A long needed drink

chapter 1

It's a long summers day as Alice sits in her room covered in sweat waiting for the temperature to cool she was thinking of ways to cool down then a idea went through her head she grabbed three hoses and stuck them in each hole then opened the taps as she drank she felt the water flow into her belly as she lays still enjoying the feeling of water entering her belly as it swirls around her belly she noticed that everything was was cooling down she was about to turn off the taps when she heard a sound emanated all over the room she started looking around wondering where the sound was coming from not noticing her belly growing expanding at a rapid rate she glanced down saw her belly she was shocked by the size of her belly she looked pregnant as her belly grew another thought went through her head as she grew she looked at the taps then back at her belly then grabbed the taps then twisting them making them go at full blast she crawled to the wall and tried to sit up but with her belly expanding at a rapid pace it took her ten minutes to support herself she sat there watching her round belly grow bigger by the second as it grew she saw her shirt not big enough to cover her belly she moaned with pain and pleasure as her belly inflate her touching her thighs she started touching her belly watching as it jiggle gurgle and slosh unknown to her she was smiling as the water kept pumping into her she tried to stand failing every time so she tried crawling but her belly was too big for her but kept trying and failing so she tried the next best thing she started rolling eventually she made half way towards the taps then she heard more loud gurgling and saw her belly it was massive but continued rolling to the taps she made to them only in arms reach when she couldn't move she was trapped underneath her expanding girth so after trying again and again to reach the taps failing every time she layed there ready to accept her fate as she grew all she could hear was a loud sloshing sound then nothing she looked at her belly it wasn't growing so she looked at the taps and saw the hoses had lost their grip she sighed in joy as she tried rolling on to her belly after a massive amount of time and strength she was on her belly her hands on the taps turning them off then fell asleep as her belly sloshing and jiggled as she dreamed.

(Hello everyone who reads this i would like if you could comment on if I should do another story and how to make it more interesting thank you and goodbye)
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