Try something new

Chapter 1

“Are you sure about this?” she asked, pausing with the rope looped in her hands. “Because if you don’t want to do it, we can go back out into the kitchen and eat breakfast. I wouldn’t be mad.”

“Hey,” he said, sitting up and leaning in to kiss her shoulder. “Hey. I’m fine. You’re not scared of what I’m going to ask you to do in return, are you?”

She snorted and turned to kiss his lips.

“It’s just that nobody’s ever agreed to do this for me,” she said at last.

He smiled, his brown eyes meeting her blue ones.

“We agreed to try to fulfil each other’s fantasies,” he said.

“Yeah, but my fantasy is so… weird.”

She was sitting on one folded knee. Her light brown hair fell to cover her face as she looked away. He put his hand on her shoulder, hugging her close.

“It’s a first for me, Amy, that’s true. But all sex is kind of weird when you get right down to it. Even kissing. Think of it, sticking your tongue in someone’s mouth. Is that not weird?”

She laughed and looked up at him, and he felt a lurch in his stomach. I love her, he thought. I love her so much. He leaned down and kissed her, upside down. She laughed again and pushed him away.

“All right, let’s do this thing,” she said.

Mark offered no resistance as she tied his wrists to the brass bedstead. She repeated the process with his ankles. She looked at her lover with satisfaction, stretched out before her, naked. He was just a smidge over average height at 5’10”, with an average build. He was neither muscular nor plump. Amy sighed, noting the flatness of his belly. It was the one thing about him that didn’t drive her crazy. His brown hair, his lush lips, his tan skin, his long clever fingers… everything else about him was just as she would have desired. Only he was so skinny! She hadn’t told him, when they’d discussed sexual fantasies, that she wanted him to plump up. This was weird enough, for now.

She smiled eagerly. Right now, he was under her control.

“Don’t move a muscle,” she told him as she left the room.

He could hear noises in the kitchen as she finished preparations. There was the buzz of the blender… He could smell bacon and maple syrup. His stomach rumbled.

Amy returned with a big plate stacked high with pancakes soaked in butter and real maple syrup and fresh strawberries and cream. On the side was a big pile of crisp bacon and half a dozen sausages. In her other hand she carried a tall glass. Mark twisted his head to watch her. His mouth was watering already. This was going to be fun.

Amy produced a fork and brandished it.

“Ta da!”

She made sure he was propped up by pillows before straddling his naked chest, balancing the plate over his bare nipples.

“Now I’m going to feed you,” she said. “And I’m going to make sure you eat every last bite.”

Mark was hungry, so at first it was easy. When Amy held the straw to his lips, he discovered the glass held a chocolate milkshake. Everything was so delicious, sweet and salty together. Bite after bite went down. He reached the place where he would normally have chosen to stop, but it wasn’t hard to push past as everything tasted so good. With Amy’s help, he cleaned the whole plate.

He felt quite full, but when she squiggled into place over his hips, he responded. She rocked gently back and forth, her breath coming as quick as his own, She was fully clothed.

“Please,” he moaned.

“Not yet,” she answered, pulling away and standing up. “Here.” She put the straw to his lips.

He sucked obediently on the rich creamy milkshake as she left the room. She soon returned to hear the gurgling of the empty glass. She could see how his belly was distended, poking out. She took the glass away and sat on the edge of the bed. There was another plate in her hand. Mark groaned as he saw it held two Belgian waffles, smothered in custard and raspberries and bananas. Had he really agreed to eat all this food? The first bite arrived at his lips and his reluctance melted away as the delicious flavours hit his tongue. He normally wouldn’t indulge, but, oh wow, it was good. He closed his eyes as he chewed, so he was surprised when he felt a warm hand on his cock. He stiffened. Stroke, stroke, bite, stroke, stroke, bite… Mark was melting into a world of pleasure, though there was some pain in it, as his stomach seemed stretched to capacity. He swallowed and then exploded into orgasm, his arms straining against the ropes.

Amy gave him a moment, then brought the fork to his lips again. He chewed stubbornly on.

He was just going to surrender, to say the word that would stop it all, when he heard Amy’s voice.

“There. All done. Good man.”

Her hand crept up to his belly, marvelling at the round firmness of it. She caressed it gently, asking him what felt good. They laughed as he burped.

“Here, untie me, and I’ll do you now,” he said.

“No,” she said, pulling up her skirt and brazenly reaching one hand into her panties. “You have to watch me come.”

He watched as she worked herself into a frenzy. He was hard again by the time she finished.

“Now I’ll untie you,” she said, and did so, caressing his mounded belly on the way. As soon as he was released he grabbed her and pinned her, mock fierce. She guided his penis into her warm, slick canal. They came together this time.

“Wow. Okay, that was good,” said Mark after a while.

“Yeah, you’ll have to think of something good to top that!”

“Friday,” he said, “when you get home from work. It will be totally my night. Whatever I say, you do.”

“As you wish,” she replied.
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FrecherTyp 11 months
Oh I love your fantasy it's one of the best I ever read cause of the playfullness and loving affection of the two to fullfill each others dreams ;-) I really would love that to be real with a girl^^
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
Oh my. I envy your writing talent. You can spin the most perfect stories. I hope you are also writing for publication elsewhere. Your command of the written word is quite amazing.
FrecherTyp 13 years
hmmm....yes more please and it´s so eassy to indulge in that nice sexy fatasy of yours haha it´s even my name lol
FrecherTyp 13 years
ohhhh i love your sweet and tempting feeding-adventures sooo much ;-) please moooore!!!
MrFlabbyGainer 14 years
I enjoyed it smiley what most people do is just appeal to the sexual, fetishy side, but they don't really put a story or 3 dimensional characters in it. You did well smiley
Snr6424 14 years
Very intriguing beginning, can't wait to see where it goes. smiley
Edxl 14 years
Very nice smiley
Fatlilboy 14 years
Nice. What most people do is let it just lay there with no continuity. Fatten him up to enormous proportions but slowly. We'd love this continuing aimlessly.