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Chapter 1

The internet is a wonderful thing, isn't it? It makes all kinds of people come together in ways that was never before possible in anytime in history. Of course the internet used to be called back the day, the World Wide Web, but only because humans discovered the so called web, didn't mean the spiders were new. No, they were always there and some of them are so much more dangerous than others. The computer screen just happens to be the window to the soul of the internet, and like all souls, sometimes they contain bad things that should have never been released into the world.

This is one such spider.

It was the year 2004. The internet is a fun place to be on and it is not any different here at the University. It's a tool, a wonderful thing that allowed people to research and learn things that might not have been known before. It was an amazing thing. But I saw it for what it was turning into , even though I couldn't stop it. I can tell about it now. I am sure you wont actually believe me, nobody really does and besides. This is the internet, its hard telling what is real, and what isn't anymore. But this is a story I watched unfold before my eyes.

This is the story of the central computer, the internet and four women who I used to know, and understand marginally well as any guy could really understand a woman, after all sometimes they just don't make any sense at all, you know? Of course you do. Other wise you wouldn't be reading this.

I remember it well. I came into the dorm room, it was late for them, about three in the morning and I wasn't supposed to be there but since I was older, it was me who supplied all the, well, all the extra materials that helped life go by a little easier. Usually, most of them had been sleeping but this time, Amanda's eyes were fixed to the white glowing screen of the computer, this wasn't so odd for a weekend, but it was Tuesday night. Classes were in the morning and I was coming by to tell them that, this weekend I'd have to be gone, but I never got around to it. I walked over to the screen and asked who she was talking to. She was using the internet for its secondary purpose, connecting people of similar interests.

She didn't reply to me, her gaze was solidly stuck onto the screen. It wasnt until I touched her shoulder that she practically jumped a mile. She didnt even hear me come into the place it seemed. "I...I was talking to this guy who messaged me on the internet. I guess I went too much into the conversation, I didn't hear you come in,"Amanda said, then quickly she clicked on the X in the corner of the message box, apparently what ever the topic was, it wasn't for me. But hey, the internet is also a place for secrets.

She stood up and I told her why I was there and. The conversation was a short one and then she decided that she was going to bed. Me, being the curious one I was, and still am I decided to see just what she was talking about. I was able to use the computer when ever I wanted. She said her good night and left. Well, she forgot to log out of her messenger, and I decided to gaze into the unknown.

I can't really explain it, but this is what I found. I copied and pasted it.

Umzaro: Well, hello there

Amanda: Um, hi.

Umzaro: So, how are you.

Amanda: I'm fine, who are you?

Umzaro: I am just a lonely internet lurker :-)

Amanda: Oh, well I was just going to bed so....

Umzaro: Oh, please, just 5 more minutes.

Amanda: Alright if you are interesing.

Umzaro: I will do my best.

Amanda: You're losing me

Umzaro: So, what were you doing before this?

Amanda: Oh, you know doing research stuff for university work

Umzaro: Sounds boring.

Amanda: I'm done now.

Umzaro: So what you wanna talk about

Amanda: Idk

Umzaro: lol, well I think I have something interesting

Amanda: Oh. tell me

Umzaro: I think I wanna do an experiment.

Amanda: About.

Umzaro: Your body, of course.

Amanda: Alright, but I think you are insane.


Ama nda Uh...what was that for?

Umzaro: I might be insane, but you cant take your fingers away from the keyboard.

Amanda: OMG...this is insane!

It was at this time I knew something was wrong and the conversation began to take a darker turn, I dared read on although I knew I shouldnt have.

Umzaro: Now listen. For some reason you and I have met and I'm bored and I wanna play with you.

Amanda: You need to leave me alone now.

Umzaro: You are now going to be my friend. Add me.

Amanda: Fine, if that'll make you stop.

Umzaro: Now, as you add me. I want you to change for me.

Amanda: Uh, what?

Umzaro: CHANGE FOr.Me.

Amanda: How, why..I don't understand.

Umzaro: Your body will become new.

Amanda: I feel kinda weird now.

The conversation ended there. That is where I came in and interrupted it. I clicked on this guys profile, but there was nothing there, no picture, and he wasn't online anymore. I kinda thought the screen name was alittle weird, and I wouldn't forget it. But I had the sense that there was something dangerous beneath it. Something else, something terrible.

I didn't sign out. Instead, I decided to keep track of the conversations they would have. I know you might call me less then nice things but I decided do a little work and, it was easy enough, to discover their passwords. All four of them were pretty simple, now that I think about it. But the feeling wasn't leaving. My story begins here.

I got up and left, but the screen name couldn't escape my mind so easily. I left the room and went home.
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Amatrix 14 years
Loved it!
I liked the non-typical approach to WG.
J- you write like I eat. Full on, and no regrets.
BBWcreator82 14 years
I write what I'd like to see. Thanks for the comments. Weird is a compliment, thanks. Maybe I'll make more, maybe not. We'll see. You'll notice some details are lacking, this is because I don't like to spoon feed people, use your imaginationsmiley
Newspaper 14 years
I love the build up. Pretty well written too!