button. Tom still unconvinced by her appearance didn't have too much time to dwell on this as by now Nicola had crashed into Tom and through her arms around him and hugged him tightly. The tighter she squeezed the more Tom could fell her soft boobs and belly squash against him, Tom enjoyed this feeling and found something prodding Nicola back. Nicola said how much she had missed him and how much she'd thought about him since their last date.

Tom and Nicola once again went out to eat. As they sat down at the table the shirt stretched tighter and tighter over her stomach. This forced her boobs upwards as her belly came to rest on her chunky thighs. Tom noticed her boobs become more prominent and rest on the table he immediately become aroused and a lack a table cloth to cover his modesty this time meant had to Tom fidget and fiddle with his crotch to make it more comfortable. Tom still convinced this was caused by the massive boobs in front of him. They ate there meal and once again Nicola's stomach expanded putting yet more strain on the shirt buttons tasked with holding it in. Nicola said oh my god that was soooo good and I'm sooooo full. Nicola slid her chair backwards to make more room for herself. Tom paid for there meals and they left the restaurant knowing fully well what was going to happen next. As they walked back to the car, Nicola turned to Tom and said. Do you like my shirt? Its one of my favourites. Tom being polite said yes it's very nice, although in his opinion it was just a standard shirt that was too small for her. Nicola smiled and said good, I think it goes really well with these trousers, Tom looked at her trousers in more detail and noticed that unlike any other of Nicola's clothing he'd seen these trousers actually seem to fit her. There was a noticeable gut roll sat above the waistband of the trousers with love handles spilling out over the sides, but much to Toms surprise a part for this they fitted her fine.

During the drive home noticed that Nicola kept playing with the seat belt in his car. Tom turned to her and said is everything ok? Nicola said yes its fine I always have this problem in cars the belts too tight across my boobs and then it digs into my stomach. Tom noticed that whilst part of the seatbelt did seem to being trying to separate one breast from her body the lap belt section just seem to be sat flatly across her stomach which was peeping out the bottom of her shirt.

They got back to Tom's place and after a quick tour went up to his bedroom. Tom followed Nicola up the stairs and noticed how her paced slowed as they neared the top and how much jiggling and bouncing about her love handles did as they climbed to the top. Nicola paused at the top as if to catch her breath which surprised Tom as although Nicola was big for her tiny stature he struggled to believe that the extra bulk made stair climbing difficult especially as he seen he do it hundreds of time at work with no need to stop for breath. Nicola sensing that Tom has noticed her stop said don't worry im fine just all that food has made me feel really really full and walking up the stairs made my stomach ache, or maybe its heart burn she added. Tom put it down to her sheer gluttony as she had eaten all her dinner, some of Tom's dinner her pudding and again some of Tom's pudding, which for a girl of her height was quite a sizable amount of food. They got into the bedroom and immediately locked in embraced. Shedding there clothing as quickly as they could, although Tom struggled with her trousers because whilst they did actually fit (so far the only thing that did appear too) they were clearing going the way of the other clothes. No wonder she is uncomfortable Tom thought finally managing to undo the button and see the massive indentation and redness where clearly the button had been digging into her, and painfully so. Tom undid her shirt which too was marking her belly. Nicola did actually sign and groan and said that's better as her belly flopped free.

The moment had finally arrived there they were both stood in their underwear looking at each other, Tom was excited and wanted to be getting on with it as it had been a very long time since Tom had had sex, so he whipped off his boxers to reveal and long, hard thick throbbing erection, Nicola's jaw dropped, almost not knowing where to look she bashfully said that's very big and looked a bit nervous. Tom said now your turn, Nicola just stood there as if in shock as to what she'd just seen. Tom said your not embarrassed are you and come over all shy? Nicola said erm kind of yeah. Tom said not to worry everything will be fine and hugged her. Tom could feel her warm body squish against his and for a couple of seconds just stood there hugging. Tom realising he needed to take the next step and keep things going, remembered with little to no effort he had mastered (thanks to an ex girlfriend) the bra undoing flick. And within a split second Nicola's bra was undone and the weight of her boobs did the rest of the work for him. Nicola's shoulders, back and sides were red and marked where her bra had clearly been too tight and had dug into her. Nicola said wow you're the first boyfriend I've ever had that has been able to do that. All the others I've had to do it for them. Tom just smiled and sat down on the bed in front of Nicola. Tom grabbed her bum each cheeks each was a good soft handful and pulled Nicola towards him. Nicola shuffled forward, Tom took hold of her French knickers which like her trousers fitted Nicola surprisingly well and made her bum and thighs look very very good. Tom continued to pull Nicola's underwear down till it got to Nicola's knees and she took over. It was at that stage she climbed on top of Tom. They shuffled awkwardly into the middle of the bed and began to kiss and grope one another. Nicola rolled off Tom and after some more awkward fidgeting was on her back underneath Tom. Nicola's belly had gone from sticking outwards giving her that distinct pregnancy appearance to more of a fat blob. Tom actually found this more preferable of an appearance and found himself staring at her body. By now her large soft white belly had recovered from being restricted by clothing and the marks and redness had gone, massively improve the appearance of her body. Tom positioned himself between Nicola's chunky thighs. It was at this time that Tom began to take full stock of Nicola's body. Almost all the fatness and bulk was in her boobs and belly. Her legs and bums were actually kind of normal size against the scale of her belly and boobs. Tom entered Nicola and Nicola let out a lungful of air and a tiny moan. Tom could feel the warmth of Nicola and could feel her vagina tighten and almost grip his cock as he thrust into her. The rhythmic act of sex began, with Nicola moaning and groaning the longer and longer the sex went on. Tom found himself grabbing her belly and love handles as well as her boobs. Nicola by now was clearly enjoying this as her face was getting flusher and she was getting warmer and wetter. Her body too began to glisten with perspiration. Tom asked Nicola to go on top and she dutifully obliged. Nicola climbed on top, by now she was so wet that she slid effortlessly onto Tom's cock. She started to ride him and the more she did it more her boobs and belly jiggled and wobbled and bounced up and down. Tom grabbed her love handles and forced her down towards her where they began a passionate embrace. Tom's hands had moved to Nicola's arse which he grabbed hard and held tightly. He could feel every inch of Nicola's body shudder and the kissing was interrupted by her panting and loud moan. Tom could feel her cum. Having lost momentary control of herself she'd lost her balance and now every last ounce of her weight came barrelling down onto Tom. Whilst Tom could feel that Nicola was a heavy girl especially her stomach area she wasn't heavy enough for it to be uncomfortable Tom continued. Nicola clearly realising all her weight was now on Tom said im sorry and rolled off him. Tom said its ok and for a final time there was more shuffling of positions and Nicola resumed her position on the bottom. By now Nicola was glowing her body glistering from the sweat of sexual activity, this made her body look rounder and softer. Nicola was panting and moaning to the point she was red from breathlessness
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