A date at fat john's

chapter 1

He pulled up to her house more nervous than he ever remembered being. He looked once again at the picture she had used as her profile picture just to confirm that she really was as beautiful as the first time he had seen the picture. The picture was of a blonde girl wearing a black dress, smiling a big, infectious smile. Daniel could make out the curves on her body despite the flowy design of the dress. He could see that her hips expanded quickly after her relatively smaller waist, as his eyes moved down her body he noticed she was an obvious pear shape, with her upper half looking just slightly mismatched to the round bottom she sported. Her name was Madi, and she looked absolutely perfect, which is why he was so nervous. Years of browsing websites geared toward plus-size dating had yielded not even a single date, as most girls lived no where near him. Which is why it seemed almost too good to be true when he signed up for a new site and looked at the profiles near him and stumbled upon the picture of the beautiful girl. She lived in his hometown, and she was around his same age. He was floored, he knew that he needed to meet her and take her out. Their conversation had started out casual, but the two quickly turned to more serious topics as they discussed life, and relationships. "Just let me take you out for something easy, we can go get a burger or something, nothing serious, I just have to meet you!" He had sent, to which she agreed. So here he was, parked in front of the house that matched the address she had provided.
She had instructed him not to knock or ring the doorbell because her roommates were asleep, something that he didn't enjoy but he complied.
"I'm here" He sent the text and felt the butterflies well up in his stomach. 'Alright man, this is it, your shot... don't blow it!' he thought to himself as he saw the door open slowly. He immediately got out of his car to meet the girl who was having such an effect on him. He wasn't prepared in the slightest. From around the door came the most magnificent creature he had ever laid eyes on. She was perfect. She was wearing a loose top that nevertheless pressed against her belly as she walked, and leggings that, when she turned around to lock the door, revealed every curve of her body that he had attempted to see through the dress in the picture. Her ass was huge! Almost as wide as the door he noticed as she began walking towards him, her infectious smile growing across her face as she got closer. Her thighs were indeed fat, very fat indeed. He noticed them jiggle with every step she took, immediately he wanted to touch them, to feel their softness, but he'd have to control himself if he was going to make a good impression.
"Oh my god, you're stunning!" He said as she walked down the driveway toward him, her smile morphing into a giggle that she tried to stifle as her face turned red.
"Oh thank you!" She said, as she tried to maintain her composure. He was so handsome, well over 6' tall, built like a football player and his voice was so sexy! She thought as she got closer.
They embraced as they formally introduced themselves, Daniel took the opportunity to hug Madi and feel her softness for the very first time, she was perfect!
"You're so tall!" She said as she looked up at him. Daniel guessed that she was probably around 5'5", pretty standard for a girl, but if he had to guess, she was probably in the mid 300s as far as weight was concerned definitely not standard for a girl as young as she was, a thought that excited him. He opened her door as she got close to his car, and he watched as the car sank when she got in, almost getting his door stuck in the grass that lined the curb. She was so heavy, he immediately had to try to distract himself to avoid exposing his excitement. He got in the small car next to her, and felt as their upper arms touched, hers felt so unbelievably soft and warm from what he could tell from the brief moment of contact.
"So, I promised something casual, so what are you in the mood for? We could go to Fat John's?" Daniel suggested, thinking of the delicious diner-style burger joint in town, the one that served up burgers the right way with plenty of meat, cheese, and sauce. Daniel was himself a bigger guy, he had played sports in high school, but didn't keep up on exercise very much, going from around 260 on his 6'3" frame to his current 290. He had developed a noticeable gut, something that he resented at first, but had grown to appreciate. If having a gut meant he got to keep eating the calorie-rich food he had grown accustomed to during sports, he was okay with that.
"Oh my god, I love Fat John's!" Madi responded wiggling in her seat from excitement, Daniel watched as her fat shifted back and forth as she did so, her thighs jiggling and her belly poking over the top of her leggings.
"Sounds like a plan then, I'll get you a couple milkshakes!" Daniel suggested, testing the waters of their date. Yea, they had met on a plus-size dating site, but he wasn't sure if madi was that into the whole feederism side of his fetish.
"I love their milkshakes! You can buy me as many as you want!" Madi responded giddily. "Seriously, I can't control myself in that place." She continued giggling as she spoke. She was so nervous, he was so sexy and so smooth, he made her so excited and happy but also so nervous, she felt like every word she said could derail the date.
The couple chatted as Daniel drove to the diner. Daniel learned that Madi wanted to be an interior designer, always having a knack for art and decorating, she was finishing up her degree and working on her real estate license. She had played soft ball growing up-- why did it seem like all the bottom-heavy girls Daniel knew played softball he mused silently as she continued speaking. She revealed that she had always been a big girl, reaching 200 pounds by the time she started middle school. She had always had a relationship with food, especially candy and other junk food. Daniel told her about his life as he drove, he was going to school to become a doctor, he was in his second year of med school. He had gone to the same university as her for his undergrad, which they spent most of the rest of the drive talking about, how crazy was it that they had grown up so close to each other, even attending the same university, and never met! Finally they saw it on the side of the road, the classic bluish building with neon pink lights for trim, it truly looked like it had been brought forward through time from the 60s. Maintaining the classic old school look and feel, with plenty of classic pin up art on the walls as well as posters of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and other classic pop-culture figures from past decades.
"This place is just so classic!" He announced as they pulled up into one of the stalls that lined the building.
"Yea its the best! I used to come in here like every day during high school." Madi confessed as they got out of the car. The truth was that she was in fact there practically daily in high school, she would forgo the lunch at school and instead spend all of her money buying as much delicious food at Fat John's as she could afford.
"No way?! Good thing I picked it then!" Daniel said laughing as he opened the door for her.
The couple were seated by the classic diner-style dressed waitress. Daniel noticed as they sat down in the booth that Madi's belly pressed against and poured over onto the table a little bit as she scooted in. She was truly perfect he thought to himself as they settled in.
The two chatted as the waitress left them alone to look over the menu, something Madi didn't need to do, she practically had the thing memorized. When the waitress returned the two each ordered extra large milkshakes, Daniel's was going to be peanut butter chocolate and Madi's would be birthday cake flavor. The restaurant had almost an endless list of milkshakes, Madi had hardly been able to try them all, despite her frequent visits.
The waitress returned with two huge glasses full of milkshake as well as two large metal containers that housed the "extra" even though it had an almost equivalent amount of milkshake.
Madi dug in with gusto, forgetting her manners at the sight of the delicious confection. The waitress had to interrupt her enthusiasm by asking for the food order. Madi tried to hide just how excited she had been to slurp down the shake, and casually ordered her food.
"Yea, I'll have two of the double cheeseburgers with bacon, a large order of the beer-battered fries, and an order of onion rings." Madi immediately regretted the words as they left her mouth, what would Daniel think of her?! She had never actually been out with a guy from the plus sized sites she frequented, so she wasn't sure how to act, and she wasn't sure if the order she just placed would excite or repulse him. When she looked up at his face however, she got her answer. He was smiling at her, his eyes were sparkling with desire as he stared at her, the look melted her heart. It was like he was looking at the most amazing, interesting, beautiful thing in the world.
"And for you?" the waitress asked casually as she turned toward Daniel. She had seen Madi in there before, she was never one to shy away from a big meal, and apparently a date wasn't an occasion to do so either.
"Yea, I'll have a double cheeseburger with extra bacon, an order of the chili fries, and could you bring us some of the buffalo wings as well?" Daniel asked, smiling as he ordered.
'Well at least she found a guy that loves to eat as much as her!' The waitress thought, but all she said was "Sounds great guys, anything else I can get you while you wait?" Daniel and Madi told her they were fine, and she disappeared into the swinging metallic doors into the kitchen.
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