What a day

Chapter 1

Lewis lifted the hand brake and let out a satisfied sigh. What a day.

Even by his standards he had eaten a lot, and the effects were clearly visible on his bulging gut.

As he rubbed his bloated belly he thought about all the things that he had eaten ...

The day had started with a big breakfast in the hotel. He had been away on a conference the day before and in the morning was delighted to find that there was a self service buffet where you could eat as much as you liked.

He had helped himself to a heaped plate of sausages, bacon, beans, eggs, black pudding, hash browns and fried bread. It tasted so good. He really liked a cooked breakfast and the hotel’s offering was particularly good. It would have been rude not to have had another plate, and so he had returned to the counter and piled up his second helping.

He could have gone back for a third but having seen the time, he realised that he needed to make his way to the office and so he grabbed a few pastries for the car journey and made his way to check out.

On arriving at work, it was his colleague Matt's birthday and he was greeted with an array of cakes and chocolates to celebrate. By this time his breakfast had settled and he helped himself to some of the sugary treats and grabbed a handful of the chocolates to take back to his desk.

Before he knew it, lunch time had crept around. He had gone for lunch with some of his team to pizza hut for Matt's birthday. Again it was an all you can eat buffet.

There had been a competition amongst the guys to see who could eat the most, and this was one contest Lewis was not prepared to lose ...

The pizza was so fresh and tasty and he ate and ate and ate. Slice after slice after slice. One by one the other guys pushed their plates away unable to eat another bite. Matt was the last one to give in, finally pushing his plate away in defeat after 13 slices. Lewis ate another two large pieces, whilst the others looked on in awe, and then he leaned back in his chair satisfied that he has destroyed his competitors

'Well done' Matt said patting Lewis’s stuffed gut. 'I am impressed' he said rubbing his own small bloated belly, 'I thought that I could eat a lot of pizza but boy can you put it away.'

Lewis smiled and looked down at his belly. He seemed to be getting bigger by the day. He had gained a lot of weight recently and it had all gone straight onto his gut. Over the last week his clothes had gone from being snug to tight and the very full feeling that he was experiencing now had become a daily occurrence. He just couldn't stop eating.
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Chub41ub 13 years
ooh, i like- & u left the end open for another! ^_^ nicely done!