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Chapter 1

Sometimes imagination gets away with you. You'll see things and hear things in the dark that are not really there, out of the corner of your vision you see shapes and shadows of people that vanish as soon as you go to look for them. This is the power of the imagination, an untapped well of creativity all people have, and seldom ever use, and it is released in short little bursts of energy that usually results in an exercise in the ideals of paranoia. Nobody is really watching you, or is there?

I used to think that was all it is, imagination. However I could have never forseen the power it held. Imagination sometimes partners up with fantasies long suppressed in a desperate need to escape the bondage of the mundane everyday series of moments we call reality. Sometimes it comes out in a really big way.

Six months ago I was your average girl, just getting started with life. It was the last summer between High School, and College. Pretty much the last fling of childhood memories before the real life began, you know. The life that all the teachers and your parents talked about, the "Real" world. The first days of the summer were hot ,maybe it was the heat that started it but in the times when I was alone, I could hear voices. Not exactly what it was saying just the noise. I decided to ignore it, I didn't tell anyone. But I didn't tell most of my friends a lot.

I can only visualize what their response would have been if I told them that I wanted them to gain weight, hell I couldn't. Despite how many times I ran it through my mind the only thing I got in return was a massive storm of rejection and isolation, and ruin. Yeah, I'm a feeder. Most people don't have any idea what that is, or what it means. I could summarize it but that's impossible, like any other fetish of the world there are sub categories, different views and ideas of how it should go down, but in my area, there is usually one universal truth that all feeders seem to abide by for all of my experiences, every single one of them are convinced with out a doubt they are the best one for the job.

Feeders are usually an arrogant bunch of guys who never see beyond the size of their own twisted mentality. Most of the guys are only interested in three things, results, stuffing and speed. They want the gain to happen, they want it to happen yesterday and they never want it to stop. Personally, me. I can appreciate the subtle aspects of the growing body, inch by beautiful inch. There is truly no need to rush the journey because once you get to the end, you'll just wanna do it over.

Feeders are more like hunters than we would admit, even the women like me. We are all searching for the legendary perfect feedee. Somebody who's close, doesn't care about what others think of them and love to eat. This is pretty rare, if not impossible to find. I can only write all of this stuff down because here is the only place any of this makes sense. If I told anybody else this, chances are I'd be labeled a freak and, well the rest is obvious. Secrets though, they often have a way of making themselves known. This was a secret I have been holding inside ever since I was at least fourteen, how I became interested in this, I couldn't tell you. I have no idea.

Let me tell you about myself. My name is Jenny, I am nineteen years old and, if I do say so my self I look pretty good. Despite my weight gaining quest for others I had kept myself in pretty good shape. Don't call me a hypocrite just yet though. This is pretty normal for most feeders to keep themselves in shape, or at least not gain anything, some like to gain mutually, I am not one of those women. My hair is blond and long enough to go past my shoulders, my eyes are green and skin is moderately tanned. I could have been a cheerleader, I had the assets to be one but my greatest secret kept me from being too athletic over all.

I took a sip of my water bottle and waited for the light to turn green, it did and I went, but I kept feeling that somebody was watching me from the side streets, I know that sounded weird but its true. I picked up my phone and speed dialed my best friend Melissa, she was my friend since the fifth grade, and because of being around me it was of no surprise she was heavier than I was. Secretly, I enjoyed her body, but publicly, every time she cried to lose weight and become depressed, I'd console her with an all night with a chocolate Ice cream binge. It always made her feel better. Some would call that an evil approach. I call it well played strategy. High School had not been kind to my friend and soon I became her only outlet, she was five foot seven, and she only weighed just under one hundred and forty pounds. This was more than enough to warrant a sentence of exile though. Kids, no matter the age are harsh.

"Hey there!" She picked up and I replied. "Yeah, I'm on my way there now." The plan was a fun all nighter. The last remaining night before our real lives began, you know. College and all that noise. "Don't forget the food, don't forget the secret!" The voice came from the back seat, nobody was there. "What was that?, oh right I got it." I almost didn't her her words over...what ever that was. "Be there soon," And I hung up. I had held in my secret my whole life. Told no one, yet somebody knew, how. "I know, I've always known. You and I are the same!" That time I actually DID hear something. IT was real, nobody was there. "Who are you? Better yet where are you!" I was beginning to freak out.

"Come now Jenny. I am the thing you hold deep inside. Your inner spirit." That was impossible, had this insane interest of mine finally driven completely mad. I knew secrets could do this, however I never thought it would to this to me. "No, you are not real!" I was saying. "Oh, but I am real, I've always been real. Living inside. Watching and waiting for this very moment to come out and make myself known!" Oh yeah. I was losing it completely and it was at this time I pulled into the nearest parking lot.
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