The closet

chapter 1

Becca sighed as her last class of the day ended. It was an art class that was only supposed to be about an hour but usually the professor stretched it out for 3. She trudged through the heat with her heavy bag of art supplies, off campus to her apartment. "The heat is unbearable, but at least the semester ends in a couple weeks." She thought to herself.

Becca was a tall and fit 19 year old freshman. She had short brown hair, green eyes and had a tomboyish charm to her. She always wore a leather jacket and a scuffed up pair of boots. On her way back to her apartment, she saw her friend Julie talking to a couple of upperclassmen. She didn't feel like talking but really needed to rest for a bit.

"Hey dude." Becca said, trying not to look completely out of breath.

"Oh hey, I was just talking about you," Julie turned to a girl next to her," this is Becca, that girl who wrecked my bike last week."

Becca blushed when she saw Julie's friend. She had pink hair, a lot of tattoos, an outfit that was just was just revealing enough to leave very little to the imagination and she had the exact body type Becca was attracted to, she was at least 400 pounds. On top of being a closet lesbian, she was also a closet chubby chaser and this pink haired girl was definitely chubby. Becca was a little bit more open about liking women, only her mother and Julie knew about it, but nobody knew about her fat fetish. Half the time she tried to deny it to herself.

Thankfully nobody noticed her blush, since her face was already red from the heat. Becca stopped herself from mentally drooling and and tried to form a coherent sentence," Uh, uh who's, your friend?" She felt like an idiot and turned a deeper shade of red.

Julie motioned to the girl," this is Naomi"

"Um, hi." Naomi said with an awkward smile.

Julie checked her phone," later bitches I gotta go." She spouted before jogging off.

There was a full 30 seconds of awkward silence between Becca and Naomi. Even though she just wanted to catch her breath and get home, Becca was looking for any excuse to stay and talk. She thought of everything she could say that didn't sound stupid or could come off as sexual. "So are you finished with all your classes today?"

Naomi giggled," actually I'm not a student, well not anymore. I flunked out my second year. I know Julie from back then and sometimes we hang out in the coffee shop on campus."

"Oh, um that's cool." Becca strained to keep her balance with her heavy ass bag and stumbled back.

Becca giggled again," do you want me to carry that for you? You look like you're about to die."

"No that's...” before she could finish she lost her balance and fell hard on the grass. When she hit the ground her arm popped. She felt like she could cry, but more from the embarrassment than the pain.

"Oh shit are you ok?" Naomi reached her chubby hand out to help Becca up.

"Ya, I'm sort of clumsy, so I'm used to this sort of thing." She said, as she grabbed Naomi's chubby arm and pulled herself up.

Naomi warmly smiled at her," I'm carrying this for you."

"Um ok, my place is just off campus if you don't mind."

"I don't mind.”

The walk to Becca's place was only a few minutes, but it felt so much longer. They spent that time getting to know each other, hitting it off extremely well. It seemed like their personalities were perfectly complimentary. To Becca it almost seemed like it was getting into flirtatious territory, but all that was cut short when they got to Becca's door.

"This is it." The disappointment in Becca's voice was subtle but wasn't unnoticeable.

"Hey Becca, do you wanna grab a drink?"

Thoughts raced through Becca's mind, "holy shit, did she just ask me out? I can't turn her down, she's not a student here so I'll probably never see her again."

"I really wish I could but I'm only 19, I'm really sorry."

Naomi looked slightly disappointed, but then perked up again and said," hey how about e get dinner later, there's this really shitty Chinese place a few blocks from here. I mean if you wa..."

"Yes!"Becca said practically shouting, cutting Naomi off.

Naomi smiled," well come on, set your shit down and let's go," she poked her huge marshmallowy belly, "if you can't tell, eating is like my favorite thing."
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