The secret enabler

  By NoviceFA

chapter 1

'God, what was I thinking?! He's not going to show up! Why the hell would he?! It has been almost 5 years and you still don't even know his stupid name!' The woman lay on her bed panicking, trying to think of what to do... what could she do? 'God, so shortsighted of me! Yea, just get fatter, he'll show up!' Jenna's thoughts continued as she assessed her situation trying to think of a solution that didn't involve calling 911 and being craned out of her home. You see, Jenna wasn't an ordinary girl, not anymore. She lays on her bed, which is about all she can do anymore. 'Yea, let's just keep eating whatever a random stranger sends us and get as fat as we can!' Jenna thought to herself, looking at her endless body sprawling out on her bed. 'Why did I even start all this?!' Jenna's thoughts continue as she thinks back to the first night she was contacted by who she had come to know only as her "Enabler"

"... and as you see here, there are actually no places on earth..."

Jenna tried to pay attention to the lecture, despite the incessant hunger pangs she had been having for the last 3 hours. She clutched at her small but noticeable belly through her shirt, trying to stay the hunger despite not having any food available to appease it. 'God, this whole broke college student thing was old 6 months ago! Somebody kill me!' Jenna thought to herself as she absentmindedly watched her professor walk back and forth in front of the class, lecturing on some stupid geography junk that she had no interest for.

"Welcome to River Bank!" Jenna read the words at the top of her phone before her eyes darted to her balance as soon as it loaded.
"$0.83" Jenna stared at the number, wishing the decimal would move somewhere else, anywhere but in front of the other two numbers would be a blessing at this point. No such magic occurred, instead Jenna's tummy continued to growl as her head dropped in disappointment.

"Alright... so don't forget your essays are due next class!" The professor finally said as his lecture came to an end, students immediately hopping out of their seats, ready to start their weekends. Jenna was slow to stand. Her entire body ached. She worked way more than she could handle in order to cover all of her bills, leaving her joints aching and sore despite her young age. At 19 years old and around 180 pounds on her 5'2" frame she had a little extra weight to carry around, making her fast food job that much more taxing.

'God, I work enough to make my joints ache, and I'm still broke all the time!' Jenna thought to herself as she walked toward the door. As soon as she was out of the building the cool evening air hit her face, sending chills down her spine. She thought about her pantry at home as she passed the old brick buildings that were hallmarks of her university's character, adding to the majestic charm of the old campus. A mental image of the last time she opened her pantry flashed in her mind, the bare white cupboards still visible in her mind's eye. She wouldn't get paid for another 3 days, but she was hungry now, and with no family nearby and few friends she didn't have a whole lot of options.

'I think I have some white rice... and maybe... a slice of cheese on top?' The meal didn't sound appetizing in the slightest, but it was the only option Jenna would have for the evening. Jenna's belly once again growled from beneath her sweatshirt, causing her to look around, making sure no one heard the surprisingly loud sound. After about 10 minutes of walking Jenna finally arrived at her door.

"What's this? Some Ad?" Jenna said aloud in an annoyed tone as she pulled an envelope out from the crack between her door and the frame. The envelope had some weight to it, causing her interest to pique even more than it already had.

"Jenna" Was written in pencil on the front, with no addresses or postage, indicating it had likely been hand delivered.

"What's in here?" Jenna said aloud as she felt something hard on the inside of the envelope. Jenna slid her key in the lock and opened her door as she continued to inspect the mysterious envelope.

Once inside Jenna found a knife in the kitchen and slid it under the seal of the envelope, a slight tearing sound could be heard as the knife cut at the paper. Jenna slid her fingers under the flap and opened it up, revealing a piece of paper along with what looked like a bank card.

"What the hell?" Jenna said as she grabbed the card, seeing the red background with the golden arches, and realizing it was a McDonald's gift card, with no clear indication of worth on it she grabbed the piece of paper and unfolded it.

"Dear Jenna,
You're probably wondering who I am, don't worry about that... you don't know me, at least not in any significant way. I hope this doesn't come off as too creepy, but I've overheard some of the financial problems you've been having... And I want to help. This McDonald's card has $140 on it. It is yours to enjoy, there is only one condition. You must use all of the money on it by the end of the week, and you must eat it all yourself, and NO WASTE. If you do this, there will be more help to follow. If not, then you'll never hear from me again."

"What the hell?" Jenna said to herself as her brow furrowed. She re-read the note a couple of times just to be sure she understood it correctly. "This has to be some joke..." Jenna spoke quietly to herself as she read the note for the 10th time. "Well, no one would actually load the card if it was just a joke..." Jenna thought as she navigated on her phone's browser to McDonald's website.

After entering the card number Jenna stared blankly at the screen for a moment, the words "Card Balance: $140" were staring back at her as her heart began beating faster. The realization that this wasn't some joke settled in as Jenna's stomach suddenly growled louder than Jenna ever remembered hearing.

"Eh, Joke or not, I might as well use the card as long as it has money on it!" Jenna said aloud as she hopped up from her couch, grabbing her keys and heading out the door, the nearest McDonald's was only a couple blocks away, and her hunger was basically moving her legs for her in it's direction.

"God, so this person just wants me to eat $140 worth of food at Mcdonalds in 7 days... that's around 20 bucks a day... I could easily do that!" Jenna said under her breath as she did the math in her head, braking down her budget to assure that she would reach the goal, this gravy train seemed like the perfect windfall to help her re focus on school instead of work and bills.

Jenna arrived at the mcdonalds a little tired from the walk, especially in light of her empty stomach, which was practically constantly growling at Jenna, demanding she use the card in its favor. Jenna's mouth began watering as she smelt the familiar aroma of McDonald's fries cooking in oil.

"Hi! How can I help you?" Said the lady behind the counter as Jenna's eyes scanned the menu, adding items to her order in her head before relaying them to the worker.

"Hi! Yea, I'll take 4 Cheeseburgers.. A Large Fry, a McChicken, a Chicken Salad, and a Large drink please!" Jenna said, the enormity of the order not apparent to her until she listed the items off. Thank god the girl across the counter didn't know it was all for her, despite the singular drink hinting at the fact.

"Okay! That will be $13.65 please!" Came the response from the lady behind the counter, which Jenna responded to simply by lifting her gift card to show how she'd be paying.

'Gosh, all that was only 13 bucks?! 140 will go a bit further than I expected...' Jenna thought to herself as she swiped her card, a little green check mark appearing with "Approved" written under it.

Once Jenna received her food she quickly sat at a table and unwrapped a couple of the cheeseburgers, taking huge bites as she savored the cheesy saltiness of the burgers.

"Mhmmm..." Jenna moaned under her breath as she chewed, elated that she finally had a meal in front of her that had some substance to it. Jenna had always been a little bit on the heavier side, enjoying the taste of food just a bit more than everyone around her it seemed. From early childhood she remembered being captured by the taste of delicious foods, however she had always resisted completely binging, opting to maintain a nearly normal figure instead. After starting college and gaining her independence Jenna quickly realized that she didn't have the means to sustain her eating habits, losing weight and a little bit of softness as her weight fell from just above 200 to her current 180. Losing the 20 pounds had been bittersweet for Jenna, on the one hand she was excited as she saw her waist shrinking slightly, adding to the curves that she enjoyed so much about her body. However, on the other hand she looked in the mirror with fear as she saw her body shrinking, nervous that she'd lose her plump figure, and with it the extra softness she secretly enjoyed... oh, and all the attention from the boys who admire girls with a figure like hers, thicc all the way through, with nice curves, excellent shapely breasts, and a nice wide, full butt. But now she could finally indulge and enjoy again, enabled by some stranger's kind gesture, ready to take full advantage of the card to at least enjoy eating what she wanted again, and if not... maybe see how she felt after putting 10 or so pounds back on...
'Who would send me this much money on a McDonald's card?!' Jenna thought to herself as she eyed the red card that was decorated with the yellow arches. She chewed quickly on her mcchicken, taking breaks between bites of it to stuff a few hot french fries past her lips.
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Tee_kay 5 years
Please finish this. Its amazing
GummieTummy 6 years
This is fantastic! I hope there’s more.
Theswordsman 6 years
Good to see this story continue
QuebecFA 6 years
I really love the story so far! I eagerly await Chapter 9 and seeing where the rest of the story goes! ;-)
Florin 6 years
I have to admit I'm very much enjoying the story and hope you continue
Tarquin 6 years
Superb - beautifully done, great mood and characterization. thanks!
Theswordsman 6 years
Love it and i notice that you said seemingly empty.
Mark 6 years
page 2 change 180 to 120
Pd500 6 years
I'm really digging this! Can't wait for chapter 6 & beyond!
NoviceFA 6 years
Haha you are a saint for pointing that out to me, so embarrassed. It has been around 7 years since math played an active role in my life. All of those teachers were right. It came back to bite me haha. If there are any other glaring deficiencies feel free
Mark 6 years
probably later the girl figures out that $20 a day is only $140 per week. She needs to spend at least $28.58 per day to get to $200 in seven days
NoviceFA 6 years
Thank you ^.^