A skinny guy and a jock start to get fat

chapter 1

Matt quickly threw off his shirt and pants to reveal his swim suit ready for class. He was 5'9, 18 and skinny as a rail barely tipping the scales at 125 pounds soaking wet. His tiny bony chest and lean stomach revealed all his ribs and abdominal muscles and his legs were stick thin leading to a wide thigh gap. His skin was slightly tanned and reflected the time he spent outdoors, usually with his shirt off. He was particularly lean at the current time as he had just shot up quite a few inches in height. An inherently lazy person he didn't exercise at least not since college sport and his thin body was completely a result of his metabolism and irregular eating habits.
After being dragged to the pool with a friend he lazily floated around, he felt his head being pushed down, he managed to flinch out of it as he saw his friend Ryan laughing as he swam behind him. Ryan and Matt were near inseparable in most walks of life. Ryan was a bit taller and heavier than Matt at 5'11 and 150 pounds. Nearly all of his extra weight was lean muscle. Ryan was beefier and fitter than Matt with more muscled arms and legs. His chest was bigger with slight pecs in comparison to Matt's near perfect flatness. His body was less bony than Matt's with only slight ribs and a stronger but less defined six pack. The boys excitedly chatted about their plans for the upcoming holidays with excitement, they began in less than a month and the guys were busy getting ready.
As Matt finished his lunch he realised that he was still hungry, sneaking a look towards the cafeteria he considered the idea of a second lunch. He gave in quickly and went up to grab more food and polished it off and was satisfied and full. He found himself hungry again the next day and before he knew it he was easily eating two large lunches every day, even going as far to make both bigger to satisfy him. For such a skinny guy his appetite was growing very quickly and it just wasn't something he thought he would have to think about, he had never been chubby in his life, the thought never crossed his mind that maybe he should cut back. By the time the holidays came around his appetite had spread from just having two now massive lunches. He was chowing down a couple of bowls of sugary cereal along with quite a few glasses of sweetened juices and pop-tarts. All this sugar in the morning was causing him to crash and crave sugar so he had taken to snacking on lollies and even started drinking quite considerable amounts of coke to get him through the day. Without noticing he had become increasingly addicted to food, sneaking junk into his bag and even pencil case to eat during class. As soon as he got home in the afternoon he headed straight to the fridge or cupboard for a snack, which usually left him completely stuffed until dinner. He couldn't stop eating until he was full. He wasn't an idiot, he knew he was eating a lot more but he assumed it was all a growth spurt and was massively underestimating how many extra calories he was shoving down recently.
The last day of college finally dawned and both Matt and Ryan were glad to be down with the year. No work needed to be done so there was a choice between a couple of different activities. The two boys decided to go for a swim. As the boys stripped to their swimming trunk Matt noticed that his ribs had softened and faded, his abs were still highly defined but his bones didn't show through anywhere near as much. His tiny waist had filled in slightly and his butt had filled out his trunks a bit more. The change was slight but noticeable in the short time period. Matt wondered if he should weigh himself but shrugged it off.

Two Weeks Later
The holidays had been going well, Ryan and Matt spent nearly all their time lazing around and enjoying the lack of anything to do. Matt's diet went from bad to worse and had accidently gotten Ryan in on the action. All day they lounged around always with some form of junk food being digested. They didn't even realise just how much food they were both eating. But while Ryan was just eating badly during the day Matt was eating badly at every meal and even taken to snacking during the night. Matt's metabolism was still functioning but struggling against the incredible amount of calories being put into it, the complete lack of any exercise was only making it worse. Matt's ribs had completely faded from view and his abs were nearly completely gone. At the point in time he was probably around 130, around 5 pounds up but he hadn't weighed himself in ages. Ryan had probably put a pound or two on at this point, unnoticeable really.
Another Two Weeks Later
Matt tightened his stomach as he closed his jeans with a bit of a struggle. All of his clothes had gotten really tight lately and he was increasingly struggling to get them to fit. He knew he was going to have to go up a size, side effect of growing up he figured. Ryan had noticed Matt's weight gain at this point but didn't mention it, Matt didn't have a problem with going shirtless so Ryan had noticed when his abs had completely faded to the point of non-existence. Now his stomach was just undefined and slightly soft looking, obviously getting fatter. A bit of weight had made it to his chest so it was starting to poke out slightly and he was carrying the slightest pinch of pudge on his hips. As Ryan watched him struggle to get his jeans on he wasn't really surprised. Ryan hadn't noticed that he himself had put on about 5 pounds but he carried it less obviously and hadn't noticed it on himself, the fat being hidden by his wider shoulders and overall musclier torso. Matt mentioned that he needed new pants so the boys went shopping. Matt had to go from a 28 to a 30 inch waist but as the 30's were nearly tight he got 32's. He didn't get any new shirts though, they were still okay he reckoned. Ryan considered mentioning Matt's weight to him but thought he might hold off, it was most likely just a phase in his head. And Matt had certainly had weight he needed to gain anyways.
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