The future is... chubby

Chapter 1 - trapped in time, surrounded by evil, low on gas...

“Stupid, stupid, stupid,” Professor Elsa Rose shouted to herself, pulling the leaver on her time machine as hard as she could. She had originally came from the year 1915, and for had decided to take her new invention for a test run before going to the patent office with it. She traveled, what she assumed to only be 10 years into the future, but the meter that read the year wasn’t working correctly and she didn’t realize till she was a 10 million years into the future. Earth 10 million years was not a great place to bring a new piece of sensitive technology, as large creatures, looking like they weren’t related to any of today’s fauna, had attacked her without even giving her a moment to realize what the hell she’d stumbled into. They were massive, worm like invertebrates, with jaws big enough to cut her in two.

Just as they got within striking distance, Professor Rose got the thing falling in reverse. The year meter was still broken, randomly jumping to different numbers. She had to guess how long it had taken to get to the time she accidentally stumbled into. This machine took so much power, and only had enough for two jumps, one forwards and one back. The professor took a guess, even though she hadn’t been counting how long it took.

“Even if I land a few years ahead, I could manage.” She thought to herself, even a few years in the past would be better than landing next to some other horror from the past instead of the future. She figured it took her 5 minutes to get that far into the future and she waited, finally pushing the leaver back.

The machine stopped and she looked around, if she was right she should be standing in her lab, but since she was wrong by god knows how much, she was standing in a sweltering forest, surrounded by the ruins of the last humans who lived there. Professor Rose had made a horrible mistake and was stuck in the future.

Elsa stumbled off her machine and onto the soft forest soil. In shock at her own incompetence. She should have taken a short jump, but rushed the construction of the machine to see the future, and she got her wish, only she was stuck in this time forever. She slumped against the side of the mass of pipes, tubes and copper. At least she was out of danger, for the moment. No worms chasing her. She stood up, brushing the dirt off her butt and walked into the thick forest, hoping to find some kind of help.

The thing about time travel is it has an extremely disorienting affect, like spinning in a circle and suddenly stopping. With her equilibrium still adjusting, Elsa tried to step over a tree stump, and with her head spinning like a top, she lost her balance and smacked her head hard off the tree.

The blackness began to fade and Elsa flickered her eyes open. She slowly sat up, rubbing her head and hoping that the lost in time thing was just a horrible dream. She looked around, seeing a huge almost palace like room, made of polished stone and illuminated by the sun coming from the huge windows along the walls. She looked down to see the bed she was lying on, it was made of some kind of soft, synthetic feeling material, and as she looked around she noticed the floor was covered in them, like this was a kind of sleeping chamber. Then she noticed whoever was kind enough to bring her here had undressed her, and put her in some kind of short and tight robe. As she stood up she could feel it not cover anything on her rear and pulled at it desperately till it almost made her decent.

She continued out of the seeping chamber down a long corridor, occasionally tugging the robe again to keep her ass covered. The palace was huge, and appeared to very old. There wasn’t an inch of the floor that wasn’t worn or scuffed. She began to wonder if anybody really did live there, since all of the windows had been smashed out centuries before she had gotten there, there were no rugs, art or any kind of sound except for her bare feet on the stone floor.

At last she saw a was outside, and almost ran for it. As she stepped outside, she was blasted with the bright sun and humidity. How ever many years she had gone into future, it appeared to be much hotter than it is today.

She was sure that whatever people lived here probably didn’t speak anything close to any languages from her time, but tried to make contact anyway,” hello, anybody?”

At first nothing stirred, then after a moment, the people of this time came to her.

They were strange little people, only a couple feet tall, with extremely exaggerated feminine facial and body features. They all had the same pale peach colored skin tone and the same amber colored hair. Their body proportions were strange, their heads were large and their bodies long, with very short arms and legs and tiny, useless looking hands and feet. Adding to their strange appearance was they were all in varying stages of obesity. None of them were thin, they were all fat, with much of it settling in their hips and legs, making them extremely wide. They all had little pot bellies, very feminine breasts and dressed in the same robes Elsa had been dressed in.

Elsa almost laughed at the fact that these things things had carried her out of the forest and brought her to the palace that they somehow built. At first she was angry about being undressed, but how could she stay mad at these things. These things were absolutely no threat to her, and if they did try to attack her, she could just punt them off. She imagined this and laughed.

A couple of the chubby little people started poking Elsa’s flat stomach,” guess you guys have never seen anybody who’s thin, huh?”
One of them grabbed her hand and started tugging on it leading her down a path with rest of them. Elsa shrugged, maybe she could find who took her clothes or some clues to what year it was. She fallowed behind as the two that had been pulling her along, continued to chatter to each other and poke her all over with worried looks on their faces. One of them lifter her robe and poked the Professor in her butt.

“Hey! Don’t do that.” She pulled her robe back down,” where are we going anyway?” She said right as they led her into a large meadow with fifty or more of these fat gremlins sitting on the short grass, eating fruits of various sized. As soon as they got to the meadow, most of them seemed to immediately forget about her and ran off to eat, with one staying behind pulling Elsa forward, leading her to a pile of large green fruits sitting on a metal platter. The creature leading her looked up to her, and gesturing to the pile.

“Ok fine, I’ll try one.” At first she get sorry for these little things, now she was getting a little annoyed with them. She picked up one of the fruits, it was about the size of a cantaloupe, but with the same skin texture and color as a mango. She looked for her little friend who brought her here in the first place to get some help on figuring out how to eat the damn thing, but she was gone with the others. Elsa grumbled, as she tried to get her mouth around it to take a bite, but it was too big, and the skin was too hard. She looked at what the others were doing and it looked like they had just cracked it open and scooped out its contents with their hands. She looked around for a moment to find a rock or something to crack it open, when the same creature that brought her here, tugged on Elsa’s robe. She turned around and handed her the fruit to see how they open it, and without missing a beat, she grabbed it with her fat little hands, tugged on the stem and the top of it popped off like a cork and handed it back to the professor with an expression of “are you an idiot.” And ran back to the others.

Elsa peaked into the opened fruit, telling herself to figure out the odd means of opening it later. It wasn’t what she expected at all, she thought it would be just a melon or something, but it was filled with this thick, creamy slop. She had never seen anything remotely like this, she tilted it back and forth to watch it move and it was like a loose batter with bits of something in it with a milky liquid on top, like yogurt. To avoid looking like a fool again, she watched one of the others technique. They’d shake it with the organic lid still on it and drink it. She put the top back on and shook the hell out of it. When she looked back inside, all the contents were incorporated and at least looked like something edible. She put it too her lips and took a small sip and let the flavor settle in her mouth. It wasn’t fruity at all, it was more like something chocolate. It was decadently rich and sugary was an understatement.

“I’ll be damned,” She thought to herself before taking a huge drink. It was addictively sweet, after taking a drink she almost immediately missed the taste and drank more. When she finished it she sat under a tree and looked at all these fat little people she’d have to probably spend her life with, as they just ate and lounged. She thought about taking another fruit and looked around to see if everybody had enough, only to find that most of them had at least 5 of the empty rinds sitting around them.

The professor laughed,”so that’s why you’re all so fat,” and grabbed another before heading off to explore more of this bizarre future she was in.
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Mommika 3 years
I like it plesae continue it
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Love the doctor who reference