A metabolism will only get you so far

chapter 1

Max watched as Austin stuffed his face with McDonalds on the other side of the table, his lean face was concentrating intensely on his burger and he apparently didn't notice the ketchup smeared to the left of his mouth. Max slowly ate his much smaller meal, he didn't know how Austin could eat so much food in one sitting and stay so bone thin. Austin would have been around six feet and only around 130 pounds at the most but here he was only 5"9 and though muscular and lean had to watch his weight pretty keenly to make sure it didn't go over 140. Austin finished with triumph and placed his hands on his small bloated tummy with satisfaction. Max shook his head as he went to go get dessert, if he ate like that he knew he would balloon.
As soon as they got back to Austin's place it wasn't long until the lack of air conditioning caused the boys to go for a swim, and despite the massive meal only an hour or so ago Austin's body showed no trace of any over indulgence, his waist though slightly wide was rock hard with bone and he showed off a relatively impressive skinny boy eight pack. His chest was completely flat and his legs sticking out of his shorts were bone thin. Max's body was a bit more developed and beefy, despite having more fat and less definition he was obviously stronger with substantially more muscle and a more solid frame than Austin, still though looking down at his waist he couldn't help but be a little jealous of Austin's ability to keep it so thin and tight when here he was tensing slightly to get definition through the little bit of fat he kept there.
Through the break the best friends stuck together for most of the time and Max watched with astonishment as Austin just kept eating and eating and eating, Max had to cut back as he noticed his abs start to blur and he was getting a little bit more solid and managed to work the extra few pounds or so off pretty quickly but Austin was going absolutely mental, though he was quick to point out Max's slightly faded six pack. Max couldn't believe it and pointed out how ridiculous it was that Austin didn't gain weight but Austin laughed it off and declared that he could never gain a pound, and after a bit Max really had to agree. That was until he did. Max was sitting next to Austin and looked across to his friend and noticed something with a small shock, was that a little sliver of pudge? It couldn't be but he couldn't stop sneaking looks and had to conclude it was. Finally a little bit of an effect was being felt by even Austin. It was barely noticeable but just enough to hide his bottom set of abs when he was sitting. Max bit his lip amused slightly and decided not to point it out, might as well see where it all went for the time being. In fact, why didn't he help push Austin a little bit into eating more, maybe then he would understand what it was like to have to control your eating. Max bit his lip with a small hint of amusement as he passed Austin a bowl of chips and watched him shove them down his throat in record time.
Subtly Max tried his best to make sure Austin was as close to food as possible, including encouraging him to keep a stash of junk food which now lived in one of his drawers and more than doubling his soft drink consumption, Max figured sugar could be an excellent tool in maximising the jiggle that Austin might be able to gain. Austin was completely oblivious to anything and probably didn't even realise that he was probably eating at least double what he was before, and before was still an awful amount of food, already double what Max ate. All day Max watched Austin shove lollies and chips and takeaway down his throat and waited for results. The little strip of fat remained but Max grew impatient with the lack of any progress, nothing seemed to be really happening. The weeks went on and Austin remained pretty much the same as ever and Max began to lose motivation. He tried a few different things such as more sugar or more fat but nothing really worked, in the end he was close to giving up, the little strip of fat was apparently all that was ever going to happen. He started to stop pushing food on Austin but he was surprised to see the habits stuck and even without his subtle pushing Austin kept eating just as much food. As a last resort Max turned to one of Austin's favourite and most fattening foods, Chocolate Milk. He didn't know why he hadn't considered it before but Austin could easily get through three litres of the stuff, and the amount of sugar and fat in it was mind boggling. Before long Austin was going through at least two litres of it a day on top of everything else and Max decided that there was nothing else he could really try and gave up on everything.
It was about two weeks later and Max had pretty much stopped thinking about his little experiment that was until he noticed something. Austin little strip of fat bad definitely, undeniably gotten thicker. It still wasn't that noticeable but it was there. Max couldn't believe it, finally something was happening. Sitting like he was only his top four abs were visible, and even then not overly so in comparison. Max wasn't satisfied though, he had to get back on helping it along, and apparently it was going to work.

Max immediately went back to his efforts and Austin continued his lazy gluttonous life style with a passion. However something had apparently ticked over and Austin began to show more signs. It was about two weeks later when Max noticed that Austin's abs were completely gone without a trace, his stomach didn't stick out and his waist was still narrow and his stomach flat but that's all. In fact with no abs it actually looked a bit soft even standing up. Austin was beginning to notice and Max knew he had to tread carefully, he didn't want Austin wisening up. Austin once made a side note that he must be bulking up a bit, he reckoned his arms were a bit bigger and he'd put on a few pounds because he was about to have another growth spurt, Max was of course quick to agree with this. Austin appetite continued to grow and Max was all too happy to satisfy it for him. Despite Austin's increasingly noticeable changes he hadn't changed either his diet or how be dressed, still living half his life with only shorts on which let Max keep a close look on any changes that may occur.
When the two boys decided to go for a swim the two boys changed into swim shorts, Max quickly threw his on and glanced across to Austin throwing his on. As they snapped across his waist there was a slight quiver as they settled, they were looking a bit tight. Austin's undefined stomach was a far less athletic sight than the abs he had had not a month ago, it looked far softer then Max had ever seen it before. As he followed him out the room Max noted the small bowing in Austin's hips at the waistband, hinting at the future inevitability of love handles.
Austin seemed blissfully unaware or at least in some level of denial, Max did notice him at one point tightening his stomach and flexing a little bit but nothing more than that, no clothes were getting that tight either so that wasn't indicating anything so far. The two boys continued in their lives, Austin oblivious to Max's efforts to get him to constantly eat more, even with Max going as far to suggest eating competitions as a joke and then letting Austin win. It was only about a week later that Austin started to realise that a few things were changing. He was standing shirtless looking at his softer torso in the mirror with a confused look of his face, one hand was absent mindedly touching his stomach and pinching the little layer of fat hiding his abs from view. He flexed his stomach only to have the slightest barest hint of definition that faded just as quickly as it had come.
"Hey dude, do you think I maybe gained a little bit of weight, I think I might have lost my abs"
Matt looked up from his phone and started trying to find the right response, he didn't want Austin to get defensive but he would be able to tell if he started outright lying.
"Maybe like a pound or two, it's barely even noticeable though, you're probably about to go through another growth spurt of something don't worry about it"
Austin looked away from the mirror and had to agree
"Yeah you're right, I just hadn't noticed and you're right it's like a pound at the most right"
Matt lied with the reply
"Yeah for sure, and really I hadn't noticed it either until you pointed it out"
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