Sweet sarah

chapter 1

'She is perfect! What kind of a name would fit a woman so absolutely stunningly beautiful?! Look at the way she walks, each step visibly labored and heavy as she shuffles through the aisles.' Her legs were huge, each thigh stretching on for what seemed like miles, the fat pressing tightly against the leggings that were stretched to the point of near transparency. Jake continued to admire the beautiful girl, subtly stalking her through the store. He watched as she ambled down the aisles, her thighs rolling past each other the soft fat having nowhere to go but to fold over itself as she waddled. 'Excellent choice!' Jakes says to himself as he sees her pick up 2 boxes of pastries from the bread aisle, begin to walk away only to turn back and grab a few more boxes. He walks toward her in the aisle, pretending to glance at the food on the shelves, his cart noticeably bare. The beautiful behemoth had captured his attention only a minute or two after he had entered the store, and instead of continuing with his shopping he had been watching her do hers. She was perfect. He could see her prominent belly as it stretched the fabric on her top and pants, her belly was visible through the stretched fabric of her leggings, and he could see how it rested heavily against her thighs, bouncing and jiggling as she moved. 'She must weigh at least 600 pounds!' He thinks to himself as he tries to subtly eye the beauty, pretending to browse the options on the shelves, he picked up various items and pretended to look at the labels, his attention however was completely focused on the enormously obese woman just a few feet away. She had a round face with very feminine features. Her soft pouty lips were very full and a nice shade of red, her eyes were small, her full cheeks appeared to be encroaching on the openings, causing her eyes to take on a slight almond shape. Her skin was a soft tan color, looking almost blemish free.

"Its not any good..." came a soft, sweet voice, suddenly Jake panicked, the woman was talking... and... to him? He felt his face get hot, like he had just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Eh... erm... Im sorry what?" Jake replied, trying to get a foothold in the conversation and figure out what the beautiful girl was talking about.

"The jelly silly! That new flavor isn't good... not nearly as sweet as jelly should be!" Jake noticed a slight breathiness to her speech, waddling around the store left her noticeably winded jake realized, trying to forget the thought as soon as it entered attempting to avoid any undue embarrassment that an untimely erection would bring. Only then did Jake notice the 'Limited time only!' printed in bright red letters in the corner of the jar he was holding.

"Oh... uh okay! Thanks for the heads up!" Jake replied, trying to act natural, and trying to give the impression that he had actually been genuinely interested in the quality of the jelly.

"No problem!" came the quick reply before the woman began waddling away to continue her shopping. Likely to forget about the guy she warned about the jelly in just a few minutes. But Jake couldn't think of anything to say as he watched the woman walk away, her ass cheeks visibly jiggling with each footfall.

"So... you like jelly, huh?" 'What the hell are you thinking jake, what was that?!' Jake immediately panicked to himself as the words left his lips. 'You like jelly?' what kind of a stupid question is that? He watched as she turned around, watching her body move was majestic, each roll finding a new place to settle as she turned.

"Hehe... Yea! I like anything that tastes sweet! Can't you tell?!" Came the reply as the girl patted her massive belly for emphasis... the girl was so candid it caught Jake off guard.

"Of course! Er.... I mean no.... ermm.. " Jake struggled to respond, any charm he had once possessed went straight out the window as soon as the girl smiled at him and rubbed the soft fat of her belly.

"Its okay hun, i'm fat! there's no use denying it!" The girl responded, giggling at Jake's nervous reply.

"Well, you're also really beautiful, there's no denying that either!" Jake responded, trying to match the girl's surprising cheeriness, while also finding a little bit of his charisma that the girl had blown away.

"Oh my goodness! That's so nice, its been awhile since someone paid me such a genuine compliment!" she responded, practically radiating as she smiled with both her eyes and her mouth, revealing a beautiful smile of radiant white teeth.

"You are very welcome! What's your name by the way, if I don't at least learn the name of such a beautiful girl I'll be kicking myself for the rest of the day!" Jake smiled at the girl, his heart racing as he tried to maintain his composure. Was this really happening, he was actually talking to the large and lovely lady who had captured his attention.

"You are just the sweetest guy I've ever met! I'm Sarah, what's your name handsome?" Sarah replied, brushing a loose strand of hair that had made its way into her field of view, smiling a flirtatious smile as she did so.

"I'm Jake, its really great to meet you!" He said, offering the beautiful girl his hand, which she reciprocated. He watched as she lifted her arm toward him, the fat that hung from her bicep jiggling as she did so. Jake couldn't help but notice how soft and full her hand was, her skin felt like heaven. It seemed like her hands hadn't done any sort of work in her life, the skin soft as a baby's bottom.

"Its great to meet you too!" Sarah responded giggling, and looking away, Jakes admiring gaze causing her to lose her composure for a second.

"Hey look, this might be a little forward, but I think you are just absolutely stunning, and If I don't at least ask I'll never forgive myself.. So here goes, how would you like to go out for dinner sometime?" Jake made his move, if he would ever have a shot at this beautiful massive girl, this was it.

Sarah smiled as Jake asked the question, her heart fluttering. She'd never been asked on a real date before. Aside from a few dances in high school with a date who was "Just a friend" she hadn't really ever experienced the dating scene. But here she was, practically sweating just from waddling around the store, with her cart loaded to the brim full of fatty foods, yet nevertheless she had a super handsome guy groveling over her. She had her suspicions forming about Jake's preferences is women, after all its not often that a girl like herself got hit on by random strangers outside of the online forums she frequented. But here she was, out in the wild being hit on by a guy who by all appearances was a genuinely nice guy.

"I'd love to! You seem so nice!" Sarah responded, touching Jake on his upper arm as she did so, flashing him a smile.

"Awesome, well how about you type your number in, and I'll give you a call in a couple days, we can do something this weekend!" Jake replied, handing the gorgeous girl his cell phone, trying to keep his hand from shaking from how nervous he actually was despite his relatively collected demeanor that he had fought to regain.

"Sounds good!" Jake watched as Sarah's chubby fingers hit the screen on his phone. She held the phone on her breasts, resting her arms as she did, her fat arms were no doubt heavy, and holding a phone in front of her face would no doubt produce a strain, which this girl appeared to avoid at all costs. Her face settled down into the extra fat that framed her chin and jaw, extra rolls forming as she focused on his phone. This was actually happening, the most beautifully fat girl he had ever seen was typing her number into his phone, he was ecstatic. "Don't you dare bail on me, or I'll be crushed!" Sarah continued, as she handed Jake back his phone.

"I wouldn't dare bail on a girl half as beautiful as you are!" Jake replied, flashing a smile.

"Hehehe you are cute!" Sarah replied blushing. "Well, I better keep on shopping, they say not to shop on an empty stomach and the longer I stand here the hungrier I get, so If I want to make it out with just one cart, I better get moving!" Sarah laughed as she spoke, her upbeat demeanor was so refreshing.

"Oh my goodness that's so funny!" Jake laughed at Sarah's humor, he was always a fan of girls talking about their appetites, especially in such a candid manner. "Alright, well I will see you this weekend Beautiful!" Jake said, as he moved in for a hug. She was just as soft as she looked Jake thought to himself as his midsection made contact with Sarah's massive stomach, he could feel his dick swelling as it pressed further and further into her massive belly as he attempted to reach his arms around her. She was huge! Only now that he had his arms part of the way around her was he able to fully appreciate her immense size. He guessed there was at least a foot or two of space between his hands on her back, he wouldn't have been able to reach around her even if he was a massive basketball player with a 7 foot wingspan he mused quietly as he felt Sarah's massively fat arms circle around him, the heavy, warm, soft, heavenly, fat resting across his shoulders.

"Alright see you then handsome!" Sarah said as they pulled away from each other, winking as she spoke. She was so huge and so incredibly confident and sexy, Jake was blown away, speechless as they walked away from each other, with plans to go out over the weekend.
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Late to this but would love to see where it goes from here!
Bruinsean 6 years
This is a great story. 23 and as big as she is? That is remarkable and rare.
Pd500 6 years
Can't weight for chapter 19! Love this!
NoviceFA 6 years
By Jake's estimation she is somewhere in the 600 pound range, but not even Sarah knows exactly... they'll find out soon though. smiley
Bruinsean 6 years
How much does she weigh?
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Beautiful story~ keep going!!!
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Best read so far, please continue to add chapters can't wait to read what happens next
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wonderful romantic story.
I like the descriptions.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
NoviceFA 6 years
Thank you for all the feedback everyone, I love hearing it! It's great to see that people like my story! smiley
NoviceFA 6 years
Thanks for the heads up. I guess that's the last time i try to publish a chapter from my phone on the go haha. It will be fixed shortly.
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Good start, would love to read more.
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It is a great start. Keep going.
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