Chapter 1

Once a Power Ranger, always a Power Ranger. These were the words the guy in the tube told me, or the blue faced guy in the tube, or..whatever you want to call it. That part is true, somebody talked a little. But the TV show they made about us was entirely wrong.

They said there were only six of us in the end, the first season is actually based on truth, a kind of truth. It's time the real story came out and what I am about to say may shock people about the reality of what it really meant to be a Power Ranger back in the day.

The forces of evil, were not as forgiving and clumsy as how they were shown on the kid TV show, no not at all. In fact this is where the truth begins. The name of the evil woman was not "Rita Repulsa" First of all, that's a stupid name. Her name was one I'll never forget, we called her Ayon. She was actually not even close to being alive, or mortal. An ancient goddess who declared war upon all of the cosmic ranks of reality. Her reign of terror was legendary and the Powers that Be actually quaked in a silent terror at her power. Her allies were mostly responsible for this. She was allied with a great, nearly infinite number of monsters that were granted immunity from death, unstoppable Ayon had proved to be.

What you can't kill, you contain. Poor Earth is all I have to say about that. Darkness isn't easily trapped and when you try, death usually follows in the attempt. The powers decided that Ayon needed to be contained and to do this they chose the Earth as their prison. Back then the only living beings on the planet were giant lizards, they were largely expendable. After seventeen years of battle and misery, Ayon finally was defeated and the majority of her powers were stripped away, her allies scattered to the four corners of the universe. But they messed up, as powers usually end up doing in the end.

Instead of banishing her to the earth, they accidentally hit the Moon instead. The shockwave alone was enough to disrupt the lifeforce of the earth forever and soon after, all the lifeforms on the planet were killed off in less then pleasant ways.

Powers are infinite and immortal, and they forget the past very quickly. In the modern age of humanity, we sent people to the moon and we had no idea of what we'd find there, but we never imagined, or could we have, of what we'd find there. We found not a simple garbage can like it said on the TV show, no, we found a massive castle of alien designs. Of course only a handful of people on earth know that.

People are generally stupid and one thing always leads to another. Long story short the second expedition unleashed the ancient goddess, they never saw home again. Ayon was free and nobody would see her coming. Nobody would have believed it anyways so mass warnings were kinda pointless, but in retrospect maybe it would have been a good idea to mention the fact some of the darkest times in human history was gonna show up, somebody had to know something.

Anyways, my name is Justin and I am the seventh Power Ranger. I was walking home from school one day and the next thing I know I am in some high tech room with six other kids, None of us know one another, nobody knows what is going on. It wasn't long before we were introduced to the giant face in a tube. Apparently one of the foresighted powers decided to implement a counter offensive in case Ayon would ever escape from her eternal jail cell, she did, it activated and here I am.

Given the powers of the ancient earth spirit, we became warriors. Nobody asked us if we knew how to fight, form effective battle plans or be in a team. No, we just fit a "Profile." Wonderful, I still think it was a stupid idea but whatever. We were all given colors, I wasn't the leader. My color was forever known from that day on as the Silver Power Ranger, My power was that of strength.

The others had similar powers. To keep their real lives hidden, I'll base it all on colors. Red ranger was the leader, and he was basically a regular superhero, he held the Power Sword. Also had piece of all of our powers. Yellow ranger was the fastest as she had superhuman speed and a twin set of daggers. Pink ranger had the deadliest accuracy, she couldn't miss and her weapon was a Bow with infinite amounts of arrows. Blue had infinite amounts of energy and never got tired, his weapon was a dual bladed lance. Black had the power of stealth, and was the best defensive member on the team, his weapon was an Axe. The green ranger came later on, he was a real prick but most of us didn't do much better, his powers rivaled the leader's and it created some interesting fights in the team as a whole.

Me? Oh, you didn't see me on the show. Let me tell you why. You see, this is why. Ayon's "Putties" as they were known in the show were much more deadly and terrifying then TV would like you to believe. They could change shape into anybody else, perfectly. And Ayon sent nine hundred of them into one of the biggest buildings in the city. We knew of the plan, we just didn't know where it was taking place, but had a good idea and narrowed it down to three sites. Well, Ayon's plan was to gain a foothold in the city, a second base on earth. We had stopped her monster attacks in the past, but this was downright evil, and if it worked there would be no stopping her.

None of us could decide or agree on where the supposed base was. I got tired of it and time was running out, so sue me. I summoned my war machine, a giant robotic version of a Spinosaurus, and I did what any sensible soldier would have done. Stuck to the greater good and demolished all three buildings. Sixteen hundred lives were destroyed that day, but the earth was saved. Of course nobody really saw it that way, if they only knew. I stopped Ayon's plans and my brutality shocked even the dark one herself. Seeing how we were willing to kill our own people to stop her plans so easily made her never try that tactic again.

I was fired from the team. But my powers could never be removed. Once a Ranger, always a Ranger.

I was left behind and got to live a normal life. Ayon was eventually defeated by the rest of the team, although it took much longer then how I would have done it. I always wanted to take the fight right to her door, but the rest of the team wanted to keep on the defensive. I think they liked the fighting actually.
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BBWcreator82 14 years
Thank you.
Amatrix 14 years
I love this... the nostalgia of the rangers and your flair with words... the end makes me all goosebumpy!